Zak Studios

Joseph Zachariah   
Zak Studios 
9 Manners Street, Wellington
24 Willis Street, Wellington

succeeded Jacob Nathan Isaacs about 1910
succeed by Philip Henry Jauncey about 1923

Joseph Zachariah
born 14 December 1867, Synagogue Chambers, Tancred Street, Hokitika, New Zealand
reg 1868/22886
son of Rev. Isaac Zachariah and Eva Rebecca Saunders.
 died circa 1965 aged 97 years reg. 1965/38602

married 1stly
4 November 1896, Bourke Street Synagogue, Melbourne
Ada Solomons

daughter of Louis Solomons "Rosedale" Drummond Street, Carlton, Melbourne

married 2ndly
about 1926, reg. 1926/796
Irene Anita Clematis Connop
born about 1905 Hastings, New Zealand

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Evening Post, Volume LXXII, Issue 141, 15 December 1906, Page 6

There is at present on view in Zak's Photo Window, Willis-street, the illuminated address which was presented to the Rev. H. Van Staveren by the Jewish congregation. The text of the address is neatly engrossed in Old English lettering relieved by various coloured capital letters. The name of the recipient is embossed in heavy gold characters on a flowing silver band, which, with its vermillion shading, presents a, handsome heading. The borders are in keeping with the general design, carmine scrolls within the gold bands on either side being relieved by wheels in each corner. The address is mounted and finished in a heavy gold frame, and reflects credit on the artist, Mr. Joseph Zachariah, who designed and executed the work.
Evening Post, Volume LXXIII, Issue 43, 20 February 1907, Page 8

A number of interesting photographs of the accident to the pipe bridge at Petone are on view at Zak's photo depot, Willis-street. The photos are taken from different points of view, and give a good idea of the amount of water running to waste.
Evening Post, Volume LXXIII, Issue 67, 20 March 1907, Page 8

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 Evening Post, Volume LXXIX, Issue 125, 30 May 1910, Page 12

(A Kodax Fiend.)
He's got the happy knack,
Of snapping your dial.
You all know Joey "Zak" -
Look pleasant and smile.

NZ Truth, Issue 282, 19 November 1910, Page 6

Mr. Joseph Zachariah, who was severely burnt about the face and eyes through the explosion of some magnesia which he was about to use to take a flashlight photograph of a social gathering at Godber's Rooms, Cuba street, in honour of the South Melbourne cricketers, is getting along nicely. Dr. M'Evedy, who was summoned immediately after the accident occurred, expresses the opinion that Mr. Zachariah's eyesight will not be permanently affected.
Evening Post, Volume LXXXV, Issue 21, 25 January 1913, Page 8

Evening Post, Volume XCI, Issue 28, 3 February 1916, Page 9

 MR. Joe Zachariah, of Wellington, who is at present on a visit to Uncle Sam, writes interestingly to a friend of his experiences so far. This is what he pens from his deckchair on R.M.S. Sonoma, in mid-Pacific: "Whether the heavens opened out its flood-gates on the Friday night I left Wellington in order to prevent my friends coming down to wave their cambrics at me in fond, farewell I am unable to say. Captain Neville's presence on board the Manuka as a passenger with his new spouse made Sunday a most religious day, but a concert aft amongst the native Tahitians on their way to Noumea easily counteracted the saloon ceremonies."

Joe Zak had his eyes opened when he arrived in Sydney, and he marvels at the progress made by the City of the Beautiful Harbour. He was greatly impressed by the fine new buildings, and amongst them he mentions a new hotel, of whose culinary arrangements he relates the following amusing little story: "The chef of this hotel," Joe states, "is supposed to be the best paid man in his business in Sydney. One day he was passing through the dining-room while luncheon was on and, noticing a guest applying salt and pepper to his soup, he crossed to the table and removed the diner's soup plate, exclaiming indignantly: "Do you not think that I understand how to flavour my dishes?" The disgusted diner appealed to the landlord, who merely remarked: 'Well, sir, I'm sorry, but my chef is an artist in his particular line, and were you an artist yourself, exhibiting a completed picture at a gallery, would you stand still while a stranger picked up a paintbrush and added a few finishing touches?'

