Whitehead Bros.

Whitehead Bros. 

Henry Norbert Whitehead and Leonard Charles Whitehead 

Henry Norbert Whitehead, born 9 April 1870 Kilmore Street, Christchurch [1],  New Zealand, reg.  1870/28504 son of George James Whitehead and Mary Ann Clark, died circa 1965 aged 95 years, reg. 1965/24852, married circa 1912 reg. 1912/8566, Fanny Major.

Leonard Charles Whitehead, born 27 September 1873, Kilmore Street, Christchurch [2], New Zealand, reg. 1873/40900  son of George James Whitehead and Mary Ann Clark, died circa 1960 aged 86 years, reg. 1960/22087, married 25 December 1899 at Hastings, Annie McGregor. 

In 1903 their father George James Whitehead worked for the Post Office and was chief of the Christchurch mail room. [3]

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXVII, Issue 11270, 13 January 1900, Page 1

Leonard Whitehead give evidence in a court case in Christchurch in 1892 involving the photographers Eden George and Alfred Gadd.
Star, Issue 7341, 15 August 1892, Page 3

  Daily Telegraph, Issue 7954, 5 January 1897, Page 3

 Daily Telegraph, Issue 7979, 3 February 1897, Page 3

Messrs Whitehead Bros., photographers, have some excellent specimens of the photographic art, particularly in enlargements of well-known residents portraits. The staff at this studio have lately been strengthened by the addition of the services of Mr H. E. Gaze, of the principal art studios of Sydney [Falk] and Christchurch [C. H. Manning].
Daily Telegraph, Issue 7981, 5 February 1897, Page 3

The body of a lamb with two distinct and comparatively well formed heads was picked up in a paddock at Te Aute on Thursday. A photograph of this freak of nature was taken by Messrs Whitehead Bros., and a copy will be exhibited to-night in Messrs J. M. Crerar and Son's shop window.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 8963, 11 September 1897, Page 3

Daily Telegraph, Issue 8997, 22 October 1897, Page 3

Daily Telegraph, Issue 9289, 8 October 1898, Page 3

Whitehead's picture gallery has been one of the attractions of the Show week. His collection contains high-class specimens of the art both in portraits and landscapes. But his especial forte is one in which few artists excel, that of pictures of interiors of rooms. One of the most effective of these, both in toning and clearness, is that of the interior of the surgery of Mr Merewether, dentist...
Daily Telegraph, Issue 9296, 17 October 1898, Page 4

Photography is strong here, and is well represented by the artistic grouping of Mr Burton in Heretaunga street, whilst Mr L. C. Whitehead, of Station street displays some grand portraiture.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 9353, 23 December 1898, Page 4

 Daily Telegraph, Issue 9355, 27 December 1898, Page 2

above - a cabinet card showing a man with rifle, two dogs and goat horns by L. C. Whitehead

"Limestone Falls in Marae Totara River, Mokopeka"
[Maraetotara Falls near Hastings]

Mr H. N. Whitehead announces in another column that he has just started as a photographer in this town, in the premises between the Bank of New Zealand and the Red House, in Main-street. Mr Whitehead's long experience with his brother at Hastings in the Hawke's Bay district, should be a sufficient guarantee that the work executed by him will be of a first-class character, and we are satisfied from specimens seen that he is sure to please his patrons. Mr Whitehead makes a specialty of family groups, and undertakes to take his camera to any part of the district free of charge.
Manawatu Herald, 25 March 1899, Page 2

Manawatu Herald, 25 March 1899, Page 3

  Manawatu Herald, 9 November 1899, Page 1

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