Curry Album 

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Photograph missing from album

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 Photograph missing from album

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 Photograph missing from album 

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 Photograph missing from album 

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a. unknown photographer
b. photograph missing
c. Albert Lawson, Otago
d. J. B. Knott, Edinburgh

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a. R. Clifford, Dunedin
b. James Oliver White, Otago
c. Queen Victoria with Princess by John Jabez Edwin Mayall, London
d. Clifford, Dunedin

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a. photograph missing
b. photograph missing
c. Maull and Co, London
d. R. Clifford, Dunedin

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a. photograph missing
b. photograph missing
c. photograph missing
d. Alexander Bros., Glasgow

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 Photograph missing from album 

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 Photograph missing from album 

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 Photograph missing from album

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 Photograph missing from album 

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a. Burton Bros., Dunedin
b. Juan Marti, Barcelona
c. Juan Marti, Barcelona 
d. photograph missing

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a. Burton Bros., Dunedin
b. Burton Bros., Dunedin
c. Rovira y Duran, Barcelona
d. R. J. Nicholas, Invercargill

Page 15.

a. J. W. Allen, Dunedin
b. R. Clifford, Dunedin
c. Hay, Edinburgh
d. Burton Bros., Dunedin

Page 16.

a. London Portrait Rooms, Dunedin
b. Dufty and Carolin, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
c. photograph missing 
d. unknown photographer

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a. unknown photographer
b. R. J. Nicholas, Invercargill
c. M. Fernando Y Anais Napoleon, Spain
d. J. Horsburgh, Edinburgh

Page 22.

a. Juan Marti, Barcelona
b. Clifford and Morris, Dunedin
c. Geo. Campbell, Edinburgh
d. photograph missing

Page 23.

a. Hay, Edinburgh
b. unknown photographer
c. Clifford and Morris, Dunedin
d. A. McDonald, Melbourne

Page 24.

a. C. Wherrett, Hobart Town, photo of Minna McPherson May 1879
b. unknown photographer
c. E. Devine, Edinburgh
d. J. McGregor, Dunedin

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 Photograph missing from album

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 Photograph missing from album 

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a. photograph missing
b. photograph missing
c. photograph missing
d. photograph missing

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a. Clifford Morris and Co., Dunedin
b. Bernieri, Torina, photograph of Garibaldi
c. Alexander Tait, New Zealand
d. Hart, Campbell and Co., Otago

Page 31.

a. unknown photographer - view of Dunedin
b. photograph missing
c. J. P. Carolin, Kyneton, Victoria
d. Clifford and Morris, Dunedin

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a. photograph missing
b. photograph missing
c. photograph missing

d. photograph missing

Armstrong and Greer

Armstrong and Greer
London Portrait Rooms

LAWRENCE, Samuel Charles Louis

Samuel Charles Louis Lawrence
(known as Charles Lawrence)
Samuel Charles Louis Lawrence born circa 1831-33 Middlesex, London, arrived in New Zealand before April 1866 [when his daughter Fanny Maria Lawrence was born], died 9 September 1891 Ashburton, Canterbury aged 58 years, reg. 1891/4152, buried 11 September 1891, Ashburton Cemetery, area 13, plot 7, married 14 March 1863 Port Natal, South Africa, Harriet Eleanor Black [or Harriet Helena Black], born circa 1848 Uitenhage, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, the daughter of William Cornwall Black and Frances Elizabeth Grace Carter and granddaughter of Henry Collis Carter  a Doctor of Medicine in Uitenhage, died on 15 April 1898 at the residence of Mrs Manhire, 9 York Street [1], off Barbadoes Street, Christchurch aged 47 years, reg. 1898/2190, buried 17 April 1898 Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch, block 23C, plot 46 (see photograph of grave below). Information shown on her death certificate is believed to be incorrect [email received February 11, 2021].
Samuel Charles Louis Lawrence may be the same person as Samuel Charles Lascelles who with Harriett Black was the witness at her sister's wedding in Uitenhage in 1861. Samuel Charles Lascelles was was known to be a member of the Elizabeth Freemason Lodge between 8 January 1863 and 29 June 1865 as a photographer, suspended by vote 17 November 1864 [2].


