Stuart, Helen

Helen Stuart
born circa 1848, Barton, Staffordshire, England, daughter of Samuel Stuart, grocer [born 9 June 1818 - died 18 February 1887] and Helen Wright Hodgetts [born 1 October 1826 - died 20 September 1904], arrived Auckland, New Zealand, 10 May 1859 on the "Caduceus" from London aged about 11 years, died 5 April 1923 Mount Eden, Auckland aged 75 years, married 29 March 1911, reg.  1911/687, Harry Rochead Moore. 

Sister of the photographer Samuel Stuart.

(as Stewart in 1851 census of Tatenhill, Staffordshire)

There is now being exhibited in the shop window of Mr. Haslett, bookseller, of Shortland-street, a number of photographs which have been hand-coloured (water colours), by Miss Stewart (sic). The photographs are from the studio of Messrs. Bradley and Rulofson, of San Francisco, the well-known photographers, and are admirable likenesses of Mrs. Scott Siddons, Miss Neilson, Miss Mary Anderson, Mr. Sothern (as Lord Dundreary), and other celebrities.

Miss Stewart (sic), as a photographic colourist, has done ample justice to these works of art, for so they may be termed, and the collection will repay inspection.

New Zealand Herald, Volume XVI, Issue 5543, 22 August 1879

Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London 1886
... There is a series of Maori portraits, apparently coloured photographs, by Miss Helen Stuart, of Auckland, which deserve special mention, for the great artistic excellence of their execution. Manga (Rewi), Te Kawau, and several other chiefs and notable Maori women are represented in native costumes, the patterns and tints of which are most carefully and beautifully worked out, while the painting of the features, the tattoo marks, and the perfect expression of the eyes, are most delicately and effectively portrayed. This style of art, if carried out in the same faultless way as these exhibits, would do much to rescue interesting Maori types from oblivion...

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIII, Issue 7706, 3 August 1886

Sale of New Zealand Pictures
New Zealand artists are to be congratulated on having done more "business" at the Exhibition than any others. I am informed that most of their pictures would have been sold at price, but not at that unwisely fixed by the owners. However, as it is, a good many works have found an English home. Mr. Richard Beetham, of Christchurch, has sold his three — the view of the Hollyford Valley realising £10 ; the Samoan landscapes, £6 each. Mr. Charles Blomfield, of Auckland, has been successful in finding purchasers for all his examples. His fine picture of Rotomahana, from the Pink Terraces, fetched £26 5s; the full front view of the great White Terrace, £18 18s ; the Boiling Cauldron and Crater of the White Terraces, £10 10s ; the View from the Top of the White Terrace, £18 18s ; Grand Buttress and Venus' Bath, £10 10s ; Venus' Bath, £10 l0s; Sunset on the White Terrace, £12 12s; Lower Pools, White Terrace, £12 12s ; front view of Pink Terrace, £12 12s; Hot Baths, Pink Terrace, £10 10s; Rotomahana, from Geysers of Terahoparaterangi, £12 12s; and Mud Flat, £10 10s.

Two of Mr. John Gibb's pictures —"A Stiff Breeze, Cook's Straits," and " On the Avon, Christchurch," sold for £25 each. Mr. G. H. Elliott, of Christchurch, obtained £5 for "The Old Mill, near Christchurch." Mrs. G. B. Hetley, of Auckland, received £3 3s for her eight pictures of New Zealand flowers. Miss M. O. Stoddart, of Christchurch, £16 16s for her picture, "In the Bush," and Helen Stuart, of Auckland, £17 17s for her eight Maori portraits.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIII, Issue 7832, 29 December 1886

Death has removed another old colonist in Mr. Samuel Stuart, of Kingsland, who, after six months of suffering, borne with great patience, breathed his last on the 18th inst. The deceased gentleman landed in Auckland with his family in 1859, and for many years carried on business as a coffee merchant in Seafield View.

