Williamson & Co.

New Plymouth

Joseph Bellas Williamson, born 19 November 1852, Claggan Cottage, Portrush, Antrim, Northern Ireland, died 8 March 1910 Whanganui aged 57 years, brother-in-law of the photographer William Andrews Collis.

Taranaki Herald, Volume XXIII, Issue 2350, 16 October 1875

Messrs. Williamson and Co.'s Photographic Views of the Province.— We inspected yesterday afternoon, at Messrs. Williamson and Co.'s photographic studio, a number of beautiful views taken recently in various parts of the Province. They are "plate" size, being ten inches by twelve inches. The views were taken by Mr. W. A. Collis, and are very excellent specimens of photographic art, comprising scenes at the Waitara, Urenui, and Pukearuhe. "A Bush Scene," taken from a gully at the back of the A.C. Camp, looking south-east, is really a very beautiful picture, and another looking to the north-east is equally effectively taken. The views at Pukearuhe also comprises the following scenes:— "View of the A.C. Camp from the Sea," "View of the Camp from northeast side, showing the Cliffs," "View of the Camp from the Slaughter-house," "View of the Cliffs from the Sands."

At Urenui we see "Wilkinson's Hotel," "View of the Redoubt and Magazine," showing also several of the settlers' houses there; "A View of the Township and north side of the River," and "A View of the Urenui Bridge." Our space to-day prevents us doing that justice to these views that we should like, and we shall on another occasion refer to the collection; but we cannot conclude without recommending those who would wish their friends in England or elsewhere to have an idea of the Province, to purchase some of these photographs and forwarded them home, feeling sure it would tend more to create a desire to visit this spot than all the letters they could write on the subject. We may add that Messrs. Williamson and Co. have innumerable views taken about the town, also panoramas of New Plymouth, one taken from Marslaud Hill, and the other from Fort Niger.

Taranaki Herald, Volume XXIV, Issue 2404, 22 April 1876

Messrs. Williamson and Co., photographers, have shown an amount of enterprise in getting out from England a gentleman of considerable ability as a photographer, who is not only master of all the modern improvements of the day, but is an artist in oils and water-colours as well.

Mr. F. Dighton has been for some years following the profession, and has been engaged in some of the best galleries in London, Cheltenham, and other parts of England. His book of specimens, which are to be seen at Messrs. Williamson and Co.'s, in noway belies the credentials he brings with him as being an artist, and thoroughly proficient in his art. We saw also a specimen of his coloring in oil, (the portrait of the Rev. Mr. Breach) which is excellent, and resembles a painting on ivory. It would be as well for those who intend getting their portraits taken, to visit Messrs. Williamson and Co.'s photographic gallery and to inspect the specimens of Mr. F. Dighton's work, when they will there see a variety of styles to chose from.

Taranaki Herald, Volume XXV, Issue 2575, 24 July 1877

Mr. J. B. Williamson may take the credit of being the first photographic artist who has visited Mokau for the purpose of taking views in that district, which is at present very little known to Europeans. He was rather unfortunate with several of his negatives, which were spoiled in coming back, but he has secured four good views, which are very clear, and give an excellent idea of the river and surrounding country. They are the full size and will make an interesting addition to the collection of views already taken in Taranaki.
Taranaki Herald, Volume XXV, Issue 2577, 26 July 1877

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