Nicholas Family

Nicholas Family

Collan or Colan Nicholas, (1851 - tin miner) born 1802-1806 Cornwall England, married 28 April 1831, St. Stephens-In-Brannel, Elizabeth Martyn 

1. Ann Nicholas born circa 1832 St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt. 10 March 1832, St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall, married 27 January 1858, Saint Stephen-In-Brannel, William Andrew son of William Andrew

2. James Martyn Nicholas (photographer) born 2 August 1833 Coombe, St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt. 18 August 1833, St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall, emigrated to Australia about 1857 aged 24 years to Creswick Creek, Ballarat, arrived New Zealand 1863, later in 1867 he returned to Cornwall and came back to NZ in 1869. In 1873 again returned to Cornwall where he married leaving in 1880 with his wife and three of a family for New Zealand, arriving in December of that year, died 9 February 1916 Rakaia aged 83 years, married 1873, reg. Sep 1873, Pancras vol. 1b page 293 Margery Cornish Pearce, she died about 1908

2a. Lilian Edith Nicholas (Fiji), married Thomas Raeburn Anderson reg. 1897/1352           
2b. Charles Christopher Nicholas (Orepuki), married Elizabeth Grier Pearson reg. 1902/6191
2c. Arthur James Nicholas (Christchurch) married Anna Elizabeth Veitch reg. 1909/5761
2d. William Edgar Nicholas born circa 1882 New Zealand, reg. 1882/486                         
2e. Ethel Nicholas (Rakaia), born circa 1883 New Zealand, reg. 1883/15711 married 1911, reg. 1911/3586c William John Lee                                                                                  
2f. Herbert Hedley Nicholas (Christchurch) born circa 1890 New Zealand, reg. 1890/18991 married Winifred Alicia Philpott circa 1921 reg. 1921/627                                                                    

3. Edward Nicholas born circa 1835 St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt. 4 August 1835
St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall, lived in Naseby, New Zealand and went to Tasmania about 1883, died aged 81 on 13 June 1917 at his residence in Queen Street, Invermay, and was privately interred at Carr Villa in Section C 113, married Mary Ann Sidebottom, died 5 July 1924, Invermay aged 85. She was privately interred with her husband.

3a. Sarah Ann Nicholas born 1861 Victoria, Australia
3b. Eliza Jane Nicholas born 1863 Victoria, Australia
3c. Elizabeth Amy Nicholas born 1865 Victoria, Australia
3d Jeremiah Edward Joseph Nicholas (storekeeper) born circa 1867, reg. 1867/32840, married 25 December 1895, Church of St Oswald, Trevallyn, Tasmania, Amy Isobell Davis
3e. James Noble Nicholas born circa 1869, reg. 1869/31567                   
3f. George Augustus Nicholas born circa 1871, reg. 1871/33796            
3g.Cyril Ernest Nicholas born circa 1881 reg. 1881/480                    

The 'Mount Ida Chronicle' reports the departure from Naseby of Mr E. Nicholas, who had resided in that district for the last 16 or 17 years. "We understand" says our contemporary "that it is Mr Nicholas” intention to go into farming operations, and the Gore district will probably be the scene of his new home, "Wherever he goes he will always carry with him the hearty wishes of a numerous section of the Naseby community." Mataura Ensign, Volume V, Issue 239, 20 March 1883

Mr E. Nicholas and family left Naseby for Invercargill on Tuesday morning, March 6th. Mr Nicholas has resided in Naseby for the last 16 or 17 years, where he has profitably carried on the business of a general storekeeper. He also dabbled a little in agricultural pursuits. We understand that it is Mr Nicholas' intention to go fully into farming operations, and the Gore district will probably be the scene of his new home. Wherever he goes he will always carry with him the hearty wishes of a numerous section of the Naseby community. Mount Ida Chronicle, Volume XIII, Issue 701, 15 March 1883

4. Collan Nicholas (photographer) born circa 1837 St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt. 1 July 1837, St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall, emigrated to New Zealand in 1869, died 5 November 1909 aged 72 years, buried 6 November 1909 MacKay Cemetery, Queensland, married circa 1867, reg. Sep 1867 St. Austell vol. 5c page 142, Emily Caroline Harry
born 5 February 1849, Bodmin, Cornwall, England, reg. Mar 1849 Bodmin vol. 9 page 37, youngest child of Edmund Harry, a physician, and his wife Amy Clarke, bapt. 7 March 1849 Bodmin, Cornwall, England, emigrated to New Zealand in 1869, died 27 June 1920 aged 70 at the residence of her daughter Mrs Josie Sharman, 5 Paterson Street, Brunswick, reg. no 4717