Another leading Sydney hotel Joe Zak mentions to be a great rendezvous for Sydney society folk and liqueurs and cigarettes amongst the fair sex, he says, seem quite the correct thing. Joe is evidently going about with his optics very wide open, for he observes that he saw in a big Sydney drapery establishment a ladies' silk "nightie" marked ten guineas.
Free Lance, Volume XV, Issue 828, 12 May 1916, Page 4

Joe Zachariah, whose forefathers were not unknown in Jerusalem even before New Zealanders camped on that historic spot, is a New Zealander who has been in America for the past two years, and has just returned to "God's Own." He has been helping the Military Census Department of Uncle Sam without pay, and has, no doubt in the meantime had his dark eyes peeled for new ideas. Joe used to run "Zak's" photo emporium in Wellington, really a journalistic branch of the "Sun" picture business. Things would happen at eight o'clock in the morning, and "Zak" would have the photographic record of it staring at you from his window before noon.

If the daily paper reporter hurtled to a distant fire, per bike, car, or cab, or went to a murder, a funeral, or a feast, he'd find a "Zak" man already there with his black head buried in a black cloth taking a snap.

Joe is the brother of "Charlie," an important Government official, who used to play in amateur opera, and who was the weirdest "Gobo" who ever wore black skin tights. Charlie's official signature is calculated to drive people to Porirua, Avondale, or Seacliff. The "Zaks" are sons of a Jewish rabbi, and bright in the intellect, but they have often allowed real money to gallop past without worrying a threepenny phylactery about it.
Observer, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 16, 22 December 1917, Page 4

"Phyllis Margaret Smyrk aged 7 months"
Phyllis Margaret Smyrk was born on 2 July 1917 the daughter of Jessie Frances and Edward William Smyrk. This photograph therefore dates from early in 1918.

 no. 21410

no. 21023B
reverse inscription "Yours Sincerely M. Walshe 4.3.19"

1. Jule Mavis Zachariah born circa 1898, reg. 1898/16213
2. Doris Eve Zachariah born 18 April 1901 at Willis Street, Wellingtonreg. 1901/14902
3. Zita Miriam Zachariah born circa 1904 reg. 1904/1300
4. child - name not known. 

HARRIS - ZACHARIAH.-February 21, 1916, at the Great Synagogue, Sydney, by Rabbi Cohen, Reginald Harris, son of Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Harris, Tamworth, to Ada Zachariah, daughter of the late Louis Solomons, Melbourne. 
The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 11 March 1916 page 16

The Rev. Mr Zachariah, wife and family were passengers by Cobb's coach to Christchurch this morning. We regret to learn that they are leaving Hokitika for good, the reverend gentleman having accepted the appointment of minister to the Hebrew congregation of Christchurch. It is now three and a half years since the Rev. Mr Zachariah came to Hokitika to minister to the spiritual wants of his co-religionists and during that somewhat lengthy residence amongst us he has gained the unfeigned esteem of all who knew him, by his many excellent qualities and the active, though unobtrusive exercise of the duties that fall to a minister of religion. The regrets of his congregation at his departure will he shared by many outside the Hebrew creed. We wish him and his family every success in the new field of his labors.
West Coast Times, Issue 1412, 5 April 1870, Page 2

The Rev. Isaac Zachariah died on 27 January 1906 at 225 Gloucester Street, Christchurch.  

Cabled advice has been received of the sad death in New York from heart failure of Mrs. E. Zachariah, relict of the late Rev. I. Zachariah (for over 30 years Rabbi of Canterbury, New Zealand). On the death of her husband in Christchurch some years back, the deceased lady, with her three daughters, decided to make their abode in U.S.A., and the latter have since become famous in the designing world of New York and Paris. The deceased lady led a life of unusual activity, being connected with many philanthropic and social service organisations right up to the, last. Her Red Cross work during the war earned her the distinction of a Cross of the British Empire, and her kindly nature made her loved and esteemed by all who knew her, regardless of creed or faith.

