James Elsbee and Daniel Mundy's negatives

James Elsbee and Daniel Mundy's negatives were acquired by William John Grand.
Press, Volume XVII, Issue 2344, 29 October 1870, Page 3 

MALAGHAN, Patrick Thomas

Patrick Thomas Malaghan

born circa 1869 - died 14 February 1938
buried Catholic Block 2, Plot 30, Queenstown Cemetery

father of Leonard Aloysius Patrick Malaghan

An Object Lesson.
Mr P. Malaghan, a Queenstown photographer, has taken a picture of a shag trying to swallow a trout 18in long, showing the fish, after filling the stomach of the shag, protruding inches beyond the shag's beak.

Here is an object lesson to our political shags at Wellington, who, after swallowing a £40 advance in their wages - not of sin - one year, did not hesitate to strain at £60 another. But their swallow was equal to the strain, the query being, How much would choke them? To have acted logically they should have taken their case before the Arbitration Court for adjudication.

Otago Witness, Issue 2488, 20 November 1901, Page 31

above: Walter Peak, Lake Wakatipu.
Photo by P. Malaghan
Maoriland Postcard, Tanner Bros. Ltd., Wellington, Auckland, London
Printed in Saxony.



Mabel Garratt

Mabel Garratt, 334 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch, photographer.
Electoral Roll - Christchurch East 1905-1906