Thomas Andrew

A gentleman well known in Apia, and admittedly an adept in the art, has an advertisement in another column. The gentleman in question is Mr. T. Andrew, photographer and his advertisement sets forth that he is prepared with material to secure the permanence of his pictures in this climate, and that all his work will be finished in first-class style. Those who have had previous experience of Mr. Andrew's artistic capabilities will flock to him again, and those who have not may be assured that he will give them more than satisfaction. It will be noticed from the advertisement that he has for sale a large collection of island views.
Samoa Weekly Herald, Volume 1, Issue 31, 1 July 1893, Page 2

Samoa Weekly Herald, Volume 1, Issue 32, 8 July 1893, Page 3


Tattersall, Alfred James


Alfred James Tattersall
Alfred Tattersall born 29 March 1866* Auckland, New Zealand, reg 1866/23695, son of Lawrence Tattersall and Sarah Hannah Cochrane [she died 9 September 1875], arrived Samoa 30 December 1886 on the "Maile" from Auckland via Savage Island, died 25 November 1951 Samoa, married 13 August 1891 Blanche 'Saina' Yandall Faataalili, daughter of Fata Faataalili and Tualagi "Ellen Marie" Yandall, born 25 May 1876, Apia, died 23 February 1937, Apia [].

* The Cyclopedia of  Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands incorrectly indicates year of birth as 1861.

Alfred James Tattersall
The Cyclopedia of  Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands.
McCarron, Stewart & Co., Sydney, NSW, 1907,
page 104.

A group photograph taken at Alfred James Tattersall's wedding to Blanche Yandall, dated 13 August 1891.
Photograph taken by John Davis.
Cusack-Smith, Thomas Berry (Sir), 1859-1929: Photographs of Samoa. Ref: PA1-o-544-22. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Portrait of Alfred James Tattersall in the doorway of his house, Apia, Western Samoa. Whites Aviation Ltd: Photographs. Ref: WA-01128-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

1. Elizabeth Winifred Tattersall, born 9 June 1892, Apia, Samoa, died 11 May 1908, Apia, Samoa aged 15 years [3].
2. Herbert Edmund Tattersall, born 3 November 1894 Apia, Samoa, died October 1941, buried 29 October 1941, Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, Australia aged 46 years [he attended the burial of the ashes of Fanny Stevenson the widow of Robert Louis Stevenson at Mount Vaea, Vailima on 22 June 1915] [5].
3. Alfred Berry Lionel Ralph Tattersall, "Ralph" born 9 October 1897, Apia, Samoa, married 26 February 1920, Apia British Church, Apia, Samoa, Dora Regina Siemsen, daughter of Carl Heinrich Theodor Siemsen and Avau [4].

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), Wednesday 29 October 1941, page 12

Yesterday a well known resident of Ponsonby, Mr Lawrence Tattersall, painter, of Arthur-street, died very suddenly. He was engaged papering rooms at Mr Roach's house in Gladstone Road, Parnell, and sent his assistant, James Mackie for a brush. On his return Mackie found Mr Tattersall lying dead on the floor. Dr. King  was called in, but could only pronounce life extinct. The body was removed to the home of the deceased. No inquest will be held as Dr. Parkes, who had been attending Mr Tattersall, gave a certificate starting that death was due to heart disease. Deceased leaves a widow and a large family; he is well known in Auckland having resided here for over half a century.
Auckland Star, Volume XXVIII, Issue 262, 11 November 1897, Page 5

to 1886
On leaving school he entered the employ of Mr. Redfern (probably Richard Redfern), a leading photographer in that city, and there learned his profession. Later he accepted and appointment in Messres. Tuttle & Co.'s photographers, in Auckland. While still young, in 1886, he went to Apia, under engagement to the late Mr. J. Davis, who died in 1893.
The Cyclopedia of  Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands. McCarron, Stewart & Co., Sydney, NSW, 1907, page 104.

