BARTLETT, Arthur Close

Arthur Close Bartlett
The Avenue, Wanganui

born 8 September 1878 Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand [1]
birth registered 1879/226
 son of Priscilla Maude Fear (photographer) and Robert Henry Bartlett (photographer)
died 31 July 1962 aged 83 years
reg. 1962/34162 aged 83 years
 cremated at Waikumete Cemetery

married 1910/5604 
Mary Alexander

The engagement is announced of Miss M. Alexander, of Devonport, to Mr A. Bartlett, also of the marine suburb.
Observer, Volume XXX, Issue 43, 9 July 1910, Page 8

1905-06 Waitemata Electoral Roll Arthur Close Bartlett, Devonport, photographer


Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LX, Issue 20488, 27 October 1915, Page 6
This notice continued in the Wanganui Chronicle until 16 November 1915

One of the most important events of the week in the artistic world of Wanganui and district, is the opening of the Bartlett studios in Union Bank Chambers, the announcement concerning which, appears on page 6. Mr. A. C. Bartlett who has been associated with high-class portraiture work of Auckland for over 20 years, has arrived in Wanganui, and is going to give work at the local studio his own personal attention.

The Bartlett high standard of work, which is recognised for its artistic merit throughout New Zealand will therefore obtain at the Bartlett studio, Wanganui. Mr. Bartlett has spared no pains in his efforts to make the studio worthy of the highest expression in photograph. The reception and preparation rooms and studio are furnished with taste, and the scheme, whilst effective and harmonious, is not obtrusive in any of its details. There is nothing of the makeshift order in the oak furnishings and it is no doubt refreshing to see in a studio, furniture that is substantial and attractive, apart from the artistic note it strikes.

With regard to the actual work, the great advance made during recent years by the discovery of more sensitive and flexible methods, both in the taking and the development of the picture, places a splendid goal before the earnest photographer, for, with the delicate and expressive means at his disposal, the artist is able to express the character as well as the external of his sitter.

Personality or character, the art that reveals the difference between man and man and not his external likeness to other people, has always been Mr. Bartlett's great aim in portraiture.

In the sepia processes used, Mr. Bartlett command mediums of expression that give him rare facilities for producing rich contrasts, mellow tones, and faithful characterisation and local patrons will soon discover that by trying to reach artistic ideals in every photograph, rather than appealing to subordinate interests, Mr. Bartlett is a true servant of art. The studio is now open as already indicated in Union Bank Chambers.
Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LX, Issue 20488, 30 October 1915, Page 7

Auckland Star, Volume XLVI, Issue 273, 16 November 1915, Page 1

Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LX, Issue 20500, 17 November 1915, Page 4
This notice continued in the Wanganui Chronicle until 17 January 1916.

 Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LX, Issue 50258, 5 February 1916, Page 4
This notice continued in the Wanganui Chronicle until at least 31 December 1919. 

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