He was a man of Was natural ingenuity, and introduced into colony many improvements in machinery an processes connected with his trade. Of late years he has been connected with the New Zealand Vinegar Works in Stanley-street.

Stuart displayed his willingness to give time and energies in  the service of the public by occupying the post of chairman of the Mount Albert School Committee, and latterly acting as secretary to the same body. He was also chairman of the Mount Albert Road Board. Mr. Stuart gained the respect of all who knew him by his integrity of conduct in business, and unassuming kindliness of disposition in private life.

He leaves a widow and grown-up family of four sons, and two daughters, of whom Mr. Samuel Stuart, jun., and Miss Helen Stuart are well known in artistic circles.

Mr. George Stuart has lately been appointed American consul, New Britain. His two other sons are Mr. Arthur Stuart, who is in the Auckland Post Office, and Mr. William Stuart , who, engaged in his father's business at the Vinegar Works. Mrs. G. N. Sturtevant, of Stark's Point, Devonport, is his daughter.

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIV, Issue 7880, 24 February 1887 

Miss Helen Stuart, photographic colourist, has received private information that she has been awarded first prize at the Melbourne Exhibition. Miss Stuart's skill has been recognised at various exhibitions in different places, and her friends will no doubt be pleased to learn of the additional honour conferred upon her.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXV, Issue 9203, 5 November 1888

A number of exhibits were received yesterday at the Choral Hall by the secretary of the Auckland Art Society (Mr J. L. Holland) for the forthcoming exhibition...We are glad to find some new local exhibitioners... Miss Helen Stewart [sic] also appears for the first time, as a contributor to life studies (water colours) the portrait of a child, which gives such excellent promise that it is to be regretted that she has not sooner turned her attention to this branch of art. This lady, who holds the premier place as a photographic colourist, tributes a coloured photograph of the old chieftain Rewi, which will be of great interest at the present time, also some other portraits — a native woman and a society beauty.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXI, Issue 9443, 24 February 1894 

Our London Letter
...Some very clever paintings have been received by the Agent-general from Miss, Helen Stuart, of Auckland, two being designed for presentation to her Majesty Queen Victoria. One is a capital portrait of Rewi, the famous Maori chief, the other of a young Maori girl. They have been greatly admired while at the Agency-general, and will doubtless he graciously received by her Majesty.

Otago Daily Times, Issue 10601, 22 February 1896

Mrs. H. S. Moore.
A resident of Auckland of nearly 70 years standing, Mrs, Helen Stuart Moore, died recently at her residence, View Road, Mount Eden. Mrs. Moore, who was 75 years of age, arrived in New Zealand when a young child with her parents, and had resided in Auckland practically ever since. Mrs. Moore  was a member of the Auckland Art Society from its inception, and when unable to exhibit was made a life member of the society.

She was well known for the excellence of  her work, especially in portraiture. She won a medal for a painting exhibited at the Paris Exhibition during the reign of Queen Victoria. This painting, which was of the Princess of Wales, was afterwards presented by Sir George Grey to Queen Victoria, who sent Mrs. Moore a signed acknowledgment.

New Zealand Herald, Volume LX, Issue 18374, 14 April 1923

Thomson, Richard John James

Richard John James Thomson
112 Hamilton Road, Hataitai, Wellington 
born 9 November 1890 Wairoa, died 3 September 1977, reg. 1977/44195
Patrol Division A. S. C.
photograph by R. J. Thomson, 36 Kauri Street, Wellington


Ryan, Algernon Arthur

Algernon Arthur Ryan
born circa 1850, married 13 November 1883 at Christ Church, Sydney by the Rev. C. F. Garnsey, Margaret Isabel Broomfield, died 3 May 1935, Hospital for Mental Hygiene, Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia aged 85 years

Algernon Eduard Broomfield Ryan born 19 September 1884, reg. 1884/4234 New Plymouth, New Zealand, died 24 July 1931 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia aged 46 years