1886- 1951

Arrival in Samoa

Auckland Star, Volume XVII, Issue 288, 7 December 1886, Page 2

Samoa (from our own Correspondent) Apia, January 11.
The Maile arrived on the 30th ult., bringing the following passengers from Auckland :— Messrs. E. W. Gurr, Wright, Tattersall, Allen, and Burkett. En route Captain Lane called at Savage Island [Niue] for cotton and fungus. The trip was remarkable for the number of calms and light winds 24 days was the time from Auckland to Samoa. The Maile left again on the 6th, via Tonga, for Auckland.

(... Allen, a new arrival, was walking along the street he was brutally attacked by two Germans on horseback, without any provocation, and severely beaten with their whips ...)
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIV, Issue 7860, 1 February 1887, Page 5

River Scene.
A. J. T. Photo 33.
reverse message dated 2 September 1918

Mr and Mrs R. L. Stevenson's Grave, Samoa
 This photograph is likely to have been taken soon after the interment of Fanny Stevenson's ashes at Mount Vaea on 22 June 1915. Prior to the funeral a number of guests including Alfred Tattersall and his son Herbert Tattersall were received at Vailima, the Governor's residence. A procession including Samoan chiefs, officers in uniform and ladies then carried armfuls of flowers and wreaths to the grave on Mount Vaea. The bronze tablet was already in place at the time of the funeral [1]. 
A. J. T. Photo. Copyright 35.

   Vailima Road, leading to Vailima, the Governor's residence, previously the home of Robert Louis Stevenson.
A. J. T. Photo 84.

Waterfall below Papaseea
 A. J. T. Photo 76.
Looting by the Rebels
Meantime the rebels had been playing sad havoc with European property, we went up the Ifi-ifi road next day with, a Nordenfeldt to some of the looted houses. Mr Gurr's house was turned upside down, and many things smashed. Mr Reid's comfortable residence was a scene of utter-ruin. The fragments of a shell had pierced it from side to side, tearing great holes in the walls and smashing bedsteads, desks, and cupboards into matchwood. The rebels had completed the destruction by carrying away nearly everything portable and by smashing what they could not take. The rooms were strewn with and the fragments of the household goods. One of the first things I saw was the card of a Dunedin friend. Farther inland the house of Mr Carruthers, a barrister of the Supreme Court, was also "looted from floor to ceiling. Mr Parker, an American, had likewise suffered, white Mr Tattersall, a young fellow who has worked hard for years to make a comfortable home for himself and family, has lost pretty-well everything. The title deeds to his land were found fluttering in the garden. The rebels did not even respect the houses of their German friends, and at least two have been looted. The destruction was not confined to the houses for horses and cattle Were killed. One American had four of his horses shot by bullets; McDonald, a surveyor, had had two of his cows killed. One had been cut up, and the rebels had been using his buggy as a butcher's cart to distribute the meat...

Press, Volume LVI, Issue 10319, 13 April 1899, Page 5

The photographer is not named however this photograph is attributed to Alfred Tattersall. 
Refer "The Samoa Express" Journal of the Fellowship of Samoa Specialists.
Vol. 27, no 2, June 2011, page 45 by Wolfgang Hermann. 
courtesy of Lawrence Eagle

The German Empire governed the western Samoan islands from 1900 to 1914.

We have received, from Mr. Tattersall a number of chrome post cards of various interesting local studies. They are very artistic, and we can confidently recommend our readers to pay a visit to Mr. Tattersall's studio. There are also on view and for sale albums, got up under the auspices of the Verkehrsverein [an organisation promoting tourism], which are very nice and very cheap.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 10, Issue 32, 6 August 1910, Page 7

from Samoa
for Christmas greetings determined in magnificent works, 6 pieces 1 M.
Albums, with 32 exquisite views of the islands, a 4M.

