NEAL, William Henry

William Henry Neal

(W. H. Neal)

William Henry Neal born circa 1854 Boston Spa, Leeds, England, son of Maria Dearnley and Robert Neal [grocer and tea merchant], reg. July-Sep 1854 Tadcaster, vol. 9c page 486, departed East India Docks, London 1 September 1868 with his parents, brothers and sisters and uncle Henry William Neal [5] as a saloon passengers on the Countess of Kintore, arrived Auckland 7 December 1868, died 28 June 1943 at Thames Hospital, Thames aged 88 years, reg 1943/20882, buried Totara Memorial Park, Thames, married 29 May 1884, reg. 1884/710, Robena Kennedy born circa 1858, died 19 August 1950 aged 92 years, reg. 1950/28230
1. Robena Daguerre Neal born 26 July 1887, reg.
1887/6298, died 21 March 1962 Raetihi aged 74 years, reg. 1962/31718, married 3 June 1919, at Waituna West, by Rev, G. F. Stockwell [1], reg. 1919/3483, Lionel Henry Fagg of Raetihi, storekeeper, born 1 February 1884 Canterbury, Kent, England, youngest son of the late Frank Fagg, Wingmore, Broadstairs, England [1], died 22 September 1962 aged 78 years, reg. 1962/43421
1. Norman Talbot Fagg born 6 June 1920, reg 1920/22092, died 7 May 1952 aged 32 years, reg. 1952/30750
2. Neal Wingmore Fagg
3. Basil de Guerre Fagg born 14 June 1926, died 7 September 2011, reg. 2011/21980
4. Lionel John Fagg born 23 June 1929, died 2 June 2003 reg. 2003/11689 

2. Henry Talbot Neal [or Talbot Henry Neal] of Palmerston North, manufacturing jeweller, born 3 April 1890, reg. 1890/18070, died 26 April 1918 at his residence 13 Worcester Street, Palmerston North aged 29 years, reg. 1918/1332, buried Terrace End Cemetery, Palmerston North, block 082, plot 010 [4], married 6 March 1916 at Wesley Church, Taranaki Street, Wellington by the Rev. J. H. White, reg. 1916/4266, Lilian Harriet Hurlstone, youngest daughter [3] of Harriet Knight and Eli Hurlstone, born 27 March 1881 Wellington, reg. 1881/3329 [as Hurlston], died 5 June 1987, New South Wales, Australia, reg. 14459/1987
2a. Edgar Hurlstone Neal born 23 February 1917, reg. 1917/16429 of 12 Fitzwilliam Road, Vancluse, Sydney in 1943
The death occurred at his residence, Worcester street this morning of Mr Talbot Henry Neal, at the early age of 29. Deceased was well-known in Palmerston North, where he had spent most of his life, and was a son of Mr W. H. Neal, photographer. He was formerly in business as a manufacturing jeweller, and at the time of his death was in the employ of Mr J. B. Gerrand. The late Mr Neal was a member of J Battery for several years, and at one time held the rank of sergeant in the D Battery, Wellington. He leaves a wife and infant son to mourn their loss.
Manawatu Standard, Volume XLIII, Issue 1230, 26 April 1918, Page 5
3. William Fletcher Neal, company manager, Auckland, born 27 February 1894 Napier, reg. 1894/2743, died 28 September 1977, New South Wales, Australia, reg. 23201/1977, married 3 January 1933 St. Mark's Church, Remuera, Auckland by Archdeacon Simkin, reg. 1933/8909, divorced 1937, Nancy Cranswick Nellie Redstone born 27 June 1907, reg. 1907/162, only daughter of Julia Eva Redstone, Mrs. R. Cameron, Auckland,  [2] and Ernest William Redstone.

from 1882-1884
Waikato Times, Volume XIX, Issue 1559, 1 July 1882, Page 3
The Land Court about to be held in Kihikihi is already attracting business people from other townships in Waikato. Mr Neal, photographer of Cambridge, is about to erect a studio there, and several other new stores are spoken of.
Waikato Times, Volume XX, Issue 1678, 7 April 1883, Page 2 

Waikato Times, Volume XXIII, Issue 1939, 9 December 1884, Page 4
Tennyson Street

succeeded Thomas Andrew, December 1884

Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 7019, 22 November 1884
Mr Neal, photographer, of Tennyson-street, has had his studio nicely fitted up, and with the additions that have been made, it is now very complete. A nice light has been secured, a large stock of accessories have been procured, and everything done to ensure the comfort of the sitter. Some excellent specimens of Mr Neal's work are on view in the window, including some life size mezzotint and opal enlargements of rare merit.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 4209, 21 January 1885, Page 2

