New Zealand Kauri Trees
by George Dobson Valentine
no. 91

Kauri Trees, Waitakersi (sic) N.Z. 17237 J.V.

46 - Hauling Kauri Logs, North Auckland

Tane Mahuta, Northland, NZ
Pictorial Publications Ltd, Hastings

Giant Kauri Tree, New Zealand
Pictorial Publications Ltd, Hastings

Tane Mahutu, Waipoua Forest, Northland
Gladys Goodall

Tane Mahutu, Waipoua Forest, Northland, N.Z.
 Printed by Whitcombe and Tombs Ltd.
Colourchrome Series WT 240


Giant Kauri Tree, Te Matua Ngahere
Colour View

Giant Kauri in the Waipoua Kauri Forest, Northland
DOW Productions
no. 123
Photography Studio 57, Auckland

Giant Kauri Tree.
One of the mighty Kauri pines in Waipoua Forest, Northland
Reed 4

Northland Kauri
One of the fine examples that can be seen in the Northland Kauri reserves
Photo: D. McVicker
Published and Distribute by A. H. & A. W. Reed

Giant Kauri Tree
Tane Mahuta
"The Father of the Forest" is the Maori name for this monarch of Waipoua Kauri Forest, Northland. The huge bole would mill enough timber to build a whole block of sixroomed houses.
Photo: K. and J. Bigwood
Reed D. 265

Giant Kauri Tree: Tane Mahutu.
Reed D162

"Tane Mahuta" - Giant Kauri, Waipoua Forest.
This magnificent kauri tree is 169 feet high, has a girth of 43 feet, is 58 feet to the first limb and is estimated to be more than 1200 years old. "Tane" is the god of nature and of trees. "Mahuta" means to rise.
Photograph: Robin Smith Photography Ltd.
Published and Distributed by A. H. & A. W. Reed
SR 554

Square Kauri - Coromandel Peninsula
This unique kauri may be seen within the road boundary between Tapu and Coroglen about 9.5 km from Tapu. It was spared, alone with several other fine trees, during road making in the 1890's.
Photograph: J. Munk
Published and Distributed by A. H. & A. W. Reed

Square Kauri on Tapu Hill, 
Coromandel Peninsula, N.Z. Girth 29'6"
Photography: Doug Johansen
Published and Distributed by Coromandel Peninsula Promotion and Visitor Information Service.
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photograph by Tudor Washington Collins, Warkworth
[purchased February 2023]