SHAW, Robert John Hardie

Robert John Hardie Shaw
born 13 January 1870, Union Street, Auckland, reg. 1870/13019
son of John Waddell Shaw and Elizabeth Liddell 
died 15 July 1922 Wellington aged 52 years, reg. 1922/6430
ashes buried Karori Cemetery, Wellington, section CH ENG, plot number 48 R

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The Hardie Shaw Studios
c. 1899 to 1903 - 3 Riddiford Street, Newton, Wellington
1903 to 1927 - 54 and 56 Willis Street, Wellington
succeeded by York Studios in 1927

Hardie Shaw (Wellington Photographer)
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The old Trocadero site in Willis-street is to be occupied by a handsome three- story building, erected by Messrs W. H. Morrah and Co., auctioneers. The tender of Mr. J. H. Meyer has been accepted for its construction in accordance with plans prepared by Mr. J. Charlesworth, architect, and the building will be completed by about April next. The ground floor will be occupied by Messrs. Morrah and Co., and in addition to the usual offices will include an auction-room 36ft by 90ft. The second floor will be divided into suites of offices for letting purposes, and the top floor will be occupied exclusively by Mr. Hardie Shaw as a photographic studio.
Evening Post, Volume LXIV, Issue 113, 8 November 1902, Page 4

We the undermentioned Photographers of Wellington agree to close our Studios for the Easter Holidays from Thursday, 9th April, till Tuesday Morning, 14th April, 1903:-

Signed by
F. E. Tomlinson, 20, Manners-street. [Francis Ernest Tomlinson]
J. N. Isaacs, Victoria Studio, Manners-st.
Berry and Co., N.Z. Photo Company, 64 Cuba-street.
W. S. Kinsey, Lambton-quay.
Hardie Shaw Studio, Newtown.
J. H. Brown, Upper Willis-street.
C. A. Ogilvie, Airlie Studio, Vivian-street.
York Studio, Manners-street.
Wrigglesworth and Binns, Willis-street.

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Hardie Shaw Studios
Sir Charles Perrin Skerrett. 
Chapman Tripp Sheffield Young :Photographs relating to Sir Charles Perrin Skerrett. Ref: PAColl-6418-1-12. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Morrah's Building, Willis Street
...A handsome easy-grade stairway leads to the second floor, the whole of which, consisting of a suite of fourteen rooms, has been taken by Mr. Hardie Shaw for the purposes of his photographic business. The studio is one of the finest in the colony, having an eastern aspect and occupying the full width of the building, with a depth of 25ft 6in. Mr. Shaw has also a third floor, which is really a mansard roof, which he will use as his printing offices...
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Honorary Secretary of the Theosophical Society.
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...At the wedding breakfast the usual happy speeches were made, and afterwards Miss Hardie-Shaw, who is at present a patient at the Home [Lahmaan Health Home], attempted to take photographs of the party, but the boisterous weather proved too much, and after trying to take the bride's photograph while no less than four people held her veil down, the attempt was given up amidst much laughter...
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Death of Mr. R. J. Hardie Shaw
A wide circle of friends will regret to learn of the death of Mr. R. J. Hardie Shaw, which, took place this morning, after an illness extending over some months. Deceased, who was born in Auckland, was a son of the late Mr. John W. Shaw, Deputy-Registrar of Deeds and Lands, and lived mainly in Sydney and Wellington. He entered business in Wellington as a process engraver a considerable time ego, and remained in this until he was taken ill. He was a prominent member of the Wellington Industrial Association, Central Chamber of Commerce, and many other local societies. He leaves three sisters (including Miss Margaret Shaw, who has been associated with him in his business), and a brother, to mourn their loss.
Evening Post, Volume CIV, Issue 13, 15 July 1922, Page 8

