BARTLETT, Priscilla Maude

 Priscilla Maude Bartlett
Mrs P. Bartlett nee Fear
Queen Street, Auckland

born circa March 1843 in Cheadle, Stockport, Cheshire [1]
 registered Mar 1843 Stockport vol. 19 page 235
 daughter of John Fear (joiner and builder) and Esther Fletcher
 died 19 January 1910 at her residence Glen Road, Devonport aged 67 years [2]
 buried Row B Plot 162, O'Neills Point Cemetery, King Edward Avenue, Bayswater, Auckland [1]

Robert Henry Bartlett 
about 1865 New Zealand 
registered 1865/3925
he died 3 June 1911, Sydney, Australia [3]
(or 2 June 1911 - Photographer's Database - Auckland City Libraries)


1851 census - 47 Saint Peters Gate, Stockport aged 8 years - scholar born Cheadle, Cheshire 1851 England Census [database on-line].

1. Frederick John Bartlett birth registered 1866/26045, died 1869/4155 aged 3 years.

2. William Henry Bartlett birth registered 1870/14319, married 1904/1059 Elizabeth Alice Court,  died 17 July 1943, registered 1943/30936 aged 73 years (1905-06 Waitemata Electoral Roll, William Henry Bartlett, Devonport, photographer).   

3. NR birth registered 1871/15423, died? 1871/6769 aged 1 day.

4. Charlotte Jane Bartlett birth registered 1873/14233, married 1stly 1899/146 Josiah Elcombe (1914 - seedsman Stanley Bay, Devonport he died 1915/2506 aged 52 years), married 2ndly 1918/3969 Ebenezer Allan, died 1946/28041 aged 74 years. 

5. Priscilla Maud Bartlett birth registered 1874/821, married 1895/1763 George Octavius Stephenson (1911 - telegraphist), died 1955/21106 aged "77" years. 

6. Robert Herbert Bartlett birth registered 1877/9936, died 1907/7059 aged 30 years. 

7. Arthur Close Bartlett birth registered 1879/226, married 1910/5604 Mary Alexander,
died 31 July 1962 aged 83 years, reg. 1962/34162 aged 83 years (1905-06 Waitemata Electoral Roll
Arthur Close Bartlett, Devonport, photographer).
8. Hilda Sarah Bartlett birth registered 1881/10200, married 1913/5311 Raynor White (1914 - musician), died 1959/37176 aged 78 years.

9. Lilian May Bartlett birth registered 1883/1216, died 1949/22652 aged 65 years.
10. Frank Fear Bartlett birth registered 1885/16448, married 1910/6125 Ruby Ethel White. (1905-06 Waitemata Electoral Roll, Frank Fear Bartlett, Devonport, photographer, 1919 Auckland East Electoral Roll - no. 10731 Bartlett, Frank Fear, "Carrington" Symonds Street, photographer).

The adjourned meeting of R. H. Bartlett's creditors took place yesterday afternoon, for the purpose of receiving a reply to the decision "That Mrs Bartlett should have the offer of the stock-in-trade and business for the sum of L300." The Assignee intimated that he had received no offer from Mrs Bartlett. Mr Choyce said that Mrs Bartlett had told him she had arranged to see Mr Abbot to-morrow, and probably after that interview she would be enabled to make an offer. The Assignee read, a telegram from the Dunedin Assignee, stating that Downes, of Dunedin, offered L3OO for the stock-intrade, etc. It was decided, on the suggestion of Messrs Choyce and J. Coates, that in order to accommodate Mrs Bartlett no action should be taken until Friday, at 2 p.m., when, if Mrs Bartlett's offer be not satisfactory fresh tenders shall be called, returnable at noon on Monday.

Auckland Star, Volume XVIII, Issue 158, 7 July 1887, Page 5

Auckland Star, Volume XVIII, Issue 250, 25 October 1887, Page 4
"Mr Edwards" was Frederick William Edwards.

It will be seen by a circular in to-day's issue that Mrs. P. Bartlett, of the Photographic Studio, 236, Queen-street, announces her intention of making a special scale of charges for the next three months, for families and groups. This will enable those who desire to send their portraits to their friends at the festive season to do so at moderate charges. This photographic establishment has long borne a high reputation for the excellence of the work turned out, and Mr. Edwards, whose services Mrs. Bartlett has been fortunate enough to retain in charge of the photographic department, is well known for his skill and taste in that branch of art. There is a large variety of photographs in the gallery, in various types of art, which will well repay inspection by the visitor or by those desirous of according their patronage.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXV, Issue 9190, 20 October 1888, Page 5

Priscilla Bartlett this morning made the following sworn statement before the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy. My husband, R. A. Bartlett (sic), carried on the business of a photographer for many years until June 2nd, 1889, when he filed and left me with eight children, and he has never contributed to the support of his family since. By the aid of friends I was enabled to take over the remainder of the stock, appliances and business at a cost of £300, and a rental for the premises of £5 per week. For want of means to keep pace with the times, competition and requirements of the trade have never been able to pay my way, and have got into arrears with the rent to the extent of £605, and still owe the £300 advanced by my friends for the stock, etc. In addition to the claims mentioned there are arrears of wages to the extent of £78, a trade debt of £5 19s 1d, interest £23, and household necessaries £13 7s 1d. Total liability £1,025 6s 8d, of which £208 is preferential. The assets are valued as follows:— Stock-in-trade and appliances, £300; book debts, £19; household furniture, £20. Total, £339. I attribute my failure solely to the want of means to carry on profitably, as already stated. It is no fault of management or want of skill on the part of my assistants. It is entirely out of, the question for me to suggest any compromise whatever.