 Oxford Terrace West, Christchurch
about 1866-1867 to about 1874-1875


In 1868 Charles Lawrence, photographer was located in Oxford Terrace West, next to Walton and Warner's Bonded Store. He offered carte de visite, cabinet, miniature and every description of picture taken in the most artistic style. None but approved pictures would be sent out.
Southern Provinces Almanac 1868

In December 1870 William Theakstone who was in the employ of Mr Lawrence, photographer was a witness in a Magistrate's Court case involving the thief of a number of pictures.
Star, Issue 808, 28 December 1870, Page 3

Correspondence. A letter was read from Mr C. Lawrence, photographer of Oxford terrace west, asking for leave to exhibit a case of photographs on his verandah post. The Town Clerk was instructed to inform Mr Lawrence that his request would not be granted.
Press, Volume XVIII, Issue 2438, 21 February 1871, Page 3

Press, Volume XX, Issue 2891, 7 August 1872, Page 1

Press, Volume XX, Issue 2904, 22 August 1872, Page 4

 Press, Volume XXI, Issue 2613, 20 December 1873, Page 3


Miss Hall
Photographed by Chas. Lawrence, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

above - identified as Arthur Ormsby, arrived Lyttelton as a cabin passenger on the "Amoor" 2 July 1864 from London, practiced as a solicitor in Timaru and represented that district in the Provincial Council 3 March 1868 - 4 June 1869. Died 16 June 1889 at his residence, Manchester Street North, Christchurch aged 52. Refer portrait - The Shagroons' Palace - A History of the Christchurch Club, 1856-2006, Gordon Ogilvie, page 93.

Mabel Potts - 1873
Photographed by Chas. Lawrence, Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

Potts.— June 30, at St Cuthberts, Governor's Bay, by the Most Rev the Primate, assisted by the Rev E. R. Otway. Edward R. Chudleigh, son of the Rev N. F. Chudleigh, of St Colomb Miner, Cornwall, to Mabel, eldest daughter of T. H. Potts, of Ohinitahi. 
Star, Issue 4117, 1 July 1881, Page 2

Donald Henry Potts (1851-1928)
 Donald H. Potts - 1873
Photographed by Chas. Lawrence, Christchurch, Canterbury, NZ

Mrs Leonard Harper by Charles Lawrence
 Joanna Dorothea Dyke Troyte born circa 1843, 5th daughter of Arthur Henry Dyke Troyte (formerly Acland) and Frances Williams, baptised 23nd July 1843, All Saints Church, Dorchester, died 8 May 1917, married 30 June 1864 Huntsham, Devon, Leonard Harper, born 2 June 1837, Eton, England son of Henry John Chitty Harper,  died 24 October 1915, Bruton, Somerset.

Mrs Slater - September 1873
Photographed by C. Lawrence

High Street, Christchurch
about 1874- 1875 to about 1884

 Press, Volume XXII, Issue 2662, 17 February 1874, Page 1

Star, Issue 1960, 17 June 1874, Page 1
By June 1874 the Inspector of Weights and Measures had moved into the premises in previously occupied Charles Lawrence in Oxford Terrace West.

Press, Volume XXIV, Issue 3117, 19 August 1875, Page 4

Carriers' Picnic.- The City carriers held their annual picnic at Sumner, yesterday, when, favoured by delightful weather, it was a complete success. The carriers with their vehicles crowded to excess by relatives and friends, mastered in front of the Post-office at eight o'clock in the morning, and as every vehicle carried one or more flags, the assemblage presented a very striking appearance. Mr Lawrence, by previous arrangement, took a photograph when the vehicles had been ranged in proper order, and succeeded in obtaining a very good picture of the whole. Immediately on this process being concluded, a start was made for Sumner...
Star, Issue 2447, 26 January 1876, Page 2

The Late Captain Macfarlane.—The Illustrated London News contains a portrait of this late Waterloo veteran in its issue of Dec 2nd. The portrait, which is a very fair one, is taken from a photograph by C. Lawrence, of Christchurch.
Ashburton Guardian, Volume IV, Issue 851, 25 January 1883


above - Mr William Cameron Clothier or William Cameron, Clothier
[no one of this name can be found]

The man pictured in the Charles Lawrence photograph (above) appears to be the same man standing in the Daniel Mundy photograph shown below.  Both photographs were purchased from the same seller.









above - Robert Adam Forrester
January 4, 1909 at this residence, Karaka, Hurunui, Robert Adam, the dearly beloved husband of Louisa Burrell Forrester; aged sixty-seven. Flowers respectfully declined.
Star, Issue 9432, 5 January 1909, Page 3





