ALLEN, Joseph Weaver

Joseph Weaver Allen

from "Joseph Weaver Allen - Photographer" by Hardwicke Knight

Melbourne, Australia
about 1853 to about 1861.

Sandridge a suburb of Melbourne was renamed Port Melbourne in 1884.

Annual Licensing Meeting for the City of Melbourne
J. W. Allen, Sandridge Inn, [Bay Street] Sandridge, Granted. The Bench remarked that although it was not customary to grant licenses to single men, they did so in this case, because his sister was living with him.
The Argus (Melbourne), Thu 28 Apr 1853, Page 5

Stafford Street
from about 1862

Otago Daily Times, Issue 55, 18 January 1862

Otago Daily Times, Issue 113, 27 March 1862

Otago Daily Times, Issue 154, 14 May 1862
[this notice continued in the  Otago Daily Times until 11 June 1862]

Otago Daily Times, Issue 156, 16 May 1862

Otago Daily Times, Issue 364, 19 February 1863

Moray Place

succeeded by Harry Coxhead about 1871

 Allen, James Weaver, b 1822. Allen, J W fl 1867-1885 : [Dunedin Streets, Princess]. Ref: PA2-0009. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Allen, James Weaver, b 1822. Allen, J W : Dunedin Exhibition building 1865. Ref: PA2-0012. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Otago Daily Times, Issue 1543, 7 December 1866, Page 3
(This notice first appeared in the Otago Daily Times on 28 November 1866, page 7.)

above - a photograph copied by Alexander Thomson of an earlier carte de visite by Joseph Weaver Allen.The sitter is believed to be James Lawrie Oliver (1827-1874). The studio setting particularly the patterned table cloth and carpet indicate this was taken in Allen's Moray Place studio in Dunedin.

Joseph M. Allen (sic), Moray Place, photographer was a jury member for trails at the Dunedin Supreme Court on 1 September 1869.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 2441, 2 December 1869, Page 2

In December 1871 designs for a new Hall for the Friendly Societies Hall Company Ltd in Princes Street were submitted to the Hall Committee. The site of the new building was between the shop of Mr Hannagan, tailor and that of Mr Allen, photographer.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 3077, 16 December 1871, Page 2 

Otago Daily Times, Issue 3090, 1 January 1872, Page 3

 J. W. Allen Photo Dunedin
about 1867
previously Hardwicke Knight Collection

Picnic on road to waterworks, Dunedin. The following persons in the photograph have been identified by Dr T. M. Hocken: James Smith,  Judge Chapman, Bill Morrison, R. M. Robertson, B. C. Haggitt, John Reid Turnbull, Julius Vogel, and J. B. Mudie.
Transport provided by Mills Dunedin Express 
This photograph appeared on page of 67 Photography in New Zealand  by Hardwicke Knight 1971.

A meeting of old South Australian colonists was held last evening, at Hancock's Hotel, Mr Allen (photographer) in the chair. It was resolved that a Society of old colonists (who had been 21 years in the Colonies) should be established on the principle of the one founded by Mr George Coppin in Victoria, and to be colonists from every Colony of Australasia.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 4119, 1 May 1875, Page 2

Otago Daily Times, Issue 4464, 9 June 1876, Page 4

above - a carte de visite by J. W. Allen, Photographer, Melbourne

This carte de visite is shown on page 119 of the monograph "Joseph Weaver Allen - Photographer" by Hardwicke Knight.

We are left with what might be called a parting question. A carte-de-visite, found by the author in Dunedin in the 1960s, has on the back the inscription J. W. Allen, photographer, Melbourne in almost the same printer's type and ornament as which Allen, in Dunedin, used on his cartes-de-visite during the period he was active at his Princes Street studio. The portrait on the Melbourne carte is shown above.

above - the reverse of J. W. Allen's Dunedin and Melbourne cartes de visite.

Since there is no listing of a J. W. Allen in The Mechanical Eye in Australia, it is possible, if the photographer is our Joseph Weaver Allen, that the period of his activity in Melbourne was brief. It is significant that the photograph was found in Dunedin, because members of the Allen family were living here at the same time as others were living in Melbourne, and it is likely it was sent within the family circle

The question really is what is the date of the carte-de-visite and, following on for that, what was Allen doing with a studio in Melbourne at the date. And that date could be after 1886 when he had to move out of the Leckhampton Court, Caversham, house: or in the 1890s after his supposed final return to Australia. It is also possible that Allen ran a studio in Melbourne earlier in the 1880s, though it is difficult to fit in more than a year or two when he did not leave some evidence of being active in Dunedin.

As regards the likeness of the subject of the Melbourne portrait, the high forehead, the nose and side bangs could well be Joseph Weaver Allen before he sported a beard. He looks quite a bit younger than in the portrait reproduced on the title-page, but that gives us no clue since his age in the title-page photograph is not known. It is noticed that the waistcoat in the portrait of the older man does up right over left instead of conventionally, and from other details it does not appear that the photograph has been reversed.