Mr W. H. Neal, photographer, of Tennyson street, took a series of very successful views of the solar eclipse this morning. When completed these photographs will be extremely interesting, and should command a large sale.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 4404, 9 September 1885, Page 2
Mr W. B. Neal [sic], the well-known photographer, has invented a new process  which he has called "The Opalite," and we yesterday inspected a number of  specimens of the work turned out by him by the new method. The pictures possess a breadth and richness that cannot be found in the usual style of photograph, and are certain to become the rage. A peculiarity about the process is that the surface cannot be injured by water, as is the case with all methods in which gelatine provides the face. Another is that light draperies come out the best, which is an advantage the value of which will be at once recognised by ladies. Mr Neal will shortly have a number of these specimens on view at his studio.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXV, Issue 8859, 25 December 1890, Page 2
Mr W. H. Neal, the well-known photographer, has three very artistic pictures now on view at his studio. Two of them have the whole length of the breakwater as part of the background, and one of these two shows a ketch in full sail leaving the head of the work. The third, a moonlight scene, includes part of the coast line the town side of the breakwater. In this last picture the masses of cloud and the light effects are very fine, and the others present pretty cloud and spray effects. Pictures like this fully justify Mr Neal's claim to be an artist in photography, and they are worth careful inspection.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXVII, Issue 9234, 13 December 1892, Page 2
Mr W. H. Neal, the well-known photographer, is now successfully manufacturing photographic dry plates of the highest quality. We believe he is the only maker in New Zealand; as although other attempts have been made they were not satisfactory. Mr Neal make [sic] at this time of the year sufficient plates to last him for twelve months, in addition to a quantity which he makes by request for sale. He has a most ingeniously arranged atelier for carrying on the work, the details including several of his own inventions for preparing the emulsion, floating the plates with it, drying them, and storing. He was first led to attempt the manufacture by the unequal quality of the imported plates, and after partial failures achieved such success that he has used only his own plates for a long period, and would consider it a misfortune to have to use others. The well-known excellence of his finished work is the best testimony to his success as a dry-plate maker.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9460, 25 August 1893, Page 2
Auction Sales
Henry R. Lascelles will sell the photographic plant of F. W. Mason at 2 p.m. on Monday next, on the premises, Emerson street.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 6849, 30 August 1893

 Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9464, 30 August 1893

Daily Telegraph, Issue 6872, 26 September 1893
There are at present on view in the window of Mr H. P. Cohen, Hastings-street, a number of photographic enlargements, the work of Mr W. H. Neal, photographer, Tennyson-street. Two life-size portraits by the patino-bromide process have elicited unanimous approval from all who have seen them, and for high-class workmanship and artistic finish they are far superior to the general run of the work executed outside the district. Amongst the enlargements are three specimens of the latest London novelty, the sepia-type process, now exhibited for the first time in the Australasian colonies. Mr Neal received a letter from a friend in the same profession in London, detailing the lines along which experiments were being made towards the perfecting of a new process. Mr Neal himself commenced experimenting in the same direction, and after five weeks' trial, succeeded in producing pictures which for delicacy and softness are far in advance of any process previously brought out, while the absolute permanency of the process is one of its most important features. In order to demonstrate this extreme permanency some experimental tests were shown to our representative.
Specimens of the sepia-type, platino-matt-bromide, and gelatine-chloride prints, were exposed to the action of several strong chemicals, with the result that the pictures by the new process were unaffected by even a lengthened exposure. The pictures are produced on a rough saxe paper, this contributing to the softness of tone so noticeable in them. The new process is one that requires elaborate manipulation, at least five sets of chemicals being used. While such artistic work can be produced in the district at prices that compare with any other house in the colony, it behoves people requiring portraiture of this description to encourage local industry.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXXIV, Issue 11205, 22 April 1899, Page 2

Mr Montague Lascelles will hold a clearing sale to-day at Mr W. H. Neal's studio of furniture and photographic materials, &c., in connection with the business. The sale is owing to the expiry of the lease necessitating the removal of the goods.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXXVI, Issue 11852, 23 May 1901, Page 2

Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXXVI, Issue 11852, 23 May 1901, Page 3


[1] Dominion, Volume 12, Issue 232, 25 June 1919, Page 1
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[4] Palmerston North City Council’s burial records 
[5] his brothers and sisters included:
1. William Henry Neal born 1854, married 1884/710 Robena Kennedy
2. Henriette Neal born 1855 died 1855
3. Robert Neal born 1856 died 1856
4. Henrietta Neal born 1857, died 1889 married 29 January 1878, reg. 1878/107 Wesley Spragg
5. Annie Dearnley Neal born 1859, married 30 July 1891, reg. 1891/1233 Wesley Spragg
6. Robert Wainhouse Neal commercial traveller, Thames] born 1860 Boston Spa, Yorkshire, died 28 May 1924 Auckland, reg. 1924/10513, married 17 November 1885 Wesleyan Parsonage, Napier, reg. 1885/3873 Marion Francis Corfield, born Hobart, Tasmania
7. John Herbert Neal born 1861, married 19 April 1888 at the Registry office [?] 1888/1616 Clara May Flavell
8. Maria Neal born 1862 Boston Spa, died 9 November 1942 at a private hospital, Auckland aged 80 years, unmarried
9. Alfred Neal married 23 April 1887, reg. 1887/38 Jane Bishop  
10. Edward Neal born circa 1865, died 27 April 1926 at his residence, Te Kawa aged 61 years, married 11 April 1891, reg. 1891/3257 Annie Elizabeth Conelly
11. Martha Alice Neal died 7 July 1944 at her residence 7 King Edward Avenue, Epsom, Auckland aged 76 years, married 23 September 1890, reg. 1890/3384 Benjamin Henry Bishop
12. Edith Neal born 1869, married 1905/342 Charles Gilmour


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