She is survived by a large family, including Mrs. J. S. Schwartz; Mrs. M. Souza; the Misses Esther and Sophie Zachariah, of New York City; Mr. Joseph Zachariah, of the A.P.A., Wellington; Mr. Hyam Zachariah, of Adelaide, South Australia; Mr. Adolph Zachariah, of Gisborne; Mr. Charles Zachariah, District Public Trustee, Wellington and Mr. Alfred Zachnriah, of Boston, U.S.A. and ten grandchildren.

Evening Post, Volume CVIII, Issue 74, 24 September 1924, Page 6

JAUNCEY, Philip Henry

Philip Henry Jauncey

born 11 January 1902 [1], London, England [2]
son of Albert Frederick Jauncey and Amelia Fanny Reader [3]
reg. Births Mar 1902 Wandsworth vol. 1d page 761 [4]
died 28 September 1982, Tauranga, New Zealand [5] aged 80 years 
reg. 1982/50967 [1]

21 January 1932 at Wesley Church, Taranaki Street, Wellington 
by the Rev. T. R. Richards [6], reg. 1932/1237 [1]
 Ilma Bethia Braund
 youngest daughter of Victor Maurice Braund [6] and Bethia Hepburn Moore-Wright [1].
born circa 1911 reg. 1911/16980

previously Zak Studios

June 1923 to November 1923 - 59 Manners Street, Wellington.
from about 13 December 1923 - 50 Willis Street, Wellington.

Well-Known. Business Changes Hands.
 The General Public will be interested to know that the old established and now famous Zak Studios, of Manners street, have changed proprietorship, and they are now under entirely new management.

The Staff of artists has been increased, new lighting and artistic effects have been introduced. The operators have had practical experience in London, Sydney, South Africa, and New Zealand, and the new proprietor, Mr, Philip H. Jauncey, has installed the latest methods from the best English and American Studios, and he claims that no studio can turn out Finer Portraits than the Zak Studios. The volume of highest class work passing through the Studios enables the proprietor to keep overhead charges low, and thus turn the work out at a very reasonable charge.

One of the many new features produced is The Cabinet Art Panel at 25s per dozen, which is already in popular demand. Expert operators are employed for outdoor and commercial photography.

The Zak Studio operators are popularly known to the sporting fraternity of Wellington, for they have become part of the programme at all the leading football matches in Wellington; and how the spectators vie with each other in order to be in the group taken at the Athletic Park and shown at the Zak Studios during the following week.

An invitation is extended to the general public to visit the Zak Studios, 59, Manners street, and study the work turned out here. The staff will be only too pleased to tender any information as to the prices, appointment, etc. Those unable to call are asked to ring Telephone 953.

Mr. Jauncey wishes it known that the Zak Photographers undertake sports groups, picnic parties, etc., and family gatherings at your own residence. Enlargements are specialised in by this firm, and old photographs will be copied and enlarged.

The hours of business of the Zak Studios, 59, Manners street, are 9 to 5.30.

Thursday, 9 to 1.
Friday (late night), 9 to 9.
Saturday, 9 to 5.
Telephone 953.

Evening Post, Volume CV, Issue 130, 2 June 1923, Page 4

  Evening Post, Volume CV, Issue 131, 4 June 1923, Page 6

The Studio Up-To-Date.
Of the photo studios of Wellington the Zak, of Manners Street, is easily the best and most favorably known. Many indeed are the celebrities, sports, brides and happy husbands who have trod the Zak stairs, and almost any day the passer-by will notice a crowd around the Zak show-cases and perhaps be impelled to share their curiosity and take a glance at a first-class reproduction of the latest notable event in Wellington city.

And now this famous Studio is in new hands. Mr. Phillip H. Jauncey has taken control and under his management welcome innovations and improvements have been put into effect. Operators with experience in London, South Africa, Sydney, and New Zealand have been engaged. New lighting and artistic effects have been introduced and the quality of the work now done in the Zak Studio is equal to anything produced by English or American photographers.