 Sir John Larkins Cheese Richardson
born 4 August 1810, died 6 December 1878.
 Superintendent of Otago, Speaker of the Legislative Council of New Zealand, Chancellor of the University of Otago.
This carte de visite is stamped:
J. W. Allen, Photographer, Dunedin, Moray Place

above - a carte de visite by Allen and Son, Photographers, Dunedin 

above - a carte de visite by Allen and Son, Photographers, Dunedin 
[note leg and shoe to right]

above - a carte de visite by Allen and Son, Photographers, Dunedin

a carte de visite by J. W. Allen, Photographer, Dunedin
[purchased Basingstoke, UK, July 2020]



above: a carte de visite by J. W. Allen of Princes Street, Dunedin

above - William Mason, architect, first Mayor of Dunedin
24 February 1810 – 22 June 1897

Synod, Dunedin February 1871 by J. W. Allen, Hocken Collections


From Collection of Laurence Eagle
[five cartes de visite]



born 2 February 1821 Kingston, Middlesex, England [11], son of Sarah Weaver and Thomas Allen [16] (fruiterer), bapt 25 August 1824, Parish of St James, Westminster, London [15], died 29 May 1886, York Place, Lygon Street, Melbourne aged 65 years, of colitis asthenia, buried 1 June 1886 General Cemetery, Melbourne, married 21 December 1854 Melbourne, Victoria [8], reg. 1854/3112, Rebecca Martha Cox, born Hackney, London, England [11]. 

1. Joseph Alexander Allen born 29 August 1855, Sandridge, Victoria, Australia
[8], died 1934, married 15 March 1882 St Matthew's Church, Dunedin to Ann Eliza Barrett born 30 April 1857, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia died 25 April 1907, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia [8], eldest daughter of Abraham Barrett [5] and Ann Eliza Martin [8].

2. Sarah Rebecca Allen born 31 July 1856 at Sandridge [1] died 15 December 1874 at Hokitika aged 18 years, buried Hokitika Cemetery plot 2406 block 159 [7].

West Coast Times, Issue 2879, 16 December 1874, Page 2
David Brocklehurst's wife Georgina Ellen Brocklehurst was the sister of Rebecca Martha Cox [8].

 3. Amelia Christina Allen born 22 July 1857 at Sandridge [2], died 29 September 1921 aged 64 at Caulfield, Victoria [6] reg. 13356, married about 1887 reg. Victoria, Australia, no. 55, Sidney Jago or Sydney Jago died 11 November 1913 aged 58 years at his residence, Gladstone Road, Mosgiel, Otago, New Zealand [13], reg. 1913/9608, buried 13 November 1913, East Taieri [14]
3a. Lily Bain Muirhead Jago born 8 August 1898, reg. 1963/141294 [this birth was not registered until 1963]

4. Francis Adolphus George Allen born 23 September 1859 at the Sandridge Inn, Sandridge, died 9 June 1900 at the residence of his brother Alfred Weaver Allen, Athol Street, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne aged 41 years

5. George Frederick Allen born 21 November 1861 Izet Street, Prahran, Melbourne, died 11 August 1934 at a private hospital, Melbourne, father of Fred and Madge [Mrs Cherry] [12]

6. William Meluish Allen born 7 September 1865, New Zealand, reg. 1865/18867 [as Allan], died 29 September 1867 aged 2 years, reg. 1867/9835, buried Southern Cemetery, Dunedin, New Zealand, block 6P, plot 57. Burial records incorrectly give date of date as 1 October 1867.

7. Alfred Weaver Allen (confectionery manufacturer) born 18 June 1870 at 67 Cecil Street, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Victoria [10], (birth registered as Alfred William) died 5 October 1925 at a St Andrew's Private Hospital, Brighton, Melbourne aged 55 years, married Bridget Mary Dunn, a dressmaker, at St Jude's Church of England, Carlton, on 2 September 1897 [10], (1925 of Bolton Avenue, Brighton Beach) father of Millie (Mrs Alan Tate), Myrtle and Nellie [9].

Otago Daily Times, Issue 1974, 28 April 1868, Page 4

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[16] Thomas Allen died 27 April 1868 at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Muir, Bedford House, Dunedin, buried 29 April 1868 Southern Cemetery, Dunedin Block 6P. Plot 37, born Edmonton, Middlesex, England botanist/photographer aged 80 or 82 years. In 1868 he sent three cases of ferns to London on the ship "Lady Egidia" - Otago Daily Times, Issue 1948, 28 March 1868, Page 4.


Brett Payne said...

Good to see someone else identifying studios by the furniture and backdrops used. Great detective work!

Mark Hamilton said...

Thanks for a very informative site. We have a family album containing a hundred or more original photos from NZ. One of them is a studio photograph of a mother and two daughters taken by J W Allen. The older daughter was born in 1870 at Port Chalmers and the younger daughter was born in 1876. She looks about 2 years old maybe 3 which dates the photo to 1878/1879. The back of the photo still has the address as Moray Place but could he have been using old stock cards in 1878. i say that because (without checking) had he not sold to David De Maus by then?
Mark Hamilton

Brains and beauty said...

Hi Ive just discovered your blog and Im particularly interested in the information on JW Allen who is my gr gr grandfather. I'm decended through his son Joseph who was also a photographer and co-founder of Allens Sweets. I'm particularly interested in some of the photos that I had never seen before also it interesting to see the death noice for Sarah Rebecca Allen that confirms the information I had about her date and place of death. The information about his son William Meluish b 1865 is new to me but it would explain in part the 8 year gap between the birth of George in 1862 and Alfred in 1970. I also understand that the photogapher William Meluish was a contempory of Joseph. Cheers Virginia (Vic,