New Zealand
about September 1884 to October 1887

Persons resident in Okaiawa, who desire their homesteads photographed, will note that Mr. Ryan, of the National Photographic Company, will be in their district on Friday.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume V, Issue 959, 10 March 1885

Mr. Ryan, whose landscape photographs we have previously called attention to, has just taken a view of the Hawera Borough Council Chambers, which is quite a triumph in photographic art. The building has been taken from a good standpoint, and evidently the right moment was chosen for taking advantage of all favorable circumstances; and the result, as we have said, is a splendid picture, the small details standing out with remarkable clearness. The picture is, we understand, on view at Mr. Jones.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume V, Issue 971, 24 March 1885

The National Photographic Company announces that an experienced representative in the person of Mr Newman, is at present in Masterton, and that views, &c., will be taken at prices quoted in their advertisement.

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume VII, Issue 2049, 23 July 1885

The National Photographic Company have recently appeared in Greytown; they have taken some remarkably good views of the most prominent parts of the main street and the pictures have been executed in excellent style. They expect to return to Greytown in two or three week’s time, when they will take a series of views in all parts of the district and also family groups if required. The whole is under the management of Mr Ryan.
Wairarapa Standard, Volume XVIII, Issue 1722, 19 August 1885

Port of Napier. Arrivals.
3—Maitai, s.s., from Wellington. Passengers — Mr and Mrs Ryan and child, Mrs Harrison; Miss Booth, Messrs Banks and Dunk, and 3 in steerage.

Daily Telegraph, Issue 4527, 4 February 1886

Shipping News.
The Maitai arrived [in Gisborne] from the South at 6 this morning with Mesdames Cameron, Ryan and child, Miss Cotter; Messrs Ryan, Paterson, Peddle, Fell, Cotter, Mooney and Nelson. There is an unusually large number of passengers on board for Auckland.

Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XIII, Issue 4518, 5 March 1886

Mr A. A. Ryan, representing the National Photographic Company, has for the past few days been engaged in taking a series of views of the township of Gisborne, which really make quite pretty pictures.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XIII, Issue 4522, 10 March 1886

Photographs. Mr. Ryan, a Sydney photographer, has today got out a splendid lot of over twenty photographs of scenes, principally at Wairoa, occasioned by the recent outbreak.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIII, Issue 7666, 17 June 1886

We have been shewn, by Mr C. G. Carter [Charles George Carter], a number of very pleasing photographs of the various places of interest in the Rotorua District, taken since the Tarawera eruption. These include views of Ohinemutu, Wairoa, Tikitapu Bush, Lake Tarawera, Hazard's House, McRae's Hotel, etc., etc. In all numbering 20 distinct pictures. The work has been executed by Mr A. A. Ryan, Sydney, and Mr Carter has been entrusted with the sale of the photographs. Mr Philp has been appointed to canvass for orders and no doubt will be successful in his efforts. As the San Francisco mail leaves here on Saturday, the public will have a good opportunity of forwarding to the Old Country, pictures of the recent catastrophe.
Bay of Plenty Times, Volume XIV, Issue 2000, 17 June 1886, Page 2

Bay of Plenty Times, Volume XIV, Issue 2000, 17 June 1886


 Alfred Warbrick

Tikitapu bush, after eruption, June 10 1886, 1886, New Zealand, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010743)

 Tikitapu bush, after eruption June 10 1886, 1886, New Zealand, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010738)

Tikitapu Lake, after eruption June 10 1886, 1886, New Zealand, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010683)

McRae's Hotel, Wairoa after eruption June 10 1886, 1886, Bay of Plenty, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010822)

McRae's Hotel - Wairoa, 1886 by Burton Brothers studio, A A Ryan. Te Papa (O.031047)
McRae's Hotel - Wairoa, 1886, Bay of Plenty, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010783)