A new feature for Wellington folk is the Cabinet Art Panel Photograph, a really fine and attractive photo obtainable at the reasonable price of 25./- per dozen. But this is only one feature in a fine range of work on view at the Studio and the reader is invited to call and study the exhibits at any time. There is much to interest the spectator and the staff is happy to be of service to prospective client in arranging for appointments, prices, etc.

While mentioning appointments it should be welcome news to sports bodies and many others to learn that the Studio is open all day Saturday, not closing until 5 p.m. Also if desired special operators will be sent to get impressions of sports groups, picnic parties, etc., and family gatherings at private residences. Ring 953 for further information.

Mr. Jauncey has also made arrangements for the Studio to specialise in enlarging and copying old photographs, it has been Mr. Jauncey's aim to turn out first class work at the minimum expense to the customers and the improvements and new methods above have now made this possible.
NZ Truth, Issue 915, 9 June 1923, Page 6 

At 12.50 o'clock on Sunday morning the Brigade was called to rooms at 59, Manners street, occupied by M. Phillip Henry Jauncy (sic), a photographic artist. The workrooms and contents were badly damaged. The building was insured in the Phoenix Office for £5000, and the contents in the Northern Office for £1000.
Evening Post, Volume CVI, Issue 127, 26 November 1923, Page 8

  Evening Post, Volume CVI, Issue 142, 13 December 1923, Page 6

Special notice to buyers and sellers of properties. The "Zak" Land Agency, of 59, Manners Street, have now removed to larger offices at 50, Willis Street. In making this announcement to the General Public, we would like to point out that the name "Zak" was adopted owing to the office being situated in the old "Zak" photographic building. As the Zak Studios have ceased to exist, we have decided to drop the name "Zak," and will in future be known as The Willis Street Land Agency. Our new offices are very centrally situated in the building known as Macarthy Buildings, being on tho same floor as the P. H. Jauncey Photographic Studios...
Evening Post, Volume CIX, Issue 116, 20 May 1925, Page 3 

 "Mrs and Mrs Les Kaywood September 1927"
by Philip Henry Jauncey

 Leslie Thomas Kaywood married Doris Edna Mackin on 19 September 1927 at St Luke's Church, Wadestown, Wellington, registered 1927/5760.

Evening Post, Volume CIV, Issue 102, 27 October 1927, Page 1

In 1947 he was on a flight which departed from Auckland on 18 March and arrived at Honololu on 20 March. He was accompanied by his wife Ilma Jauncey. Their destination was shown as 1 Norway Street, Boston. His height was 5ft 11 1/2, complexion fair, hair colour dark brown and eyes blue. The purpose of the visit was business and they intended to stay six months [2].

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LAMPE, Mark Luder

Mark Luder Lampe

Mark Luder Lampe born 25 October 1884, died circa 1972 registered 1972/32644

 M. L. Lampe
(Tesla Studios, Wanganui).

This Lampe is a bright young spark,
And it's useful he is in the dark,
And at surfin' and swimmin',
'Mong men and 'mong wimmin,
With little else on but his "sark".
NZ Truth, Issue 611, 3 March 1917, Page 12

Mr M. L. Lampe, who has recently been appointed Manager of the Tasma studio, has already introduced a numbes (sic) of novelties for the benefit of the public. He is an artist of consideaable (sic) experience in Australia and this colony, and his work is very highly spoken of. Reference to the very moderate terms in force at the studio will repay perusal of those requiring photographs for forwarding to friends at the present festive season.
West Coast Times, Issue 140, 18 December 1906, Page 2

Tesla Studio 
opposite Post Office, Wanganui 


[purchased May 2022]

New Photographic Studio. A new photographic business known as the Tesla Studios was opened opposite the Post Office on Tuesday last. The premises which have been altered and made suitable for photographic work, are very commodious, and have been built to Mr Lampe's special design by Messrs Burwood and Co. At the entrance to the studios, which is three doors round the corner from the Avenue numerous show cases and framed enlargements are displayed, all the work being of the best quality and the effects are very artistic. Portraits are one of the proprietor's fortes and children are a special study.