A large selection of postcards with views of the colony. 9 pieces 1M.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 10, Issue 45, 5 November 1910, Page 10

To the Editor of the Samoanische Zeitung." Sir, Consul Mason Mitchell celebrated his birthday, on the afternoon of the 25th ultimo, by a very enjoyable function at the U. S. Consulate. The building was tastefully decorated with flowers. Quite a large assemblage of the leading members of the community, together with many of the principal chiefs of the district, met there and congratulated the Consul on the event. The time passed by very pleasantly. Mr. Tattersal [sic], who was amongst the guests, photographed the scene. The picture is very interesting, presenting as it does the likenesses of the principal guests. At 5 o'clock all proceeded to the house of the chief Tofaeono, at the rear of the Consulate, where a dinner faa-Samoa was laid out. After the dinner the usual sivas (Samoan dances) took place till nearly dark when the party broke up, having much enjoyed the afternoon's outing...Spectator.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 11, Issue 10, 11 March 1911, Page 9

Our enterprising photographer, Mr A. Tattersall, has again surpassed himself. On the occasion of the eclipse of the sun, about 95 per cent, of that body being eclipsed here, on the 28th ultimo, Mr. Tattersall took advantage of the occasion and exposed no less than 14 plates at different stages of the phenomena.

The apparatus used was a telephoto lens, and the results were excellent, being very sharp, and giving a set of unique pictures, anyhow in Samoa. The effects are somewhat surprising, and will well repay a visit to Mr. Tattersall's studio. A valuable scientific appendage is the exact chronometer time at which each exposure was made.

Mr. Tattersall is certainly to be congratulated on his efforts, and there should be a good market for these uncommon photographs.

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 11, Issue 18, 6 May 1911, Page 9

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 11, Issue 28, 15 July 1911, Page 11

In the album Samoan views, published by Mr. Tattersall, photographer, are to be seen photos of the house at Vailima in which he lived, now the Vice Regal residence, and his grave above it, far up the mountain steep on the mountain of Vaea. The album in question, containing 29 photographs illustrating Samoan surroundings, calls for favourable notice. At the back of each picture, in English and German, is a short description of the scene illustrated. The book, no doubt, will find the extensive sale it merits, and advertise Samoa successfully.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 11, Issue 29, 22 July 1911, Page 10

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 11, Issue 44, 4 November 1911, Page 3

Mr A. J. Tattersall, a brother of Mr G. Tattersall, of Gisborne, who is a resident of Samoa, and is touring New Zealand and Australia with Mr C. Dean, also of Samoa, vouchsafed some very interesting information relating to the Samoan group of Islands.

Mr Tattersall left Auckland 25 years ago for Apia, and is therefore qualified to speak on the development of the Islands. The chief industry, he said, was still copra cultivation. Copra was bringing a high price just now, and the Islands were in a prosperous condition.

The difficulty which the planters had met in obtaining labor formerly had been overcome by the importation of Chinese coolies. The majority of these were good workers and orderly citizens, but there was an occasional outcropping of vice, which reminded them of what might be the state of affairs if the Chinese dominated.

Questioned as to how the withdrawal of Dr. Solf, who was Governor of Samoa up to a short time ago, had been received, Mr Tattersall said that Britishers and Germans alike joined in their regret of the loss of so efficient an administrator. Dr. Solf, it will be remembered, was recently appointed German Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Tutuila had become very dull, continued Mr Tattersall, since the mailboats had ceased calling. A short time prior to his leave-taking the visitor journeyed to the volcano Savaii, which is now practically dead, and looked quite innocent of the havoc it had wrought in the eruption of a few years back, when a great stream of molten lava flowed thirteen miles to the sea.

In answer to a further question as to how the people regarded the present system of government, Mr Tattersall said that, there was some slight dissatisfaction among the Germans, who inclined towards a municipal council being established, but the more general feeling was that the matter of administration was better left in the hands of the Governor.

In reply to a question as to his impression of the Dominion towns he had visited, Mr Tattersall stated that he considered the progress made was marvellous, and he saw great prosperity on all sides.

