Cazneau and Connolly

Cazneau and Connolly
Pierce Mott Cazneau and James Bennett Connolly

Pierce Mott Cazneau was the sole operator at Wrigglesworth and Binns, Willis Street, Wellington for six years from about 1877 to 1883. Commenced business as Cazneau and Connolly, Lambton Quay, Wellington about January 1883. The partnership was dissolved on 27 June 1885.

above - an unidentified man by
The Sydney Photographic Co., 419 George Street, Sydney -
P. M. Cazneau, Manager.

 Evening Post, Volume XXV, Issue 146, 22 January 1883, Page 1

Mr. Cazneau, for many years operator at Messrs. Wrigglesworth and Binns', announces that he has arranged to commence business on his own account on Lambton Quay, in the premises now occupied by Mr. Augustus. The establishment is to be opened in a few days.
Evening Post, Volume XXV, Issue 19, 24 January 1883, Page 2

Evening Post, Volume XXV, Issue 19, 24 January 1883, Page 2

Messrs. Cazneau and Conolly (sic), photographic artists, to-day opened their new establishment, in premises on Lambton Quay, formerly occupied by Professor Augustus as a hair-dressing saloon. The premises have been re-arranged internally under the superintendence of Mr. Chatfield, architect, and have been rendered in every way suitable for the carrying on of a photographer's business.

Entering the establishment by the main entrance, the visitor finds himself in a large room, fitted with elegant show cases, &c, with a small office situated in a convenient corner. This room it is contemplated to utilise for the purposes of an art gallery, and, when completed, will be lighted up on certain nights for public inspection.

From this access is obtained to a ladies' waiting-room, a handsome, splendidly furnished apartment, and the ladies' dressingroom. Upstairs is the gentlemen's dressingroom. Here, also, at the back, is situated the studio, which measures 17ft in width and 46ft in length. It is replete with all the newest accessories, and is illuminated with pure South light, considered so essential for successful operations.

The firm possesses the latest photographic apparatus, including a camera capable of taking by the direct process photographs as large as twenty inches square. There are also a printing room, "dark" room, enamelling room, and general work room for mounting, rolling, &c. The verandah in front presents a very fine appearance, having been nicely painted and decorated. Mr. Ransom, we understand, has supplied the shop and other fittings, while the painting, &c., has been done by Mr. Uridge.
Evening Post, Volume XXV, Issue 76, 2 April 1883, Page 2

 Evening Post, Volume XXV, Issue 76, 2 April 1883, Page 3

The camera by which Messrs. Cazneau and Conolly's [sic] photograph of the Wellington volunteer officers was taken, for presentation to Colonel Pearce, is one of the largest in the colony, being capable of taking a picture 22 inches by 20 inches. It has recently been imported by the firm.
Evening Post, Volume XXV, Issue 129, 2 June 1883, Page 2

Two dog cases engaged the attention of the Resident Magistrate for a short time this morning. Percy Cazneau did not appear to show cause why a fine should not be imposed upon him for a breach of the Dog Registration Act. A. G. Johnson, Corporation Officer, proved the offence, and a penalty of 20s and costs was inflicted...
Evening Post, Volume XXVI, Issue 95, 19 October 1883, Page 2

A striking collection of photographs of theatrical celebrities who have visited Wellington recently is now to be seen at Messrs. Cazneau and Conolly's [sic], and will well repay examination. Among them may be mentioned portraits of Miss Pomeroy, Miss Amy Horton, and Miss Lewis, which for beauty of execution probably could not be surpassed anywhere. In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Polk, we are informed, have written to the firm to the effect that they have been photographed by the leading artists of America and Australia, but in no case so successfully as at Messrs. Cazneau and Conolly's [sic] studio. The firm, we are requested to say, finish all work within one week of the date of sitting, not one month, as accidentally misprinted in their advertisement in our almanac.
Evening Post, Volume XXVII, Issue 1, 2 January 1884, Page 2

Messrs Cazneau and Connolly, photographers, of Lambton-quay, Wellington, announce that they have leased the premises in Hastings-street lately occupied by Mr Corbett, where they will be ready to take photographs at the end of a month.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 6755, 14 January 1884, Page 2

Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 6755, 14 January 1884, Page 2

On Saturday night last considerable interest was created by a nev and beautiful show of photographic productions in Hastings street by the firm of Cazneau and Connolly, Wellington. Mr B. G. Besse, the working manager for the firm, visited Napier last weekk with the object of arranging for the establishment of a branch business in this town. To this end the premises lately occupied by Mr Corbett have been taken, and extensive alterations are to be commenced at once to enable the new branch to be opened by February 1.

