Fischer and Hardy

Fischer and Hardy
April 1899 to  January 1900

This photographic studio operated in Timaru next to Club Hotel for nine months.

Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 2938, 29 April 1899

Messrs Fischer and Hardy have in their show window two excellently clear photographs of the wreck of the Elginshire, showing the two sides separately. The port side view shows the snapped-off bow lying to the left some distance away from the rest of the hull, the deck tilted to the southward. This mass must have needed a great force to move it bodily so far. It is odd that the bow was not canted the other way, deck to north.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 3120, 28 November 1899

Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3162, 17 January 1900

 John Carter Cullmann
photographed by Fischer and Hardy, Timaru
September 13, 1899

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