Kirkman, Joseph

Joseph Kirkman
Union Photographic Portrait Studio
Junction of Grey and Pitt Streets, Auckland
J. Kirkman, Manager
Auckland Star, Volume XXIV, Issue 4322, 24 March 1884
Auckland Star, Volume XX, Issue 41, 18 February 1889

died 23 April 1887 at his residence Mount Eden, Auckland aged 55 years 
Auckland Star, Volume XVIII, Issue 98, 27 April 1887

married Eliza Brennan
son Harold John Kirkman born Capetown, South Africa, died 17 June 1942 Hastings aged 76 years, reg.
son Arnold Joseph Kirkman, Mossel Bay, South Africa
daughter Josephine Louisa Kirkman (Mrs Fisher) wife of Walter Fisher, butcher, Auckland


Slack, John Alfred

John Alfred Slack
John Alfred Slack son of Edwin Slack (ironmoulder) and Mary Cantrill [1], baptised 30 July 1858 St. Stephen's, Sheffield, arrived New Zealand circa 1883, returned to England circa 1899, died after 1933, England, married 7 January 1885 at the residence of the bridegroom, Gisborne, New Zealand by the Rev. G. W. J. Spence to Amy Mildred Bradford, youngest daughter of the late Samuel Bradford of Clonmel, Ireland [2]
1. Archibald Alfred Slack born circa 1885, reg. 1885/17616        
2. John Bradford Slack born 8 June 1889 Mount Eden Road, Auckland, reg. 1889/7486

Gladstone Road

Mr A. Slack, photographic artist, who has gained considerable experience in the best English establishments in all branches of the profession, has just arrived from England, and has decided to take up his residence in Gisborne. He announces that he will shortly open his studio in Gladstone road.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume X, Issue 1954, 23 June 1883
Mr. Slack's photographic studio will be opened to-morrow. It is situated in the Gladstone Road, adjacent to Mr. Aislabie's shop. The studio is tastefully fitted up and the appliances for photographic purposes are on the latest and most approved principles. Mr. Slack is very clever in all branches of the photographic art,
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume X, Issue 1995, 10 August 1883
Mr. Slack, photographer, opened his new studio and commenced business in Gisborne this morning. His apparatus is a perfect one, and the studio is very tastefully fitted up. As an example of the lightning rapidity in which the portraits are taken by the instantaneous process, we were shown to-day a photograph of a leading member of our staff, on the table alongside him being a copy of this journal. The visitor had dropped into the studio on business totally unconnected with either photography or journalism. "Be seated a second," said the artist, and the visitor obeyed. "You see that circle, projecting from that box on three legs," said the artist —" it is the latest invention in cameras." The visitor looked, and as quick as thought the artist removed a cap and replaced it again. The time of the visit had not extended over two or three minutes, when, to the surprise of the visitor, an excellent photograph of himself and of the Poverty Bay Herald were shown him. These were the first subjects " immortalised" by the new photographer at his studio.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume X, Issue 1996, 11 August 1883
Pitt Street
Mr J. A. Slack, photographer, Pitt-street, possesses very high credentials, having been articled to Vincent Hatch, Huddersfield, and was for four years operator and retoucher to A. and G. Taylor, photographer to the Queen. Mr Slack makes copying and enlarging a specialty.
Observer, Volume XI, Issue 633, 14 February 1891

346 Queen Street
1901 - Rotherham, Yorkshire, dentist aged 43 at residence of Margaret Bradford, his sister-in-law
1911 - Wickersley, Yorkshire, artificial tooth manufacturer aged 52 years, widower

Family of Edwin Slack (ironmoulder) born 1826 Kimberworth, Yorkshire and Mary Cantrill born 1827 Sheffield Yorkshire
1. Joseph Cantrell Slack born 1849 Sheffield, Yorkshire
2. Frederick Slack born 1850 Sheffield, Yorkshire
3. Frances Ann Slack born 1852 Sheffield, Yorkshire
4. Richard Edmund Slack born 1854 Derby, Yorkshire
5.  Edward Arthur Slack (printer) born circa 1855, Derby, England, arrived New Zealand circa 1880 died 13 May 1933 Auckland Hospital aged 78 years, buried 14 May 1933 Purewa, Auckland
6. John Alfred Slack of Wickersby near Rotherham [1933], born 1858 Sheffield, Yorkshire
7. Thomas Slack born 1860 Sheffield, Yorkshire
8. Alice Slack of Maltby, Rotherham [1933], born 1861 Rotherham, Yorkshire
9. William Henry Slack born 1863 Rotherham, Yorkshire
10. Caroline Slack "Carrie" of Maltby, Rotherham [1933], born 1867, Rotherham, Yorkshire
11. Ada Slack of Rotherham [1933], born circa 1870 Rotherham, Yorkshire
12. Archie Slack of Rotherham [1933]
Hector Lennox Johnson, nephew 
[1] New Zealand Probate records 1933, Edward Arthur Slack, P52797/33-P52860/33
[2] Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XII, Issue 4190, 15 January 1885

McDermott, Saul


Saul McDermott
born 6 July 1850 Auckland, died 28 June 1908 Auckland.

Mr. Saul McDermott, who was born in Auckland 58 years ago, passed away at Nurse Jones' Home, at Ponsonby, yesterday afternoon. Mr. McDermott was stricken down with paralysis over two years ago, and since then had been a comparative invalid. He had a large circle of friends. The funeral takes place at Waikumete to-morrow afternoon.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XLV, Issue 13788, 29 June 1908