1. Collan Edmund Nicholas, born circa 1868, reg. Sep 1868, St. Austell vol. 5c page 12[14], drowned while fishing at Invercargill 30 October 1885, reg. 1885/5207 aged 17 years 
2. Edmund Harry Nicholas (grocer) reg. 1870/36890 New Zealand, married 24 August 1896 Launceston, Tasmania, Alice Matilda Ray daughter of Alfred and Ellen Ray     
3. James Martyn Nicholas reg. 1872/38861 New Zealand, died 1872, reg. 1872/8675 aged 6 weeks 
4. Emily Josephine Nicholas reg. 1874/14731 New Zealand
5. Amy Clark Nicholas reg. 1877/3307 New Zealand
6. Evelyn Wood Nicholas reg. 1883/6282 New Zealand   
7. Theresa Annette Nicholas reg. 1885/1392 New Zealand

Philip Christie Nicholas

5. Jeremiah Nicholas born circa 1839 St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt. 3 August 1841 St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall

6. Amy Nicholas (youngest daughter of Mr Colan Nicholas, St Austell, England) born circa 1841 St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt. 3 August 1841, St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall,
died 4 February 1926, married John Frater of Mt Ida, 22 January 1868 at the residence of Mr G. C. Christie, Stuart Street, Dunedin by the Rev. R. Scrimgeour eldest son of Mr Morris Frater, Cumbernauld, Scotland (Otago Daily Times, Issue 1894, 25 January 1868), he died 26 November 1883 Livingstone, Otago

6a. NR Frater born circa 1869, reg. 1869/31510                                                              
6b. NR Frater born circa 1870, reg. 1870/39611                                                              
6c. NR Frater born circa 1871, reg. 1871/33793                                                              
6d. Ellen Amy Frater born circa 1873, reg. 1873/18574                                                    
6e. John Martain Nicholas Frater born circa 1874, reg. 1874/29509                                  
6f. Edith Ann Frater born circa 1875, reg. 1875/10237                                                     
6g. Elizabeth Amy Beatrice Frater born circa 1876, reg. 1876/9239                                  
6h. William Frater born circa 1877, reg. 1877/13644                                                        
6i. Edward James Herbert Frater born circa 1879, reg. 1879/3300                                    
6j. Christina Isabella Frater born circa 1880, reg. 1880/15851                                    
6k. Ellen Florence Frater born circa 1882, reg. 1882/12723                                              

7. Richard John Nicholas (photographer) born circa 1843 St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt.  31 October 1844, St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall, England, possibly died about 1910 Kenya, married 1877 New Zealand, reg. 1877/2070, Clementine Alice Tarlton daughter of William Tarlton and Mercy Morris
Known as Mrs Alice Tarlton Nicholas, she died 26 December 1929 Queensland reg. no.  C4795 

7a. Ida Winifred Tarlton Nicholas born circa 1878 New Zealand, reg. 1878/12179,
7b. Alice May Nicholas born circa 1880 New Zealand, reg. 1880/12385, died 13 July 1904 at El-Nedo, Milton, Queensland aged 24 years, reg. no. C1360 Queensland
7c. William Harold Tarlton Nicholas born 7 May 1881, registered Launceston, Tasmania, may have died about 1938 in Kenya, married 1920 England, Joan M. L. Longworth, reg.  Sep 1920 Conway, vol. 11b vol. 1015, she died 1989 Durban, South Africa [1].
      7ci. daughter born 6 May 1923 at Bahati, Nakura, British East Africa (Kenya)
7d. Headley Tarlton Nicholas born 7 August 1882, registered Hobart, died 17 February 1883 Bathurst Street, Hobart aged 6 months

8. William Nicholas born circa 1848 St Stephens, Cornwall, England, bapt. 7 July 1848
St. Stephens-in-Brannel, Cornwall, (farmer Tomahawk, Otago in 1884)

Nicholas.- On the 20th January, at Dunedin Rebecca (Lily), beloved wife of William Nicholas Tomahawk Valley, aged 30. Otago Witness, Issue 1888, 27 January 1888

9. Christopher Nicholas born circa 1850 St Stephens, Cornwall, England