The work displayed by Messrs Cazneau and Connolly is really very beautiful, and will compare favorably with the best productions of Australasia.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 3895, 14 January 1884, Page 2

Messrs Cazneau and Conolly have telegraphed to San Francisco for two expert assistants, who are expected to arrive by next mail.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 3902, 22 January 1884, Page 2

Mr Besse, general manager tor Messrs  Cazneau and Connolly, Wellington photographers, will open the Napier branch of the firm on the 4th of February, in the studio lately occupied by Mr Corbett, Hastings- street. The studio has been enlarged and altered since taken by Mr Bosse, and fitted with approved modern appliances. Mr Besse will conduct the business of the Napier branch, with a staff of five assistants.

The fittings of the studio and dressing-rooms will be in the same style as those of the firm's Wellington establishment, and Mr Besse states that the photographs will be quite equal to the specimens which have been exhibited in Napier places of business.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 6767, 28 January 1884, Page 2

Messrs Cazneau and Connolly are exhibiting in their window two splendid photographic views of Hastings street. These pictures were taken by Mr Besse, the manager of the Bay State studio.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 3933, 27 February 1884, Page 2

 Evening Post, Volume XXVII, Issue 55, 5 March 1884, Page 1

Messrs Cazneau and Connolly have not been long in Napier, but they are able to make a large display of photographs taken here. Mr Besse, the manager of this branch, certainly understands his business most thoroughly, and the photographs shown are not only true portraits, but they are finished in a very superior style. The studio is fitted with all the most modern appliances from England and America, including a camera which will produce negatives 24 inches long by 17 wide.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 6805, 12 March 1884, Page 2

Mr Connolly, of the firm of Cazneau and Connolly, photographers, Hastings-street, is now in Napier with the view of making a change in the management of the business of the firm in this town.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 6823, 2 April 1884, Page 2

Some new and very handsome photographs are now on view at Messrs. Cazneau end Conolly's [sic] photographic establishment, on Lambton Quay. Conspicuous among these is a large and magnificent picture representing Miss Watt-Phillips as Bess Marks in the "Lights o' London." The delicate effects of the half lights are beautifully brought out, but the chief charm of the picture lies in the "snowstorm" effect, which is exceedingly natural. Another picture commanding attention is that of an amateur gentleman of this city in the part of Archibald Grosvenor of "Patience" renown. Large as the photo is, the delicacy of finish is equal to that of a miniature. The new series of photographs cannot fail to excite much admiration.
Evening Post, Volume XXVII, Issue 83, 7 April 1884, Page 2

The latest novelty in photography has just been introduced by Messers. Cazneau and Connolly. This is an arrangement for taking the portraits of children and others in a hammock. A picture taken in this way has been shown to us to-day, which is very  artistically finished, and makes an exceedingly pretty picture. It will be on view this evening.
Evening Post, Volume XXVII, Issue 129, 31 May 1884, Page 2

For some weeks past a number of workmen have been engaged in effecting alterations and improvements at the establishment of Messrs. Cazneau and Connolly, photographers, Lambton Quay, and these are now completed. The front shop has been converted into a large vestibule, with handsome show-cases arranged along the walls, and ornamented with figured glass. Office accommodation is also provided, and upstairs the "finishing" room has undergone considerable improvements. Messrs. Cazneau and Connolly have just imported from Home a collection of new accessories, also some enamelling plant, thus extending the capabilities of their studio. The alterations were effected by Mr. J. L. Kimbell, of Lambton Quay, upon whom they reflect much credit, and the painting, &c., has been admirably performed by Mr. Thomson.
Evening Post, Volume XXIX, Issue 20, 24 January 1885, Page 2

 Evening Post, Volume XXIX, Issue 74, 30 March 1885, Page 1

A fire broke out in the residence of Mr. P. N. Cazneau, Mulgrave-street, about 4.45 o'clock yesterday afternoon, but was extinguished before extensive damage had been done. The hose reel at the Fire Brigade Station in Hill-street was quickly taken to the house, but before it reached the place some neighbours had succeeded in suppressing the outbreak. It appears that a window curtain was accidentally set on fire by a lighted candle. The Venetian blinds caught and the flames soon reached the ceiling. About £25 is the estimated amount of damage.
Evening Post, Volume XXIX, Issue 123, 17 June 1885, Page 2

Inspector Goodall, accompanied by Constable Milton, paid a visit on Saturday afternoon last to several business establishments which come under the jurisdiction of the Employment of Females Act. The tour will result in the summoning of Messrs. Cazneau and Connolly, Wrigglesworth and Binns, and Edwin Pollard, photographers, who will be called upon to answer the charge of employing females after 2 p.m. on a Saturday.
Evening Post, Volume XXIX, Issue 127, 22 June 1885, Page 2

Evening Post, Volume XXIX, Issue 132, 27 June 1885, Page 3


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