Griffiths and Burrell

Griffiths and Burrell
Military Photographers
Featherston Camp
John Griffiths and Charles Gregory Burrell

John Griffiths
born circa 1876, died 3 July 1954 aged 78 years, reg. 1954/24285, married 27 June 1918, St. Peter's Church, Wellington, reg. 1918/2470 Rose Emma Simons, she died 20 April 1964 aged 86 years, reg. 1964/29207, both buried  Hamilton East Cemetery, Hamilton.

On Thursday last at St. Peter's Church, Wellington, a wedding of local interest took place. The contracting parties wore Miss Rose E. Simons, recently teacher in the Featherston school, and Mr John Griffiths, photographer at the Featherston Military Camp.
Wairarapa Age, 2 July 1918

1928 Electoral Roll
2719 - John Griffiths, Duke Street, Te Kuiti, photographer
2721 - Rose Griffiths, Duke Street, Te Kuiti, married

Charles Gregory Burrell 
born 19 October 1880, reg. 1913/27172 (this birth was not registered until 1913), son of Ruth Nicholas and John Burrell, died 18 September 1956 Christchurch aged 75 years, reg. 1956/21736, married 20 September 1911, reg. 1911/4645, Rosina Magdaline Hoft [Madelina/Madeline], born 13 April 1879, reg. 1879/13823, daughter of Magdalina Maria Hoft and Herman Hoft, died 23 August 1951 Christchurch. No issue of this marriage.

He was a brother to the photographers George Edward Albert Burrell, 1862-1942 and Frederick William Trehair Burrell, 1870-1946. Their sister Blanche Etheldreda Maude Burrell, 1875–1965 was married to the Christchurch photographer Frederic Boulton Hughes.

Featherston Camp Weekly
Issue Vol 2, No 4. October 19th, 1918, page 22, 
National Library of Australia

Photograph by Griffiths and Burrell
not identified
Medical staff photographed by Griffiths and Burrell, Featherston, 30cm x 24.8cm, image 20cm x 15.3cm, blind stamped
"Griffiths and Burrell, Featherston", purchased November 2021.


New Zealand Seventeenth Mounted Rifles
by Griffiths and Burrell
Auckland Star, Volume XLVII, Issue 270, 11 November 1916

also see a group portrait by Griffiths and Burrell of the New Zealand Field Ambulance about January 1916 - here