MANSON, Darcy Lawrence

Darcy Lawrence Manson
The Nelson Provincial Museum hold some negatives by D. L. Manson

born 10 November 1884, 
reg. 1885/2537 (as Laurence Darcy  Manson)
son of Harriet Burt and James Manson       
died 16 November 1947 aged 63  years, reg. 1947/26978

Our Takaka correspondent writes : — A cave of exceptional size and beauty has been discovered by a party of lads who were out on a shooting expedition. If the reports of those who have visited this addition to the many interesting spots in Takaka can be relied upon, the cave is a very large and beautiful one. It is said to be so situated that at one time of day the sun shipes well into the first cavity, adding the most beautiful colourings and shades to the already magnificent stalactites. 

The first chamber is a very large one, the ceilings being lofty; but after proceeding back some 70 feet into tho hill another door or entrance admits the visitor to a much larger and still more wonderful apartment, which is said to extend a further distance of three chains, the ceilings being also lofty. It is said there are dray loads of round pebbles, varying in size from marbles to eggs, deposited in one section of the cave, caused by the action of water in some remote ages.

The new find is situated at the back of the well-known Harwood's cave, and at present is rather difficult of access, but a side-cutting can be easily made which will make the cave easily approached. Mr Harwood, who has charge of the former cave, has visited the stranger and assures me that the beauties of the new one are not exaggerated. He strongly advised immediate action being taken to have it protected from vandalism. I believe the land on which the cave is situated is owned by Mr Darcy Manson, who has advertised warning visitors not to trespass without his permission.

Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XLII, 19 May 1908

Otago Witness, Issue 3012, 6 December 1911, Supplement

Otago Witness, Issue 3012, 6 December 1911, Supplement

Otago Witness, Issue 3012, 6 December 1911, Supplement

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