Clifford, Morris & Co

Clifford, Morris & Co,


Notice to Everybody
Clifford, Morris, and Co. wish to intimate to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Dunedin and of the suburban and country districts, that in consequence of their business increasing so rapidly during the late season, they have found it necessary to enlarge their premises, and they now respectfully invite the public to inspect their new and magnificent gallery on the ground floor, just completed, and now open to the public.

The prices are as reasonable as ever, viz.:- from 12s 6d per dozen.

C. M. and Co. being in receipt of the latest improvements in portraiture every month, are now prepared to take portraits in the newest and most approved styles, viz.:- Rembrandt or Shadow Pictures, Cameos, Medallions, Cameo Vignettes, Vignettes, Family Groups, &c.

Children taken instantaneously in any weather.

Operating artists, Messrs Clifford and Morris.
Printing Department conducted by Mr A. F. Vivian, late of Johnstone, O'Shaughnessy, & Co., Melbourne.
Tinting and colouring by Mrs Clifford and assistant.

The Otago Portrait Galleries now consist of two studios, two printing rooms, five waiting rooms, reception room, office, &c.

Negatives carefully preserved. Carte de visite copies to be had at any time, 1s each. 2000 specimens always on view. Pictures delivered to all parts of town and country. The Galleries are open from 8 a.m. till 7 p.m. Note the address - Fleet Street, Dunedin.

Otago Daily Times, Issue 3591, 8 August 1873, Page 4

Otago Witness, Issue 1133, 16 August 1873, Page 14

Notice is hereby given, that the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, carrying on the business of PHOTOGRAPHERS, at Farley's Royal Arcade, at Dunedin, under the style of CLIFFORD, MORRIS, and Co., has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.

The business will henceforth be conducted by Mr Robert Clifford, who will receive all debts due to, and pay all the liabilities of and debts due by, the said firm of Clifford, Morris, and Co.

Dated at Dunedin, this eighteenth day of July, 1877.
ROBT. Clifford.
J. R. Morris, Jnr.
Chas. Spencer.
Witness- Chas. C. Kettle, Solicitor, Dunedin

Otago Daily Times, Issue 4811, 19 July 1877, Page 3

Clifford Morris and Co.,
 Artists, Fleet Street, Dunedin




The chair and table shown in this studio are not seen in other Clifford, Morris & Co. photographs and this may indicate this is a copy of a photograph made by them by another photographer.



Clifford Morris and Co.,
 Artists, Royal Arcade, Dunedin












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