Caledonian Portrait Gallery

Caledonian Portrait Gallery
Cutting, Princes Street,
The Caledonian Portrait Gallery was established in 1863 by John and Alexander Tait. The business was later known as the Royal Caledonian Portrait Rooms. After selling the business in April 1866 to James De Maus they opened a portrait gallery known as Tait Bros. in Revell Street, Hokitika. The studio in Princes Street was destroyed by fire in April 1867.

Caledonian Society of Otago - second annual gathering - Messrs Tait Brothers, of the Caledonian Portrait Rooms Princes street, had a camera on the ground, and during the day they took several photographic views, including one of a group of those present who wore the Highland costume.
Otago Witness, Issue 632, 9 January 1864, Page 8

Messrs Tait Brothers, photographers, at the Caledonian Portrait Rooms, in the Cutting, have completed a large picture of the directors of the Caledonian Society. The portraits are excellent likenesses. Each has been taken separately, but the harmony of light and shadow is perfectly preserved. The arrangement is diamond shaped — the President being placed at the apex and the Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary at the remaining points. At the top are portraits of Fleury's Band on one side, and Highlanders an costume on the other, and filling the corner spaces below on either hand, are pictures of the Grand Stand, and the competitors at the tilting match on horseback, ranged in line. The whole forms a pleasing picture, 3 feet 3 inches long by 2 feet 10 inches width.

Otago Daily Times, Issue 656, 25 January 1864, Page 4

A communication from Messrs Tait Brothers was read, respecting the photograph group of portraits, when it was agreed to purchase one for the Society.
Otago Witness, Issue 635, 30 January 1864, Page 5

Tait Bros. of the Caledonian Portrait Room photographed the Otago Twenty two cricket team that played against the All England Eleven.
Otago Witness, Issue 636, 6 February 1864, Page 7

Otago Daily Times, Issue 883, 19 October 1864, Page 3

During Monday afternoon, Messrs Tait Brothers, of the Caledonian Portrait Gallery, took photographs of groups, &c, including one of all those present who were dressed in Highland costume, and another of about a dozen of the (illegible word), who were mounted, and had lance in hand. 
Otago Witness, Issue 684, 6 January 1865, Page 8

  Otago Daily Times, Issue 1274, 27 January 1866, Page 6
(this notice first appeared in the Otago Daily Times on 18 January and continued until 21 February 1866) 

  Otago Daily Times, Issue 1333, 6 April 1866, Page 6

 Otago Daily Times, Issue 1351, 27 April 1866, Page 1

 Mr Tait, of the well-known firm of Tait Bros., of Dunedin, has opened a photographic gallery in Revell street, opposite the Prince of Wales Opera House. The specimens he exhibits display the very perfection of photographic art. They are finely lined and delicately finished, and testify both to the excellence of his apparatus and his own skill as an artist. Mr Tait has already taken cartes of many of our residents and well known visitors, and the fidelity of the likeness will be at once recognised. 
West Coast Times, Issue 179, 16 April 1866, Page 2

above - Mary Helen Hislop and Isabella Johanna Hislop
a CDV by James De Maus of the Royal Caledonian Portrait Gallery dated 1867.

above - Tait Brothers and James De Maus' CDVs.

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