This studio opened in Ashburton in about 1884

In Bankruptcy - Petitions and Adjudications - Lawrence, Samuel Charles, of Christchurch and Ashburton, photographer; filed and adjudicated May 19; first meeting of creditors May 23; public examination June 5. -
Star, Issue 5006, 20 May 1884, Page 2

Star, Issue 5008, 22 May 1884, Page 2

Meetings of Creditors - The first meeting of the creditors of Mr C. Lawrence, of Christchurch and Ashburton, photographer, was held this morning. Four proofs of debt were represented, the total amount being £150 17s 9d. No resolution was arrived at, the feeling being that the whole affair should be left in the hands of the Official Assignee. In his examination Mr Lawrence attributed his bankruptcy partly to ill health and partly to losses resulting from the fire in High street in January last. 
Star, Issue 5009, 23 May 1884, Page 2

Following his death in 1891 his widow Harriet Lawrence carried on the business  until about 1895.

Ashburton Guardian, Volume XIV, Issue 2820, 11 November 1892, Page 3

Ashburton Guardian, Volume XV, Issue 3381, 11 September 1894, Page 1

The pupils of Mrs Bowman Fox commence the first term on Monday next, in the rooms in Saunders' Buildings, same entrance as Mrs Lawrence's photographic studio.
Ashburton Guardian, Volume XV, Issue 3478, 5 January 1895, Page 2

above cdv courtesy of The Laurence Eagle Collection


William J. W. Hamilton
by Samuel Charles Louis Lawrence, Christchurch
[photograph contributed]

1. Fanny Maria Lawrence born 21 April 1866 Christchurch, reg. 1866/4184, died 6 November 1886 Ashburton aged 19 years,
after a painful and lingering illness of six months, reg. 1886/5345, buried 9 November 1886, Ashburton Cemetery, area 13, plot 8.

2. Samuel Charles Lawrence [1928 - clerk, 23 Marlborough Street, Christchurch], born 20 November 1868, reg. 1869/26387, died 26 June 1928 aged 58 years Christchurch Hospital [3], Christchurch, reg. 1928/2708, buried 28 June 1928 Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch, block 23C, plot 45, with his mother, married 1898, reg. 1898/3871 Lillian Georgina Simpson and had issue:
2a. Fanny Lillian Lawrence born circa 1902, reg. 1902/18017, married circa 1940, reg. 1940/11466, David Westaway
2b. Ruby Margaret Lawrence born circa 1903, reg. 1903/4814, married circa 1925, reg.
1925/440, Thomas Lancelot  Smith
3. Harry Louis Lawrence [hairdresser] born 29 January 1872, reg. 1872/29474, died 1 December 1954, reg. 1954/28405, buried 9 December 1954 Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, Protestant Division A, row 6, plot 4 [as Harry Lewis Lawrence]
4. Samuel John Bertram Lawrence [Worked as a miner and photographer in Waikaia, Southland], born 7 August 1876, birth reg. 1876/9099 as Samuel John Bertrand Laurence, died 20 August 1961, reg. 1961/34301, buried Gore Cemetery, Southland, block 109, plot 19,
[headstone incorrectly shows year of birth as 1879], married 1907, reg. 1907/4384 [as Bertram Lawrence], Grace Isabel Boyer born 1879, died 30 September 1953 aged 73 years, reg. 1953/31842 and had issue:
4a. Charles Louis Lawrence born circa 1907, reg. 1907/24639, married circa 1939, reg. 1939/11474, Mary Miller
4b. Ina Mary Lawrence born circa 1910, reg. 1910/18646 married circa 1940, reg.  1940/13631, Robert Carmichael
4c. Cora Frances Lawrence born circa 1912, reg. 1912/25923, married circa 1933, reg.   1933/2775, Charles Lawson Burrows
4d. William Lancelot Lawrence born circa 1912, reg. 1912/25924
4e. Valance Bertram Lawrence born circa 1914, reg. 1914/14057,
died 8 July 1875 Gore

[1] The current name of this street is not known, it is a different street to the York Street now located in Opawa, Christchurch
[2] Library and Museum of Freemasonry; London, England; Freemasonry Membership Registers; Description: Register of Admissions: Country and Foreign 'I', #940-1205, fols 1-319
[3]  Press, Volume LXIV, Issue 19347, 27 June 1928, Page 1