While You Wait Studios

While You Wait Studios
Phil Teague
 111 Worcester Street, Cathedral Junction, Christchurch

While You Wait Studios, originally of Manchester St, has relocated to a new site in Worcester Street's re-opened Cathedral Junction.

"The great thing about While You Wait Portraits is that you can literally walk in off the street and have your photo taken," store owner Phil Teague says. "You don't even need to make an appointment if you come in before 1.30pm."

Phil's interest in photography harks back to his primary school days and his Box Brownie camera. His after-school job was working as one of the last street photographers of Cathedral Square with Elmar and Ambrose Studios.

"They were the days when approaching a stranger in the street and getting them to pause, pose, smile and pay for it was still happening," Phil says. "They would order from the black and white proofs the next day."

However, it wasn't until he was 18 and joined the RNZAF to be trained as a photographer that he gained the qualifications he needed for a career.

Phil bought While You Wait Studios more than 17 years ago, and has steadily built up his business to include some top-of-the-range technology, including front projection virtual backgrounds in traditional portraits and the use of interchangeable stereoscopic lenses.

A projected background can be chosen from collections created by virtual background photographers around the world or a customer can bring in their own image on a 35mm slide.

"for those wanting to get the maximum from it 3d aspects, they can bring in small props - such as a favourite toy - to help build up the layers of the 3D image," Phil says.

Family portrait are photographed in both 2D and 3D, but it's the 2D images that are printed, while the 3D images can be viewed on a 3D television.

As a re-opening special, Phil is offering customers a special deal on family portraits. For just 499, you can have your studio photographs taken on-site and then take the file of digital images home with you. The package includes a studio sitting, one retouched image file and all the raw files from the session.

For an additional cost, customers can also purchase prints from the shoot, with prices starting from $55.

While You Wait is open Monday to Friday, from 9am till 1.30pm, afternoons by appointment, Saturdays from 10am til 3pm, and Sundays from 11am to 3pm.

While You Wait Studios, 111 Worcester Street, Cathedral Junction, or call 366 6267 or 027 484 8869. Email: phil@whileyouwait.co.nz or visit the website at: www.whileyouwait.co.nz

Christchurch Mail, 16 January 2014, page 20.

 Christchurch Mail, 16 January 2014, page 20.


Unknown said...

Relocated again, due to lack of business and foot traffic in the CBD since the earthquakes. Now in Burwood and sessions by appointment only.

Pauline Kiernan said...

I wish you still had the proof sheets of the 1960s ?