Kerbins, Herbert Vivian

Herbert Vivian Kerbins
Herbert Vivian Kerbins, born 5 December 1870, 33 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Australia [1], reg. 24881/1870 Victoria [as Herbert Kerbins], the third child and eldest son of Catherine Kneefe [born circa 1846, at sea] and George Kerbins [born circa 1836, Exeter, England] hotel waiter, restaurant keeper, later a ship's steward, died 8 June 1937 at his residence 25 Benelong Crescent, Bellevue Hill, Sydney [2] aged 66 years, reg. 10971/1937, buried Waverley Cemetery, Sydney [3], married 1903, reg. 9715/1903 Woollahra, New South Wales, Alma Margaret Petersen born 25 May 1880 Queensland, reg. 1880/C/5997 [as Alma Magrethe Petersen], daughter of Hilma Amalie Carlsen and Hans Thomson Petersen, [or Hans Thomsen Petersen] watchmaker and jeweller of the firm Horn and Petersen, died 28 August 1970 Petersham, New South Wales, she married secondly 1943, Woollahra, New South Wales, Harold Glenmore Broughton.
His parents Catherine Kneefe and George Kerbins married on 13 June 1864 at the Wesleyan Parsonage, Lydiard Street, Ballarat by James Waugh, Minister, he was then a hotel waiter aged 28 years and Catherine was a servant aged 19 years [4]
The Star (Ballarat), Tuesday 3 April 1860, page 1 
Kerbins had two older sisters, Georgina Kerbins born 3 July 1865 at Armstrong Street, Ballarat and Jane Kerbins "Jeannie" born 26 January 1868 at Melbourne Road, Ballarat, there were two younger siblings, a sister Minnie Kerbins born in 1873 in Melbourne and a brother Rudolf Edgar Nicholas Kerbins born in 1878. Both these younger children died shortly after their births. Georgina married in 1882 to John Hutchinson and Jeannie married in 1890 to Charles McCoy.
Mr. Herbert Vivian Kerbins, who died at his residence at Bellevue Hill on Tuesday, was one of the pioneers of the motor industry in Australia. He was one of the earliest car owners and one of the original members of the Royal Australian Automobile Club. He was associated with the distribution of British automobiles, and for many years was managing director of Light Cars, Ltd. He is survived by Mrs. Kerbins.
The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), Thursday 10 June 1937, Page 8
The grave and headstone of Herbert Vivian Kerbins [right]. He is buried with members of the Petersen family.

Kerbins & Co's Studio
348 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
 The Age (Melbourne), Monday 30 December 1889, page 1
Kerbins & Co.
[Bust portrait of man, to right, with moustache, wearing military uniform]. 
State Library of Victoria
New Zealand
During the period from about April 1892 to March 1893 Vivian Kerbins worked for the Christchurch studio George Eden Co. Ltd., as the Head Printer and Manager. Eden incorrectly identified him as an American in his advertisements.
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXVII, Issue 9697, 11 April 1892, Page 1
 Press, Volume L, Issue 8402, 8 February 1893, Page 1
Messrs Wrigglesworth, and Binns, the celebrated photographers of Wellington have purchased the whole of the businesses of The Eden George Company, Limited. The staff, including Mr Vivian Kerbins, the manager of the work-rooms, are retained, and all persons holding deposit tickets are informed that they can use same until March 31st. Messrs Wrigglesworth and Binns will also shortly open a further studio in Christchurch for the production of their (patented) matt opal types and other work of the most fashionable type. Offers of premises for a second studio are invited.—(advt)
Press, Volume L, Issue 8417, 25 February 1893, Page 7
Early in February 1893 Wrigglesworth and Binns of Wellington purchased the studio, initially retaining the George Eden name. Vivian Kerbins then resigned with effect from 4 March 1893. However by that time he had already made arrangements to form his own photographic company Vivian Kerbins & Co., with George S. Parker, who was perhaps another former George Eden employee.
 Vivian Kerbins & Co
Herbert Vivian Kerbins and George S. Parker
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXIX, Issue 9972, 27 February 1893, Page 1
During the period from February to May 1893 Vivian Kerbins & Co., visited seven South Island towns:
Newspaper advertisements seem to indicate that Vivian Kerbins remained in Christchurch to process the negatives taken by George Parker on the West Coast. Kerbins however appears to gone to Oamaru around the middle of March 1893 and established a studio in Thames Street. Later in May they opened a studio in Temuka. 
The company never advertised a studio in Christchurch although "Christchurch" was printed on their cabinet cards. It is likely they never had a studio in Christchurch.