Mr Lampe, the proprietor, has for the last two years been manager and operator for the Tasma Photo. Company, at Hokitika, and has also had experience in some of the leading Australian photographic studios. Whilst in one of the latter places he was favoured with a sitting by his Excellency Sir Harry Rawson, Governor of New South Wales. Mr. Lampe has been successful in securing some of the very finest lenses and cameras, which should be the means of his turning out only the very best class of portraiture and enlargements, etc. The enlarging apparatus is of a unique kind, from which any photograph or picture can be enlarged or reduced to any size required. The studios are prepared to undertake wedding groups either at the studio or at the house. Other outdoor work and sports groups will be taken by arrangement. Amateur photographers are also catered for, and their developing retouching, enlarging, printing, etc., will receive prompt attention. In order to introduce and advertise the opening of the new studios the proprietor has decided to give a handsome free gift, viz., a 15 x 12 enlargement, to every patron who has a dozen photos, taken in the first fortnight from cabinet size upwards. Intending sitters will, therefore, do well to ring up the studio, or call and make an appointment, so as to secure this rare opportunity.
Wanganui Herald, Volume XXXXIII, Issue 12598, 21 October 1908, Page 3

Selwyn Buildings, opposite D.I.C.,Wanganui

numbered 18909


REUNERT, Henry Sydney

Henry Sydney Reunert

(or Rennert)  
born circa 1846, son of Samuel Reunert of Hamburg, died 1 January 1908 Christchurch, New Zealand aged 61 years, buried Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch block 17 plot 24, married 24 August 1875 at St Marks Church, Balclutha, Jane Ann Fry Battrick, born 1852 Swanage, Dorset, England [5],  eldest daughter of Henry Battrick and Rebecca Fry of Corfe Castle, Dorset, England,reg. June 1852 Wareham vol. 5a page 302,  baptised 16 May 1852 Corfe Castle, died 1 April 1924, reg.  1924/4029, buried Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch block 17 plot 24

1. Julia Henrietta Reunert born circa 1884, died 2 January 1949, buried Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch block 17 plot 24, married circa 1907 reg. 1907/1162, Edward Francis Howard Gaye. [1949 - 105 Salisbury St, Christchurch]

Clutha Leader, Volume III, Issue 111, 25 August 1876, Page 4


Accident. — We understand that a Mr Reunert, a photographer, while riding from Oamaru to Kakanui Mouth, on Tuesday last, and, when near the mouth of the Awamoa, was thrown from his horse. Being rendered insensible by the fall he remembered nothing till he was found, some two hours afterwards, by a man in the employ of Mr Aitkenhead, his face covered with blood and his head very much contused, leading to the belief that he had been dragged in the stirrups. He was brought into town in a dray and attended to by Dr Wait, and is, we are glad to learn, progressing favorably.
North Otago Times, Volume XVI, Issue 648, 4 August 1871, Page 2

H. Reunert & Co., photographic artists, who have been at Waitahuna and Wetherstones, for some time past, have opened a studio in Peel street, where they intend remaining for a short time to afford the public an opportunity, of obtaining first-class cartes des vistes and other portraits. We have had the pleasure of inspecting the work of Messrs Reunert, and would recommend those who wish a really good likeness to lose no time in availing themselves of this chance. In views especially Messrs R. & Co., have turned out some beautiful work.
Tuapeka Times, Volume V, Issue 246, 17 October 1872, Page 7

Tuapeka Times, Volume V, Issue 247, 24 October 1872, Page 4

I may also state in conclusion that we have had a visit from Mr H. S. Reunert, photo. artist, who has been taking views of all descriptions, and from the few specimens I have seen, I should think that he is master of his art. I understand he is about to visit your district shortly, when the inhabitants will have an opportunity of getting a good picture of themselves or residences at a moderate price.

