Price, O'Malley & Co.

 Price, O'Malley & Co.
 Lambton Quay, Wellington

One of the prettiest novelties in photography which we have seen for a long time has just been introduced by Messrs. Price & O'Malley, of Lambton-quay. A portrait of a little girl just completed by them represents her sitting on the bank of a brook with her feet paddling in the water. The feet are seen actually through the water, and the shadow in the water is admirable. How the effect is produced we do not know, but the result is very beautiful.
Evening Post, Volume XXXIX, Issue 50, 1 March 1890, Page 2

Tho portraits of the Mayor and City Councillors were recently taken by Messrs. Price, O'Malley & Co., photographic artists. These have been ranged in the form of a shield, which has been handsomely framed and presented to the civic authorities by Messrs. Price, O'Malley & Co. The photographs were taken by the their new process, and in each case the likeness is excellent. The finish is first-class, and the artistes deserve credit for the manner in which they have executed the work. The Council resolved last evening to send a letter of thanks to the donors, and accede to a request of the firm that the shield should be exhibited in the vestibule of their studio for a few days.
Evening Post, Volume XXXIX, Issue 78, 3 April 1890, Page 2

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