The problem that was likely to trouble Samoa in the future, he considered, was in relation to the steamer communication and the need of direct steamers was being keenly felt in some quarters.

Northern Advocate, 11 January 1912, Page 3

The Union Steamship Co.'s t.s.s. "Atua" arrived in port on Wednesday morning last, the 13th instant, at 6 am. She left Sydney on the 1st instant, and experienced south easterly gales till 5th inst., thence light variable winds and seas to arrival at Lautoka at 7 p.m. on the 8th instant. Fine weather was experienced through Fijian ports, with light variable breezes to Apia. Passengers.— Messrs. Roserus, Dean, Tattersall, Peel, Dr. Schwesinger, von Egidy, Casey, Lieber, d'Alpoget, Brother Fleix, Mrs. Roserus, and Miss Macey.

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 12, Issue 11, 16 March 1912, Page 9

With his son, Herbert Tattersall, he attended the burial of the ashes of Fanny Stevenson the widow of Robert Louis Stevenson at Mount Vaea, Vailima on 22 June 1915.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 15, Issue 26, 26 June 1915


On Saturday evening last the members of the Young Folks League gave a social evening and farewell dance, at Mr. A. J. Tattersall's residence, at Motootua, to Mr. Herbert E. Tattersall. Over sixty couples were present, amongst whom were the members of the Upolu Tennis Club. Dancing was kept up with vim until about 10.30 p.m., when supper was announced, and the guests adjourned to the tables which were laid out on the green. A most sumptuous repast, one of those for which this little club is noted, was partaken of.

After supper Captain Matthews, on behalf of the Young Folks League, made a very eloquent speech in which he outlined the many good qualities of the departing young man, and expressed a hope to see him here again after the war with some Kind of promotion, as a young man of Mr. Tattersall's stamp would be sure to make his mark. At the conclusion of his speech he asked the company to fill up their glasses and called for three cheers for Mr. H. E. Tattersall, which were enthusiastically given. "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow," was sung by the party and Mr. H. E. Tattersall then replied, and he thanked the Young Folks League for the nice and enjoyable evening they had arranged for him. He also thanked Captain Matthews for the warm expressions in his speech, and hoped, if he had any luck, to be able to meet his old friends again at the termination of the war.

Before the company left the supper tables Mr. R. Fronde, Hon. Secretary of the Upolu Tennis Club, tendered an invitation to all those present to attend a social evening and dance, at the L.M.S Hall, on Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. H. E. Tattersall. The happy party broke up at midnight, one and all agreeing that it was one of the most enjoyable little parties they had had the good fortune to attend.

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 15, Issue 36, 4 September 1915, Page 3


On view, at Mr. Tattersall's are a number of pictures taken at the Concordia festival. These pictures are really everything that could be desired, and it has never been our lot to see a more excellent, number, showing various episodes of any day. Many who were present will doubtless wish to preserve memories of the occasion, and can do so by visiting Mr. Tattersall's studio, and ordering some of the photos.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 13, Issue 26, 28 June 1913, Page 10

We have received from Mr. A. Tattersall a copy of an album of views of Samoa. It is a beautiful work and its price of 4 Marks, is so reasonable that it is easily within the means of everyone to procure one. The picture are fully representative of both Upolu and Savaii, and the book is an ideal Christmas present to friends in far-off countries copies may be obtained ready packed for postage, and we call our readers' attention to the fact that, if posted in the near future, they will arrive in Europe in good time for the festive season. We certainly must congratulate Mr. Tattersall on the excellence of the work, and it is almost incredible to think that it can be sold at the reasonable price for which it is offered.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 13, Issue 37, 13 September 1913, Page 13

A disastrous fire on the morning of 17 October 1913 caused considerable damage to buildings in Matafele including Tattersall's studio and the offices of Messrs. Larsen & Co., also owned by Tattersall.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 13, Issue 44, 1 November 1913, Page 10

postcard courtesy of Don Mee.
The reverse of this postcard shows a price list for souvenir albums, photographs of all kinds in silver bromide and postcards. Tattersall also offers for sale postage stamps for collectors.