Auckland Star, Volume XXI, Issue 146, 21 June 1890, Page 5

Auckland Star, Volume XXI, Issue 151, 28 June 1890, Page 8

A meeting of creditors in the estate of Mrs Bartlett, photographer, was held in the office of the Official Assignee yesterday, afternoon. As no tenders had been received for the estate, it was resolved on the motion of Mr McKerras, seconded by Mr Sands, "That the stock-in-trade and apparatus be forthwith sold by auction by Mr Gariel Lewis, in lots suitable for amateurs and the general public, in such a way as would be most conducive to the interest of creditors. The book debts to is realised by the Official Assignee in the usual way, also that, preparatory to the sale, the premises be closed at once. Mr W. H. Bartlett be retained to assist the auctioneer." Mr McKerras said he believed he expressed the opinion of all the unsecured creditors when he said that in consideration of the fact that the estate would leave very little after the payment of the preferential claims for rent and wages the surplus should be handed over to Mrs Bartlett.
Auckland Star, Volume XXI, Issue 151, 28 June 1890, Page 4

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXVII, Issue 8302, 8 July 1890, Page 4

[2] New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVII, Issue 14274, 20 January 1910, Page 1
[3] New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVIII, Issue 14709, 17 June 1911, Page 1   

Unknown Photographer

"Taradale Vicarage : Mother, Father, Godfrey, Latty and little Lawrence and friends. Note horse and buggy"


James Thomson

66 Cathedral Square, Christchurch

Stone's Directory shows James Thomson at 66 Cathedral Square during the period 1928 to 1936. By 1939 he had been replaced at this address by Cornelius Mark Gregorius Von Berwald and F. E. McGregor. The studio was probably located in the Cathedral Chambers Building designed by W. B Armson. This was later the location of V. C. Browne's studio before the building was demolished about 1975.

Electoral Rolls
1928 Christchurch North
15476 - Thomson, James, 148 Aikman's Road, Christchurch, photographer
15472 - Thomson, Elsie, 148 Aikman's Road, Christchurch, married

1936 Christchurch North
10204 - Thomson, James, 148 Aikman's Road, Christchurch, photographer
10199 - Thomson, Elsie, 148 Aikman's Road, Christchurch, married

reverse inscription "Maggie Smart Johnson nee Manchlin" and framer's notes "10,418 Roberts reglaze Wed[nesday]" and "Roberts glass"
Maggie Smart Manchlin married 1885 Harry Melton Johnson, her daughter Annie Chettle Johnson married Edward Napier Roberts.
[purchased May 2022]

unknown children by James Thomson
[purchased May 2022]

Mairehau Cricket Club. 1st XI
Winners City and Suburban Competition - Season 1931-2
Matches played, 8. Won, 8

back row: G. King, K. Oakley, K. A. Barrie, L. Athfield, R.S. Brook.
Middle row: J. Paterson, W. G. Oakley, R. Lisle (Captain), W. S. Bampton, H. W. Allen.
Front: T. C. Gottermeyer (Scorer) (1), A. Kent.

(1) Trevor Charles Gottermeyer born 23 March 1919 - death registered 2002/6500 

Probably Teacher's College students
Photograph by James Thomson, Christchurch
[purchased September 2022]

Standing back row:
1. N. D. Mowatt [Donald Nelson Mowatt born 1909 Waipara, Canterbury, died 17 October 1973, Rotorua]
2. B. Whelan
3. ?
4. D. Cutler [Donald Cutler born 30 September 1910, died 2009]

Seated front row:
5. K. M. C. Cockerill [Keith Carlisle Marsden Cockerill born 15 February 1911 Dannevirke, died 15 November 1988 • Paihia, Bay of Islands
6. Kemp
7. T. E. M. Harper [Thomas Edward Maxwell Harper born 6 May 1910 Christchurch, died 2 October 1976 Christchurch]
8. M. G. Irwin [Major George Irwin, born 1911, died 1971]
9. J. R. Hinchey [John Raymond Hinchey born 27 February 1910, died 1990]
10. V. C. Hutchinson [Victor Charles Hutchinson born 1909, died 1965 aged 53 years]

DIXON, Ralph John Geoffrey

Ralph John Geoffrey Dixon
58 Hills Road
St Albans, Christchurch


William Chissell

Bay Of Plenty Times, Volume XVI, Issue 2407, 15 April 1889, Page 3


R. C. Jeffery

Grey River Argus, Volume VII, Issue 458, 19 December 1868, Page 3

 Grey River Argus, Volume VIII, Issue 571, 14 September 1869, Page 3

Williams. W. A.

W. A. Williams
Manchester Street

W. A. Williams (single man), a printer from Gloucestershire arrived at Lyttelton on the ship "Canterbury" on 10 January 1864 from London.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XXI, Issue 1182, 12 January 1864, Page 4

William A. Williams aged 24 from Gloucestershire, printer.
Online passenger list "Canterbury" - Rootsweb -
note - it is not known if this W. A. Williams is the same person as the importer.

Imports per the ship "Hero", arrived Lyttelton 21 June 1864 from Picton and Melbourne
1 case photographic goods, W. A. Williams
Press, Volume IV, Issue 514, 22 June 1864, Page 2

Lyttelton Times, Volume XXV, Issue 1657, 9 April 1866, Page 3


 Lyttelton Times, Volume XXV, Issue 1663, 16 April 1866, Page 3


 Lyttelton Times, Volume XXV, Issue 1674, 28 April 1866, Page 1

Lyttelton Times, Volume XXVI, Issue 1742, 17 July 1866, Page 4

 Lyttelton Times, Volume XXVI, Issue 1743, 18 July 1866, Page 4

Mr. W. A. Williams was a cabin passenger on the "Tararua" which departed Lyttelton on 21 July 1866 for Wellington and Sydney.