Daley, G. H.

G. H. Daley

Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1219, 7 September 1871, Page 4

Photography.— We notice that Mr G. H. Daley has prolonged his stay in Wanganui for a limited time, previous to a tour of New Zealand for a collection of views. We have been shown a quantity of portraits of the townspeople, taken in a style worthy of the best Melbourne artistes, and indeed those anxious to have their faces and forms perpetuated should lose no time in visiting the studio.
Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 959, 13 September 1870, Page 2

above - a carte de visite by G. H. Daley, Marton 

Photography.- We were shewn to-day by Mr G. H. Daley a collection of photographic portraits, tastefully arranged in a rosewood and gilt frame. The first glance at the collection gave us a favorable impression, which was not diminished by a closer inspection. The portraits have been most carefully taken, the features of each subject shewing out with a clearness and distinctness only seen in portraits taken at first class studios. Wanganui people forming the subjects also added to the conception of the merits of Mr Daley's skill, the faces being so familiar any defect, was the more noticeable. Mr Daley having graduated at one of the best studios in Melbourne it is not, after all, surprising that he should, with the aid of clear Wanganui weather turn out such excellent specimens of the photographic art.
Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1054, 24 December 1870, Page 2

Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1246, 23 June 1871, Page 2

Photography.— Mr G. H. Daley advertises that he will visit the Patea and Waihi districts professionally. We should think Mr Daley will receive a fair amount of patronage from the inhabitants of these townships, who have not had the same opportunities of participating in this useful adjunct to civilization, as their more favored Wanganui friends.
Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1244, 6 October 1871, Page 2 

 Wanganui Herald, Volume VI, Issue 1897, 15 September 1873, Page 3

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Corbett, James

James Corbett
c.1827 - 1914

about 1865 to 1874
 "Oriental Cottage," Parnell, Auckland, later Post Office side of Shortland Street

New Zealand Herald, Volume II, Issue 582, 23 September 1865

The studio of photographer C├Žsar Anthony Zambra was at "Oriental Cottage" in January 1867.

New Zealand Herald, Volume VIII, Issue 2460, 13 December 1871

New Zealand Herald, Volume X, Issue 3680, 27 August 1873

We notice that Mr G. Redfern, photographer, late of Queen-street, has recommenced business in Mr J. Corbett's late premises, Shortland-street.
 Auckland Star, Volume V, Issue 1362, 22 June 1874

Hastings Street
1874 - 1883  

 Napier Artillery Volunteers by James Corbett

We are requested to inform members of the Artillery Company that Mr Corbett, photographer, is now ready to take portraits of the members for the shield proposed to be presented to Major Withers. The shield is very handsome in design, and will, no doubt, be much appreciated by the Major.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 5162, 26 August 1878

The shield containing the portraits of the members of the Napier Artillery Volunteers, which is intended to be presented to Major Withers, is now ready, and may be seen at Messrs Colledge and Craig's, Hastings-street. The photographs have been capitally taken by Mr Corbett, and the whole is very tastefully decorated.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 5221, 4 November 1878

Presented to Major Edward Withers by the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Bandsmen of the Napier Artillery Volunteers as a mark of the Esteem in which he has been held as their Commanding Officer for the last thirteen yrs, Napier, N.Z. October 1878.
56 portraits, 145mm x 190mm
[purchased August 2020]

[purchased November 2022]

Mr J. Corbett, photographer, has just received a new multiplying camera, by means of which he can take ferro-type portraits instantaneously, and at low prices
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 5909, 1 March 1881

Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 5909, 1 March 1881

James Corbett, of Napier, photographer, declares his inability to meet his engagements with his creditors, who hold their first meeting at the Court House, Napier, on Thursday, 20th instant.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 3847, 15 November 1883

A number of large photographs of members of the Polk and Pomeroy companies, displayed in the shop windows of Messrs Hardy and Sidey, Hooper, Cooper, &c., attracted a great deal of attention on Saturday night. They were exhibited as specimens of the work of Messrs Cazneau and Connolly, of Wellington, and more beautiful specimens of the photographer's art we have never seen. A novelty in the form of "statue" photographs shows the figure in shaded white, like a photograph of a marble statue on a black back ground. The large "panel" size pictures are particularly handsome, and some of them are taken with a half Rembrandt light — an effect very difficult to get. The general finish of all the pictures is admirable. Messrs Cazneau and Connolly intend to open a branch busibusiness [sic]  in Napier, and Mr Besse, their manager, has been in town during the last two days and has taken Mr Corbett's old studio, which is being enlarged and refitted so as to enable the same style and quality of work to be produced here. Mr Besse came from San Francisco under engagement to the firm, and he brought with him all the most modern American appliances — and the Americans admittedly take the lead in photographic work. Since his arrival some four months ago the business of Messrs Connolly and Caznau [sic] has taken rapid strides, thanks to the very superior style of the photographs they are now producing. The firm's best advertisement is a display of their work.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 6755, 14 January 1884