Leader (Melbourne), Saturday 26 September 1914, page 10 Supplement
Photographs by A. J. Tattersall.

We have to acknowledge the the receipt from Mr. A. J. Tattersall of a very interesting booklet, entitled "Samoa." It is a New Zealand publication, is rich in lore and interesting photographs of the Pearl of the Pacific, and the publishers are to be complimented on its appearance. The object of its publication is to commemorate the taking of Samoa by the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, and it forms an excellent Christmas souvenir for friends abroad. The booklet is on sale at Mr. Tattersall's for the very reasonable price of one shilling.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 14, Issue 51, 19 December 1914, Page 3

A. J. Tattersall envelope 
courtesy of Don Mee.

 Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 15, Issue 29, 17 July 1915, Page 1

A very neat and pretty Cristmas [sic] Card, of Samoan Photographs of scenery and portraits, have been presented to us by Mr. A. J. Tattersall, Photographer, Apia. We would advise any one who whishes [sic] to send away a Christmas Card to his sweetheart, or friends, away from Samoa, to call at his Studio and select from his large variety of Xmas Cards. He has a large stock of different varities [sic] of these articles on hand.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 15, Issue 43, 23 October 1915, Page 3

We are pleased to learn that Mr. Herbert E. Tattersall has reached England, and has been lucky to enlist in the Coldstream Guards without any difficulty.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 15, Issue 44, 30 October 1915, Page 3

The friends and acquaintances of Mr. Herbert E. Tattersall, [Herbert Edmund Tattersall] who left for England about two months ago to join the colours, were invited by his parents to a social evening at their residence, Motootua, in honour of the young man's 21st birthday. A very enjoyable evening was spent, and, with dancing and singing, the evening passed away too quickly. At about 10.30 supper was announced, and the guests were treated to a most sumptuous repast, which was laid out on the back verandah, after which dancing and singing was resumed until 12.30 p.m.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 15, Issue 45, 6 November 1915, Page 3

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 15, Issue 50, 11 December 1915, Page 1

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 16, Issue 50, 9 December 1916, Page 3

A No. 3 A Kodak camera

By a recent mail Mr. A. J, Tattersall received news from his son, Sergeant Bert Tattersall, of the Coldstream Guards, who is at present stationed at Windsor, England, where he is acting as a Lewis Gun Instructor. He wishes to be remembered to friends, and also acknowledges receipt of from the Samoa born Soldiers' Fund. Sergeant Tattersall has made good headway since he left for England in September, 1915, to "join up," although he has had more than his share of bad luck. After passing his examination for corporal's stripes he went to France, where he had the misfortune of breaking a bone in his leg while training behind the firing lines, and was returned to England. On recovery he took part in the fighting at Ypres, where he was wounded on the 31st July, 1917. He had received nine shrapnel shot in the body, and was again returned to England and obliged to remain in hospital at Manchester for some twelve months. In spite of the fact that he was not very long at the firing line, he states in one of his letters that he was pleased to think that he had been "over the Top." Afterwards, when convalescent, he spent part of his ten days' sick leave in Scotland, and also visited many other historic places in England. On his return to barracks at Windsor on the Thames River he was made a Lewis Gun instructor, as he was no longer fit for service at the Front, and soon afterwards gained another stripe as a Sergeant of the Guards.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 19, Issue 9, 1 March 1919, Page 5

Sergt. H. Tattersall returned from England by the last Talune, after four years of war service. Sergt. Tattersall left Samoa in 1915 for the Old Country and joined the Colours with the famous Coldstream Guards. Latterly he was transferred to the Royal Windsor Military Barracks and became the Lewis Gun instructor there. Sergt Tattersall, as a result of a bad shrapnel wound still curies two fragments of the shell in his body, which have not been removed. He is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Tattersall.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 19, Issue 43, 25 October 1919, Page 5

