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 National Portrait Gallery

In 1878 the Christchurch photographer Nelson King Cherrill (1845-1916) proposed the establishment of a National Portrait Gallery to be located at the Canterbury Museum.

... In connection with this studio, it may be remarked that the owner has an idea of handing down to posterity the likenesses of those who have taken a distinguished part in the founding of the settlement and its progress. In fact, Mr Cherrill proposes to establish a sort of National Portrait Gallery which, shall find a place in the Museum. Briefly stated, the proposal is to form a gallery of portraits of eminent men whose names are connected with the present rapidly advancing prosperity of Canterbury, the intention of such a collection being to serve as a foundation for a National Portrait Gallery. It is proposed, if such a plan meet with the acceptance of the public, to offer sittings to representative men in leading positions; to make the portraits of a good site, and all of the same size, so as to range together; and as soon as a suitable picture gallery is provided in which they can be hung, a properly finished and framed copy of each will be presented to the authorities, as a permanent addition to the collection. No charge whatever will be made either for the sitting or for the copy sent to the gallery. In the first instance invitations for sittings will be limited to those who hold leading official positions, and if the movement should be well supported in these quarters, it can be then determined to what extent it should be subsequently carried. Such a proposition is well worth considering, and might be carried out so as to form a really representative gathering of the Canterbury colonists.
Press, Volume XXIX, Issue 4034, 29 June 1878, Page 2

 Julius von Haast by Nelson King Cherrill
Wikimedia Commons
Cherrill proposed that portraits of eminent men such as von Haast would form the National Portrait Gallery.

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