Ruins of the Terrace Hotel and Sophia's whare, Te Wairoa 

The Rescue Party, Wairoa after eruption June 10 1886, 1886, New Zealand, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010736)
standing on far right is Isaac Marchesseau, coach driver [1] 

Mr Hazard's House, Wairoa, after eruption June 10 1886, 1886, Bay of Plenty, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010803)

Tarawera Lake, 1886, New Zealand, 
by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010734)

Captain Way's House, Wairoa after eruption June 10 1886, 1886, New Zealand, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010739)

Ruins of Te Mu church, Te Wairoa
(Auckland City Art Gallery)

 Wairoa, 1886, New Zealand, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010750)

Back view of McRae's Hotel, showing full effect of earthquake and eruption.

The Back of McRae's Hotel
The Graphic, 7 August 1886 page 132


Rawiri (or Rewiri), outside his partly buried whare, Te Wairoa

"Hinemihi" meeting house

Old Mill, Wairoa, 1886, by Burton Brothers studio, A A Ryan. Te Papa (O.031051)

Old Mill, Wairoa, 1886, New Zealand, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (C.010744)

Group of Survivors
left to right: (standing) William Bird, John Bird, Joseph McRae, Charles Humphreys, George Baker; seated) Mary Bridan, Guide Sophia, Mrs Humphreys; (in front) Pahia - assistant cook at McRae's Hotel. 

Ohinemutu a few days after the eruption

19. (not found)
20. (not found)

Lake House, Ohinemutu, after eruption, 1886, Bay of Plenty, by A A Ryan, Burton Brothers studio. Purchased 1943. Te Papa (C.003667)

other photographs

Lake Rotorua - after eruption June 10 - 86, 1886, North Island, by A A Ryan. Purchased 1943. Te Papa (C.010233)

McRae's, Wairoa, after eruption, 1886, Wairoa, by A A Ryan, Muir & Moodie studio. Te Papa (C.010707)

The views of the eruption and its results, which Mr Carter advertises for sale, have attracted a brisk demand; already large numbers being disposed of. We would remind the public that the English mail, via San Francisco, closes this evening at 3.30. A good opportunity is thus afforded of sending Home pictures of the eruption.
Bay of Plenty Times, Volume XIV, Issue 2001, 19 June 1886

Messrs. Edwards and M'Beath [Wellington] have been appointed local agents for the sale of the National Photographic Co.'s photographs of the Tarawera eruptions. The pictures will be on view to-morrow.
Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 35, 28 June 1886

Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 35, 28 June 1886
[this notice continued in the Evening Post until 5 July 1886]

Mr Ryan photographer, was successful on Thursday in securing two unusually good pictures of the children and others assembled to witness the opening ceremony of the Harington street school. The photographs will be ready on and after today and may be obtained from Mr C. Carter, the Strand. As Mr Ryan purposes leaving the district almost immediately, those who wish to obtain copies of these pictures should at once leave their orders with Mr Carter. The price of the photographs has been fixed at 2s each.
Bay of Plenty Times, Volume XIV, Issue 2027, 21 August 1886

Mr Ryan of the National Photographic Company was a passenger by the Douglas on Saturday last en route to Opotiki, during the vessels detention he took several views of the township in different localities. Mr Ryan intends to return here and remain for a week in the interests of his business.
Bay of Plenty Times, Volume XIV, Issue 2031, 31 August 1886


NSW, Australia
 National Photographic Company
from about July 1888

The National Photographic Company of which Mr. Ryan is the representative contemplate opening a studio in Queanbuyan. The Bonbala, Bega, and Cooma papers speak very highly of the excellent work turned out by the company's artistes, who have every appliance for the successful treatment of their sitters.
Queanbeyan Age (NSW), Sat 28 Jul 1888, Page 3

On Saturday last we had a look in at the National Photographic Company's studio, Monaro-street, and were there shown by Mr. Ryan, the company's enterprising chief, some splendid samples of portraiture, both in cartes de visite and cabinets, the work - of high artistic merit - being guaranteed as that of the company's artists. Amongst the portraits thus shown to us were those of Mr. Matthew Burnett, the noted Temperance orator, as also several well-known Monaro celebrities, the finish of whose pictures was quite equal to the artistic productions of the great Sydney photographers, which is of course saying a good deal. As however the Company invites inspection of its work the public may easily verify the truth of this statement for themselves. 

