GIBBS, William Bricknell - Stonewallers

The Gallant Stonewallers
by William Brickell Gibbs, 1844 - 1898

clockwise from top:

1. Joseph Shephard (1822 – 25 October 1898)
2. William Gibbs (1819/1820 – 7 November 1896)
3. Richard John Seddon PC (22 June 1845 – 10 June 1906)

4. Horace Bastings (1831–1909) 
5. Richard Harman Jeffares Reeves MLC (1836 – 1 June 1910)
6. Henry Augustus Levestam (1833 – 11 February 1889)
7.  Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Albert Pitt (1842 – 18 November 1906)

The Gallant Stonewallers. — We have received from Mr W. Gibbs, photographic artist, of Wellington, a cabinet sized card containing portraits of "The Gallant Stonewallers on the Representation Bill." The card is headed "Nelson to be wiped out," and below this are the portraits of Messrs Shephard, member for Waimei; Levestam, City of Nelson; Gibbs, Collingwood; Reeves, Grey Valley; Seddon, Hokitika; Bastings, Wakaia; and Pitt, Nelson, the latter being placed in the centre. Below the photographs, which are admirable ones, is written "who laid the foundation of the Stone Wall August, 1881. We understand that copies of this souvenir of the present momentous struggle are to be obtained of the booksellers, and we may expect that there will be a considerable run upon them.
Colonist, Volume XXV, Issue 2947, 31 August 1881

Mr W. Bricknell Gibbs, photographer, Lambton Quay, Wellington, has brought out a capital photographic picture of the seven members of the House of Representatives who formed the original stonewall party on the Representation Bill— viz-, Messrs. Pitt, Shephard, Gibbs, Levestam, Seddon, Reeves and Bastings.

West Coast Times, Issue 3877, 10 September 1881, Page 2

Mr W. Brickell Gibbs, photographer, has produced a very neat card with the photographs of the seven members who commenced the stonewalling of the Representation Bill. They should command a ready sale at Nelson, where public feeling is reported to be running high on the subject. The members represented are Messrs Shephard, Gibbs, Levestam, Pitt, Reeves, Seddon, and Bastings.
New Zealand Times, Volume XXXVII, Issue 6359, 31 August 1881

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