Burton Brothers - Pink and White Terraces

Burton Brothers
Pink and White Terraces

1304 White Terrace
by Burton Bros., Dunedin

White Terrace
Burton Brothers, Dunedin

1305 - Cold Water Basins - White Terrace
Burton Brother, Dunedin

894 - Pink Terrace
also numbered on right 876

Burton Brothers, Dunedin

Rotomahana from the White Terrace 
Burton Brothers, Dunedin

892 - Pink Terrace Tourists Tablets
Burton Brothers, Dunedin

1316 - Rotokanapanapa
Burton Brothers, Dunedin

The Land of the Golden Fleece by George Augustus Sala.XXIV.—The Hot Lakes: The Pink Terrace
...There were other wonders to be explored ere we crossed the lake to the Pink Terrace; but I own that the continuous sight of craters, gullies, and crevices ejecting boiling water or boiling mud was growing slightly monotonous, and that I was glad to have some of the sight-seeing on this side of the lake done by deputy. There is the small valley of Rotokanapanapa, a mud flat dotted with mud cones and pitted with boiling mud holes. The mud is, as a rule, ashy grey in colour, although it occasionally assumes other hues. Pink mud and blue mud sometimes occur. It has an unpleasant habit while boiling of spluttering forth mud flakes perilous to the integrity of the bystander's flesh. From one fissure came such volumes of steam and such a demoniacal roaring that the place has been called the Devil's Hole; and from this horrible abyss you come to a pool of water of a vivid green colour called Rotopounamou.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIII, Issue 7561, 13 February 1886

 893 - Rotomahana
Burton Brothers, Dunedin 

 3849 - Wairoa Hotel
Burton Brothers, Dunedin 
Depicts McRae's Hotel (Rotomahana Hotel) at Te Wairoa, prior to the 1886 Mount Tarawera eruption.  There are about twenty people scattered in front of the hotel and on the first floor verandah.  Some of them has been identified - the owner, Joseph McRae (man in suit, to right of centre); to the left of him, Aporo Te Wharekaniwha (with beard, tie and braces) and Ngareta.

 1309 - Umbrella Buttress - Pink Terrace
Burton Brothers, Dunedin 

by Burton Brothers, Dunedin 

946 - Ohinemutu
Burton Brothers, Dunedin