Of landscapes we inspected an infinite variety finished off in the most approved style, a set of New Zealand views greatly taking our fancy, particularly one known as "The Gladstone Rock." Katy Kati River [sic]. Some snow pictures from the Monaro district, from their accurate finish, leave nothing to be desired. Returning however to the portraits, we may specially remark that those of Mr. Burnett already alluded to, are really lifelike, and speaking likenesses of that inestimable gentleman, and may be purchased by those anxious to possess them. Sitters generally may, from the excellent samples of work exhibited, confidentially depend upon obtaining a good portrait of themselves.
Queanbeyan Age (NSW), Wed 1 Aug 1888, Page 2

 Queanbeyan Age (NSW), Wed 1 Aug 1888, Page 3

The National Photographic Company, whose rooms are in Auburn-street, Goulburn, have decided to open for a few weeks in Crookwell, and have taken Mr. C. Schroeder's store for the purpose. The show-frames exhibited by Mr. A. A. Ryan, the gentleman in charge here, contain photos which are really first-class, and denote a master's hand in their finish. We believe Mr. Ryan is prepared to attend country residents and take views of their properties. The charges certainly are in accordance with the times, and range from 10/- per dozen upwards.

Crookwell Gazette (NSW), Fri 12 Oct 1888, Page 2

Photography.- The National Photographic Company have commenced business in Goulburn, and have leased rooms over Mr. A. A. Kerr's Pharmacy in Auburn-street, as a studio. The rooms have been thoroughly renovated and altered so as to render them suitable for photographic galleries. On ascending the stairs the visitor enters the reception room, the walls of which are almost covered with specimens of high-class photography executed by the company, and well worthy of inspection. From this room, a corridor leads to the retiring rooms, and thence to the studio, which is on the ground floor at the rear of the promises. The studio is well lighted, an possesses every facility for the production of first-class work.

This company, we are informed, supplied the Picturesque Atlas Company with many of the New Zealand and other views which have appeared in that work, and others which are yet to appear, and their work has been very highly spoken of by connoisseurs in the art. The company have already had sittings from numerous townspeople and the photographs produced are really excellent likenesses.

The general manager is Mr. A. A. Ryan, a gentleman who has had considerable experience in the business, and the operator at Goulburn is Mr. G. S. McClelland, who has gained a good reputation as an operator. The company intend extending their operations to various towns in this and the Manaro district, and will make Goulburn their central depot.
Goulburn Herald (NSW : 1881 - 1907), Thu 15 Nov 1888, Page 2

THE NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPANY,— Our old friend Mr. A. A. Ryan, well and favourably known in the district as photographer, has arrived among us once more, and by advertisement it will be seen that he locates in the town for a short time. It is not necessary to say more as his work has spoken for him and the Company he represents.

The Manaro Mercury and Cooma and Bombala Advertiser (NSW), 30 Dec 1890, Page 4

Messrs. Ryan and Thompson, photographers, of Sydney, have opened a branch studio in Crookwell in promises opposite Cox's mill, where they will remain for three weeks only. The branch is in charge of Mr. A. A. Ryan, who is already well known to the people of Crookwell and district as an artist of the very highest ability; and the work he has previously turned out during his visit to Crookwell in connection with the National Photo Co. should be sufficient to ensure him a visit from all who desire first-class portraits at a very reasonable price. We have been asked to mention that the negatives previously taken in Crookwell by the National Photo Co. are in the possession of Messrs. Ryan and Thompson, and persons desirous of obtaining copies from these can do so on informing Mr. Ryan.

