Daley, G. H.

G. H. Daley

Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1219, 7 September 1871, Page 4

Photography.— We notice that Mr G. H. Daley has prolonged his stay in Wanganui for a limited time, previous to a tour of New Zealand for a collection of views. We have been shown a quantity of portraits of the townspeople, taken in a style worthy of the best Melbourne artistes, and indeed those anxious to have their faces and forms perpetuated should lose no time in visiting the studio.
Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 959, 13 September 1870, Page 2

above - a carte de visite by G. H. Daley, Marton 

Photography.- We were shewn to-day by Mr G. H. Daley a collection of photographic portraits, tastefully arranged in a rosewood and gilt frame. The first glance at the collection gave us a favorable impression, which was not diminished by a closer inspection. The portraits have been most carefully taken, the features of each subject shewing out with a clearness and distinctness only seen in portraits taken at first class studios. Wanganui people forming the subjects also added to the conception of the merits of Mr Daley's skill, the faces being so familiar any defect, was the more noticeable. Mr Daley having graduated at one of the best studios in Melbourne it is not, after all, surprising that he should, with the aid of clear Wanganui weather turn out such excellent specimens of the photographic art.
Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1054, 24 December 1870, Page 2

Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1246, 23 June 1871, Page 2

Photography.— Mr G. H. Daley advertises that he will visit the Patea and Waihi districts professionally. We should think Mr Daley will receive a fair amount of patronage from the inhabitants of these townships, who have not had the same opportunities of participating in this useful adjunct to civilization, as their more favored Wanganui friends.
Wanganui Herald, Volume IV, Issue 1244, 6 October 1871, Page 2 

 Wanganui Herald, Volume VI, Issue 1897, 15 September 1873, Page 3

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