INNES, James

James Innes

Mr J. Innes announces having commenced business as a photographer in premises adjoining Mr Whinray's furniture warehouse. Mr Innes has gone to considerable expense in altering and fitting out an up-to-date studio, the apartments consisting of waiting, dressing and dark rooms.

The studio, which is an entirely new addition to the premises, is a large and well-lit apartment, and is replete with all necessaries appertaining to successful photography. The camera, a Dallmeyer 3B lense, is one of the latest makes, and is capable of turning out excellent work, as is evidenced by the collection of photos on view. Mr Innes is assisted by Mr Ellerback, who comes to Gisborne with exceptional references, he having occupied important positions on the staffs of Sarony and Co. and Hemus, of Auckland.

The studio was thrown open to the public on Saturday, and the work displayed was favorably commented on. The importation of a collection of the Westby series of photographs, which are printed on blue carbon paper, were especially admired, and as works of art are superior to anything of the kind imported to the colony.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9099, 18 March 1901, Page 2 

Northwood, Arthur

Arthur Northwood

A Bullock Team, Herekino Gorge Road.
Arthur Northwood 110

Mangonui from Harbour
Arthur Northwood 83

Property sales are almost matters of daily occurrence at Kaitaia. In these days, buyers are constantly in the district, and land agents on the "gui vive." Mr. Arthur Northwood's up-to-date photographic studio next door to Forster's store, is really of great benefit to the district, and it is no uncommon sight to see a land agent and a prospective buyer from distant parts perusing scenes displaying the beauties of the Far North. Mr. Northwood has a wonderful collection of Northern views.
Northern Advocate, 30 June 1914, page 1