Crookwell Gazette (NSW), 18 Jan 1893, Page 3

Tomlinson, Charles Augustus

Charles Augustus Tomlinson

born 6 March 1863 [1], Bishopdale, Nelson, son of  Henry Tomlinson and Elizabeth Forbes Sandeman, died 6 October 1932 Hamilton


Mr C. A. Tomlinson, photographer, Christchurch, under commission from the Tourist Department and some of the weekly newspapers, has just returned from an interesting trip to the sea via Lake Wanaka. Leaving Queenstown just a fortnight ago Mr Tomlinson succeeded in getting from Makarora to the mouth of the Haast River and back unaccompanied, save by his two horses, and under perfect weather conditions. Some splendid views were obtained and Mr Tomlinson is extremely well pleased with his trip and with this scenery, which he found very hard to leave. Lake Hawea and Mount Aspiring were also thoroughly done by the photographer.
Lake Wakatip Mail, Issue 2594, 5 February 1907

After a visit to the Otago lakes and some of the spurs of the Southern Alps,  including the Haast Pass, Mr C. A. Tomlinson, of Christchurch, returned to Dunedin by the express from the South last  evening. The journey to the Haast Pass, where Mr Tomlinson took over 100 photographs, was made on horseback from Wanaka. He was charmed by the scenery of those remote, romantic places, and has a vivid impression of one particular cataract pouring a fall of 1,000 tons out of an inaccessible cavern fed by a glacier.
Evening Star, Issue 13039, 6 February 1907

A correspondent at Luggate states that Mr C. A. Tomlinson, the well-known tourist photographer of Christchurch, who recently secured such a fine set of pictures of the Haast Valley, arrived at Luggate on Sunday night, after a very successful trip round Lake Hawea and through the Hunter Valley, Highburn, and Dingle country — the home of the red deer. Mr Tomlinson is much charmed with the views, the mountains being all heavily coated with snow, adding much to the beauty of the photographs. The country is admitted by stalkers from all parts of the world to be equal, if not better, than any other red deer country in the world. Mr Tomlinson is of opinion that the Government should build two large huts one in the Dingle, and one in the Hunter Valley. These would secure accommodation for stalkers before going to camp, and form a base. At present stalkers and the attendants have to put up with a lot of inconvenience, having to depend upon occupied huts of private holders. Mr Gunn has had as many as 17 deer stalkers and their guides camped in the small Dingle hut at once. Mr Tomlinson expects to visit Mount Aspiring before returning to Christchurch. -
Otago Witness, Issue 2785, 31 July 1907, Page 64

Mr. C. A. Tomlinson
[from our own correspondent]
Hamilton, Thursday
The death occurred in Hamilton to-day of Mr. Charles Augustus Tomlinson, a former well-known figure in New Zealand journalism, at the age of 70 years. Born at Bishopdale, Nelson, Mr. Tomlinson was employed for many years as a reporter and press photographer on the Lyttelton Times, later joining the staff of the Christchurch Press. In the course of his career he travelled extensively throughout New Zealand and on one occasion made a journey alone on horseback through the Haast Pass, a feat considered impossible without the services of a guide. Mr. Tomlinson also explored many of the far northern parts of the North Island. He took many photographs for the Government Publicity Department, some of which are now featured in the Dominion office in London. Mr. Tomlinson retired from journalism seven years ago and came to Hamilton, where he conducted a private school. In his earlier years he was interested in many branches of sport and he won numerous trophies for pigeon shooting. Mr. Tomlinson is survived by his wife.
New Zealand Herald, Volume LXIX, Issue 21307, 7 October 1932 



Wise, Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas Wise
12 Durham Street, Christchurch

1893 - Manager of the Printing Department, C. H. Manning, photographer 
born circa 1872,died 28 October 1934, 69 Antigua Street, Christchurch aged 62 years

Press, Volume XLVI, Issue 7411, 10 September 1889

 Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXIX, Issue 9986, 15 March 1893

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