James Corbett born circa 1827, arrived New Zealand before 1863, died 15 September 1914, Napier aged 87 years, buried Old Napier Cemetery, Napier,  SE block 7, plot 1329, married 12 September 1857, Saint Marys, Portsea, Hampshire [1], reg. July-Sept 1857, Portsea, vol. 2b page 552, Marian Redward, born circa 1834, died December 3 1914 aged 80 years, reg. 1914/7595

1. Edward James Corbett, born circa 1858 Portsea or Portsmouth, England, died 18 or 19 June 1942, Auckland, New Zealand, buried Hillsborough (Auckland?]

2. Marian Kate Corbett born 1863, reg. 1863/6337, eldest daughter,  died 28 May 1890 aged 27 years at her parent's residence, Napier  [Munroe Street], married 8 November 1883, reg. 1883/2753,  St John's Church, Napier by the Rev. De Berdt Hovell, Garibaldi Isidore Clarke (jeweller), 
          2a. Leonard Clarke born 20 November 1884, reg. 1884/7131, died 1 January 1965, 
 married 1 February 1911, Amy Gertrude Blow

3.  Annie Maria Corbett "Lillie" born 27 May 1866 at Oriental Cottage, Parnell, Auckland, reg. 1866/26108, married 1889, reg.  1889/2253,  Edward Louis Smith[1942 Mrs A. M. Smith, 19 Cleveland Road, Parnell]

  Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXII, Issue 2768, 8 June 1866

          3a. Albert Victor Smith (1891 - 26 March 1905)
          3b. Lillian Smith  (3 December 1892 - 25 January 1913)
          3c. Eileen Kate Smith (10 June 1896 - 10 December 1986) m. Roy Stanely Johnston (7 November 1894 - 23 May 1956) on 17 July 1916. m. John Cecil Brown (9 September 1903 - 1 August 1975) on 20 Aug 1930.
          3d. Marian Smith  (2 February 1900 - 19 March 1987)
          3e. Mabel Beatrice Smith (3 September 1904 - 11 March 1977) m. Frederick Ernest Eugene Hayson (1897 - 18 March 1961) on 17 April 1929.

4. William Corbett (jeweller) born 1868, died 4 January 1951 Napier aged 83 years, married 4 June 1891 at the residence of the bride's parents, Marine Parade, Napier, by the Rev. J. G. Paterson, reg. 1891/562, Catherine Sellar eldest daughter of James Sellar.
          4a. William Douglas Corbett [surveyor/engineer] born Napier 18 March 1892, reg. 1892/6889, died 22 July 1963
          4b. Gordon Gladys Corbett 1896/1079                   
          4c. ? Verna Doreen Corbett 1907/15711      

We regret to announce the death of Mr. James Corbett of Napier, who died yesterday morning at the age of 87. Mr. Corbett arrived in Napier in 1874, and was verger at St. Johns Cathedral for the past 20 years. He was a marine engineer by trade, and had seen service in the Crimean war as well as having taken part in fighting in various countries. He also rendered valuable service during the Maori war. The deceased leaves a widow, a daughter (Mrs. K. L. Smith) and two sons (Messrs. E. J. and W. Corbett).
Hastings Standard, Volume IV, Issue 233, 16 September 1914

[1] Ancestry.com

Wrigglesworth and Binns - Postcards

Wrigglesworth and Binns

no. 3 - Lookout (tower), Maori Pa, New Zealand Exhibition, Christchurch, NZ
1906  - 1907
Postcard by Wrigglesworth and Binns

no. 9 - Canterbury College
Postcard by Wrigglesworth and Binns

 no. 23 - St Mary's Church, Addington
Postcard by Wrigglesworth and Binns

no. 78 - Armagh Street Bridge
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Christchurch Hospital
 Postcard by D. Craig & Co.