Grey River Argus, Volume XXXIII, Issue 7594, 17 February 1893, Page 2
about 22 February 1893. 
No details regarding the visit to Kumara have been found other than a notice in the Westport newspaper of 23 February 1893 indicating that Parker had arrived in Westport "from Kumara where they have lately been doing good business".
Mr G. Parker, manager for the great, surprise firm of photographers, arrived here last night from Kumara where they have lately been doing good business. All work will be finished by the Eden George Company, Christchurch. Mr Parker is now making the necessary arrangements to open in Hokitika for a few weeks. An advertisement giving full particulars, will appear in to-morrow's issue.
West Coast Times, Issue 9500, 23 February 1893, Page 2
Revell Street
from 22 February 1893, a notice in The West Coast Times of 23 February 1893 indicates "Mr G. Parker, manager for the great, surprise firm of photographers, arrived here last night from Kumara." They continued in Hokitika until about the 24 March when they went south to Ross.
Twelve beautifully enamelled cabinet photos and one 15 x 12 enlargement on opal for 17s 6d. This is indeed a wonderful announcement, and yet quite true. Mr George Parker, representing Vivian, Kerbins and Co., has taken the premises opposite Williams' chemist shop, Revell street, and will take photos at the price we have named. Go and see him and verify our statement.
West Coast Times, Issue 9501, 24 February 1893, Page 2
A great attraction was presented in Revell street last night, in the shop opposite that of Williams', chemist, Messrs Vivian Kirbins [sic] and Co have a show of photos which are a veritable surprise when we consider the very low price at which they are supplied and the excellence of the work.
West Coast Times, Issue 9502, 25 February 1893, Page 2
West Coast Times, Issue 9502, 25 February 1893, Page 3
West Coast Times, Issue 9518, 16 March 1893, Page 3
about 25 March 1893
 West Coast Times, Issue 9521, 20 March 1893, Page 3
Sergeant John Millar Langdon [or
John Miller Langdon] of the Brunner Rifle Volunteers. He was killed in the Brunner Mine disaster on 26 March 1896 aged 33 years. A total of 65 miners died in the disaster, almost half of the Brunner underground work force. This was the worst mining disaster in New Zealand’s history.
Photographed by Vivian Kerbins & Co., probably during their visit to the West Coast during March and April 1893.
[purchased September 2021]  
unidentified woman by Vivian Kerbins & Co.
Ferrymead Heritage Park, Christchurch

The Surprise firm of photographers advertise elsewhere that for one month they will offer a very special line to the public of Oamaru, as detailed in the advertisement. The firm have already established studios on the West Coast and extensive workrooms in Christchurch, and intend to leave no stone unturned to turn out satisfactory work. Mr Vivian Kerbin [sic], who is the manager of the firm, has had wide experience in Australia, and has also been managing for the well-known firm of Eden George and Co. It is the intention of the new firm to establish studios in the south.
Oamaru Mail, Volume XVIII, Issue 5583, 14 March 1893, Page 2
The Vivian Kerbins Photographic Company, who are located next the Waitaki Buildings, announce their intention of executing 12 enamelled cabinet photographs and one 15 by 12 opal enlargement for the sum of 15s. Particulars appear in our advertising columns. Mr Kerbins, the head of the company, is known in Melbourne as "the King Photographer," on account of the extensive business he carried on there. The company's head establishment is in Christchurch.
North Otago Times, Volume XXXVII, Issue 7831, 25 March 1893, Page 2