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 19, Issue 51, 20 December 1919, Page 5

The wedding arranged between Miss Dora Siemsen and Mr. Ralph Tattersall will be solemnised to-day, at 2 p. m. at the Apia British Church. Miss Siemsen will be attended by her sister and Misses Riehling and Scott, while Mr. Tattersall will have the attendance of Mr. Herbert Tattersall (best man), and Messrs. Tom Laban and Chris. Dean (groomsmen). This evening a dance will be given in the Alcazar by Mr. H. Siemsen, brother of the bride, in honour of the occasion.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 20, Issue 9, 28 February 1920, Page 4

Popular Wedding.
A popular wedding took place at the Apia British Church last Saturday afternoon, when the nuptial knot was tied between Miss Dora Siemsen and Mr. Ralph Tattersall. The Rev. Frank Joseland officiated.

Miss Sieinsen, who is the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Siemsen, was attended by her sister Miss Lottie, and Misses Riehling and Scott. The bridegroom, who is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Tattersall, was attended by Mr. Herbert Tattersall (best man) and Messrs. J Laban and Dean.

The wedding was a distinctly pretty one, the church being beautifully decorated for the occasion. The bride's wedding dress was of white crepe-de-chine, trimmed with hand made lace and lined with white Georgette, white sateen ribbon and beads, with a bridal veil over all. Miss Siernsen also carried a bouquet of orange blossoms.

After the church ceremony the wedding party of relations and friends, to the number of 25, adjourned to the Half Way House, where the wedding breakfast was partaken of, in Mrs. Kionka's best style. Several congratulatory speeches were made to which the bridegroom suitably responded. In the evening, in honour of the occasion, a ball was given in the Alcazar, which turned out to be a brilliant success. The Acting Administrator, Major General Sir Alfred Robin accompanied, by Capt. Garland, were present.

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 20, Issue 10, 6 March 1920, Page 7

During a visit to Apia in 1920 by the Prince of Wales he was presented with an album of photographs by Tattersall:

The Samoa Times had the pleasure of viewing the Book of Samoan Scenes and People presented to His Highness the Prince of Wales by the Apia Branch of the Overseas Club. The views are beautiful, and are excellently and appropriately bound in the handsome tapa cloth manufactured by the Samoan natives. The photographs, all executed at Tattersall's studio, Apia, would be a credit to any city photographic establishment, and the work as a whole is creditable to the island and a testimony to the kindly and loyal feelings of the members of the Apia Overseas Club. 

Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 20, Issue 35, 28 August 1920, Page 5

During the visit to Samoa the Prince of Wales visited the grave of Robert Louis Stevenson. A number of ladies and gentlemen were presented to the Prince including Mr and Mrs Tattersall, L. M. Tattersall and C. Tattersall.
Samoanische Zeitung, Volume 20, Issue 35, 28 August 1920, Page 6

...Mr. A. J. Tattersall, who only recently celebrated his 70th birthday, was recently able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his arrival in Samoa from Auckland, New Zealand, by the three-masted schooner Maile. Mr. Tattersall, a well-known and respected identity in the social life of Apia, is able to remember the colourful and exciting days of old Samoa, with native wars and political struggles of the various parties playing an important part in his recollections...

Auckland Star, Volume LXVIII, Issue 11, 14 January 1937, Page 9

[by TELEGRAPH —-PRESS association] 
A message from Apia reports the death of Mrs. Blanche Tattersall, wife of Mr. A. J. Tattersall, photographer, of Apia, aged 65 years. Mrs. Tattersall had many friends in the Dominion. Mr. Tattersall recently celebrated 50 years of residence in Samoa.