Bruce Herald, Volume VI, Issue 488, 13 May 1873, Page 5

We observe Messrs H. Reunert & Co., Photographic Artists, are at present on a visit to this district. Their stay will extend for two weeks. We have had an opportunity of examining a number of views taken by them in the surrounding districts, and these afford ample evidence of the superior proficiency and care of the artist.
Bruce Herald, Volume VI, Issue 499, 3 June 1873, Page 5

 Bruce Herald, Volume VI, Issue 544, 7 November 1873, Page 4

In the course of a lifetime various events generally occur when the usages of society countenance the public expression of esteem towards individual members of the community. The interesting ceremony which took place at St. Mark's Church yesterday was abundantly taken advantage of by the inhabitants of Balclutha, to testify their sympathy with and respect for the chief actors in the matrimonial scene. It having become generally known that Mr Reunert and Miss Battrick had resolved to enter into the holy bands of matrimony yesterday, the Church was crowded in every part by parties desirous of witnessing the ceremony.

The bride and bridegroom, accompanied by their friends, left their respective residences and drove in carriages to the Church at half-past 12 o'clock. Throughout the entire route the cortege was vociferously cheered, and kept under a constant but rather unpleasant shower of old shoes, slippers, &c. All business was virtually suspended.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. F Knowles, the choral service being very efficiently rendered by the congregational choir. The ceremony over, the party drove to the residence of the bridegroom, public enthusiasm being similar to that as when going to Church. A large number of the inhabitants, personal friends of the happy pair, had been invited to the wedding-breakfast, which was served on a scale of magnificent hospitality. The breakfast kept up till nearly 5 o'clock, when the 'carriages were again ordered, and the bride and bridegroom, accompanied by the whole party, drove through the township, amid deafening cheers and showers of slippers, and to the railway station, where, after an enthusiastic leave-taking, the happy pair left for a short stay somewhere in seclusion, their friends returning, to the township.

In the evening the friends again assembled at Mr Reunert's residence, where they enjoyed a few hours in mirth, music, and dancing. In the streets Chinese crackers and other fireworks were displayed and public rejoicing was everywhere apparent. We congratulate the public of Balclutha upon their enthusiasm, and have to express the hope that long life and felicity, maybe the portion of the newly-wedded pair.

Clutha Leader, Volume III, Issue 111, 25 August 1876, Page 5

 Clutha Leader, Volume V, Issue 226, 8 November 1878, Page 2

We have seen several views of Balclutha and Stirling, taken at different intervals during the floods by Messrs Burton and Nicholas, which we have no doubt will find ready sale. Mr H. S. Reunert has been appointed agent, and will supply copies to all who may wish them.
Clutha Leader, Volume V, Issue 224, 25 October 1878, Page 5 

We have to call attention to views taken by Mr Walter Burton, Dunedin, of Balclutha during the recent floods, showing the wreck of the bridge as it at present stands. We have no doubt that many in this quarter will secure these momentos of the scenes through which we have just passed. The views can be had on application to Mr H. S. Reunert.
Clutha Leader, Volume V, Issue 225, 1 November 1878, Page 5

Clerk and Treasurer to the Clutha County Council.
Bruce Herald, Volume XII, Issue 1126, 29 July 1879, Page 3

We have been asked to call attention to the sale of Mr Reunert's furniture, etc., which will take place on Friday next. From the printed catalogue it will be seen that a large lot of valuable furniture will be offered, and as Mr and Mrs Reunert leave for England in the beginning of May the whole will be sold without reserve.
Clutha Leader, Volume XIV, Issue 717, 13 April 1888, Page 5

It will be remembered that at last meeting of the Clutha County Council Mr Reunert obtained leave of absence for six months, with a view to his paying a visit, along with Mrs Reunert, to his Vaterland. Mr and Mrs Reunert left here on Tuesday afternoon, en route for Wellington, whence they sail for London by the Ruapehu. A considerable number of citizens, including Mr Mackenzie, M.H.R. for the Clutha, attended at the railway station to bid Mr and Mrs Reunert good-bye, and wish them bon voyage.
Clutha Leader, Volume XIV, Issue 719, 27 April 1888, Page 5

Clutha Leader, Volume XVI, Issue 791, 13 September 1889, Page 4

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Astey, M.

M. Astey
Christchurch, New Zealand