The many friends of Mr. R, J. Hardie-Shaw, the well-known Wellington photographer, will learn with deep regret of his death on Saturday last after a lingering and painful illness (reports the Dominion). Mr. Shaw, who was eldest son of the late John Waddell Shaw, of Edinburgh and Wellington Deputy Registrar of Lands and Deeds, was born at Auckland, but had lived mainly in Wellington and Sydney. Mr. Shaw started his career under his father, but felt the call of art and found expression for his talent in establishing with his sisters as partners, the photographic and process engraving business in Willis Street, 21 years ago. His expert knowledge was often called upon as judge in the photographic section at the various shows. Although of a very retiring disposition, Mr. Shaw took a keen interest in the progress of Wellington, and was among other societies, a member of the Wellington Industrial Association and Central Chamber of Commerce.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume XLII, 20 July 1922, Page 4


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John Waddell Shaw died 27 January 1896 at his residence Coromandel Street, Newtown, Wellington aged 61 years [1]. He was buried in the Karori Cemetery on 28 January 1896 aged 61 years.

We regret to announce the death of Mr. J. W. Shaw, late Deputy-Registrar of Deeds and Assistant Land Registrar in Wellington, who has succumbed to a painful and now too common disease. Mr. Shaw was the only son of the late Dr. Robert Shaw, D.D.. of Whitburn, Scotland. He arrived in the colony about 1860, and took a charge as minister in the Presbyterian Church, but owing to his voice failing he was obliged to retire, and he entered the Civil Service about 1874. He leaves a wife and six children four daughters and two sons, the eldest of whom is the well-known photographer.
Evening Post, Volume LI, Issue 22, 27 January 1896, Page 3

Dr. Robert Shaw (1795-1863) was a Scottish Presbyterian theologian and minister at Whitburn (halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow). He was a leader in the Original Secession Church. Author of "The Reformed Faith: Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith."

Children of John Waddell Shaw and Elizabeth Liddell: 
1. Robert John Hardie Shaw born circa 1870, reg. 1870/13019, died 15 July 1922 aged 52 years
2. Agnes Elizabeth Shaw born circa 1872, reg. 1872/230, died 27 August 1938 at Wellington Hospital
3. Thomas Liddell Shaw born circa 1874, reg. 1874/16657, died circa 1925, reg. 1925/588 aged 40 years
4. Margaret Hardie Shaw born circa 1875, reg. 1875/2913
5. Evelyn Shaw born circa 1876, reg. 1876/12953
6. Elizabeth Waddell Shaw born circa 1881, reg. 1881/3335
Evening Post, Volume CXXVI, Issue 50, 27 August 1938, Page 1

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WICKENS, Trayton George

Trayton George W
Manners Street

succeeded in 1900 by Ernest John Halford

Evening Post, Volume L, Issue 146, 18 December 1895, Page 3

A photographic gallery in the vestibule of the fine building now completed at the corner of Cornhill and Manners streets indicates the business premises of the firm of T. G. Wickens and Co., who have taken a suite of rooms on the first floor of the building, and the apartments, which were specially built for a studio, contain, besides all the most modern conveniences, a splendidly lighted and roomy operating gallery, in which the firm will be able to make a feature of grouping. The work on exhibition speaks for itself, but especially fine are the enlargements of well-known members of Parliament. As despatch is to be combined with artistic finish, the new firm may expect the patronage of the public.
Evening Post, Volume LI, Issue 3, 4 January 1896, Page 2

Death.— Mr T. G. Wickens, photographer, formerly of Palmerston North, died at Wellington of typhoid fever today. Mr Wickens was married about three years ago to a daughter of Mr Anthony Nathan, formerly of Palmerston North.
Manawatu Standard, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 6692, 9 May 1900, Page 2

We regret to record the death at the Hospital this morning of a young business mam, Mr. T. G. Wickens, who succumbed to an attack of typhoid fever. Mr. Wickens, who was only 26 years of age, and who has been in business here for some time as a photographer, was very popular, and to add to the sadness of his early decease is the fact that he leaves a wife and two children. Much sympathy will be felt with Mrs. Wickens in her heavy bereavement.
Evening Post, Volume LIX, Issue 109, 9 May 1900, Page 4

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