New Zealand Herald, Volume LXXIV, Issue 22663, 26 February 1937, Page 14

 The Tattersall Photographic and Arts Studio wooden building, Apia, Western Samoa. Whites Aviation Ltd: Photographs. Ref: WA-01109-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Real photo postcards by 
Alfred Tattersall
[all postcards courtesy of Lawrence Eagle except cards numbered 35 and 83]

Tivoli Road, Samoa
A. T. Photo, Apia 5
Samoa Post Card

Papaloloa Waterfall, Samoa
A. T. Photo, Apia 7
Samoa Post Card

Governor's Residence, Vailima, Samoa
A. T. Photo, Apia 8
Samoa Post Card

Samoan Scenery
A. T. Photo, Apia 9
Samoa Post Card

Apia Harbour
A. T. Photo, Apia 10
 Samoa Post Card

Samoan Houses
A. T. Photo, Apia 19
Samoa Post Card

Talefa Waterfall
A. T. Photo, 29 Copyright
Samoa Post Card

Mr and Mrs R. L. Stevenson's Grave, Samoa
A. J. T. Photo. Copyright 35
Samoa Post Card

Mr and Mrs R. L. Stevenson's Grave, Samoa
A. J. T. Photo. Copyright 35
Samoa Post Card

A. J. T. Photo, 43
Samoa Post Card

Building a Samoan House
A. J. T. Photo, 44
Samoa Post Card

 Building a Samoan House
A. J. T. Photo, 44
Samoa Post Card

Interior of Samoan House
A. J. T. Photo, Apia 46
Samoa Post Card

Road in Mulinuu
A. J. T. Photo, Apia 50
Samoa Post Card

Breadfruit, Samoa
A. J. T. Photo, 52
Samoa Post Card

Apia Harbour, East End Samoa
A. J. T. Photo, 55 
Samoa Post Card

Apia Harbour
A. J. T. Photo, Apia 58
Samoa Post Card

Wrecks of USS Trenton, USS Uandalia and S.M.S. Olga
A. J. T. Photo, Samoa 68
Samoa Post Card

 A. J. T. Photo 83
 Samoa Post Card

   Vailima Road, leading to Vailima, the Governor's residence, previously the home of Robert Louis Stevenson.
A. J. T. Photo 84.
 Samoa Post Card

A. J. T. Photo, 86
Samoa Post Card
handwritten script "Making Kava"

A. J. T. Photo, 88
Samoa Post Card

Solomon Islander climbing coconut tree
A. J. T. Photo, 99
Samoa Post Card

Printed postcards by 
Alfred Tattersall

  Greetings from Samoa
Samoa, Drying Copra
 A. Tattersall, photo, Apia, Samoa
no. 8676

Greetings from Samoa
A. Tattersall, photo, Apia, Samoa
no. 3273 reverse date stamped 12.1.11


no title
A. J. Tattersall, Apia
no. 154594 reverse dated 11/11/08

Apia, Samoa
A. J. Tattersall, Apia
no. 197643 reverse dated Levuka, Fiji Aug 2, 1909

Grüβe von Samoa
Kopra-Verarbeitung durch Kontraktarbeiter

 [Copra processing by indentured labourers]
A. Tattersall, photo, Apia, Samoa
no. 13 39860, reverse message dated 10 September 1914 

Kava Making Samoa
A. Tattersall, photo, Samoa

Waterfall of the Vaisigano
A. J. Tattersall, photo, Samoa

Grüsse aus Samoa.
In den ocean sich ergiessende Lava (Savaii)

 A. Tattersall, photo, Apia, Samoa
no. 8707

Greetings from Samoa
Lava running into the sea (Savaii)
A. Tattersall, photo, Apia, Samoa
no. 8707 

Greetings from Samoa
A. Tattersall, Photo, Apia, Samoa 
no. 8714

Grüsse aus Samoa.
 A. Tattersall, Photo, Apia, Samoa 
no. 8714


Souvenir of Samoa
Tattersall's Studio, Apia, Samoa


The photographer's name is not shown on these postcards, but they are attributed to Alfred Tattersall.

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