from 3 May 1893
Temuka Leader, Issue 2497, 2 May 1893, Page 2
June 1893
 The Lyttelton Times of 5 June 1893 shows Kerbins [as Kerhein] and Parker departed for Wellington on the s.s. Rotorua. However the Wellington newspaper the New Zealand Times shows them arriving from Lyttelton on the s.s. Penguin.
June 3—Rotorua, s.s.. 876 tons, Cameron, for Wellington. Union Steamship Company, agents. Passengers for Wellington - Misses Kerbein and Johnston, Mesdames Howell, Pearce, Hayhurst and Francis, Hon J. M’Kenzie, Messrs Eiby, Hayhurst, Francis, Kerhein, Parker, Hollow, Leeming, Barty, Brabner, Hayhurst and Headings.  
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXIX, Issue 10055, 5 June 1893, Page 4
Penguin, ss, 442 tons, Phillips, from Lyttelton [to Wellington]. Passengers — Saloon ... Kerbins, Parker ...
New Zealand Times, Volume LIV, Issue 9919, 5 June 1893, Page 1
Mr G. Parker, advance agent of the Great Surprise firm of photographers— who hays been doing very large business in the South Island— arrived here yesterday, and is now busily engaged making the necessary arrangements to open in Hawera, for a short season. It will be seen by the business notice in another column that sample pictures can now be seen in the shop next door to Mr McNiven, plumber, Regent-street.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XX, Issue 2454, 15 June 1893, Page 2
 Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XX, Issue 2459, 21 June 1893, Page 3
[this notice first appeared in the Hawera & Normanby Star on 15 June 1893 Page 3 and continued until 21 June 1893. Some overdrawing on the original image has been removed digitally.]

Olga Studio
160 Regent Street, Redfern, New South Wales.
Managed by H. Kerbins
At the marriage of Emma Moon and Henry Clifton Jones at Redfern on 15 June 1908, Mr. Kirbins [sic] of the Olga Studios presented the bride with photographs of the bridal couple.
The Ulladulla and Milton Times (NSW), Sat 27 Jun 1908, Page 8

Mr. H. Kerbins has taken over the management of Messrs. Maillard and Co., of Phillip-street. This firm holds the agency for the Brasier, Morris-Cowley, and other high-grade cars. Mr. Kerbins has been connected with motoring from its inception, and was one of the first half-dozen motorists in the State to drive a car.
Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW), Sunday 29 February 1920, page 14
 Alma Margaret Kerbins
Dear Editor.- A paper was given to me entitled the Young Idea, and while looking over it I saw your offer of a pail of pretty bangles to the girl who sent you the Best Original Letter so I thought I would try. I was twelve years on the 25th May, 1892 ; I have two brothers and a sister, but as I am the youngest I have not much to do, my brothers names are Alfred and Charles, and my sister is Hilma and my own is Alma I am generally happy, but there is one thing that makes me feel unhappy when I think of it, and that is, that I have no father, he died when I was only three years old [died 6 November 1883 aged 42 years], so I do not remember much of him; he has been dead nine years now. There is a lady who is staying with us and has got a baby boy, he was born on the 23rd of May, 1892, and is going to be called Charles Albert, he is three weeks old now and is a very healthy baby; I have been promised to go out with this lady the first time she takes the baby out, I was very glad because I love little babies very much, I have not any more to tell you this time so I will now close.
-I remain, Yours sincerely, Alma M. Petersen. 56 Windsor-street Paddington.
The Dawn (Sydney, NSW), Friday 1 July 1892, Page 26
Birthday Card Led to Divorce Court
On her husband's birthday two years ago, Mrs. Olga Eva Broughton found a birthday card in his pocket, inscribed "From Alma to Glen." On the card was a picture of an elephant and the words, "An elephant never forgets." Mrs. Broughton, 44 (formerly Hart) of Girilang Avenue, Vaucluse, said this when she petitioned yesterday for divorce from Harold Glenmore Broughton, 58, photographer. She alleged that Broughton had committed adultery in June last with Alma Kerbins, of Benelong Crescent, Bellevue Hill.
The suit was undefended, and Mr. Justice Owen granted a decree nisi.
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW), Friday 14 June 1940, Page 8

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