BARTLEY, Frederick Adolphus

 Frederick Adolphus Bartley

born 16 February 1862, Devonport, Auckland, second son of Elizabeth Hannken and Edward Bartley (Architect), killed 26 June 1899 in the General Grant gold mine, Thornborough, North Queensland, Australia aged 37 years.


New Zealand Herald, Volume XX, Issue 6847, 27 October 1883

Auckland Star, Volume XXI, Issue 304, 27 December 1890

On June 27 Mr F. Mason (of the N.Z. River Plate and Land Mortgage Co.) received a cablegram from the manager of the General Grant Gold mine, Thornborough, Queensland, stating that Mr Frederick A. Bartley, (brother-in-law of Mr Mason) had been killed in the mine. No details Were given. The sad news came as a great shock to Mr Bartley's relatives in Auckland. He was a young man of about 37 years of age, and was the second son of Mr Edward Bartley, architect, of Devonport. The deceased was formerly in his father's office in Auckland, and about seven years ago he went to Queensland, where according to his last letters he was engaged in prospecting. His friends, however, did not know until to-day's cable arrived that he was in the General Grant mine. The late Mr Bartley was married in Queensland, and leaves a widow and one child. Much regret will be felt by the friends of the family and by those who knew Mr Fred. Bartley at the news of his sudden end.
Auckland Star, Volume XXX, Issue 158, 6 July 1899

 The Syagogue, Auckland
photograph by Frederick Adolphus Bartley
 Designed by Bartley's father the Auckland architect Edward Bartley, the synagogue was built in 1885 on the corner of Princes Street and Bowen Avenue. Bartley also designed the Auckland Savings Bank Building on Queen Street, St John's Church on Ponsonby Rodd, and the Kings Theatre, now Mercury Theatre, on Mercury Lane.

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