BINNS, Reginald William

Reginald William Binns

Nui Tirini Photographic Studio
Goulburn, NSW

 Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW), 23 Jan 1897, Page 3

Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW), 23 Jan 1897, Page 3

 Goulburn Herald (NSW), 25 November 1898, page 5

Operator and Manager
Wrigglesworth and Binns
from about 1903

Exhibition 1906-1907, Industrial Awards.
Successful Dunedin competitors in the industrial awards at the Exhibition are as follow: Metal work: ... Class 25, Reginald W. Binns, Dunedin (gold medal) ... Baldwin and Rayward's special prizes for best working models showing greatest originality in construction: Reginald W. Binns, Dunedin (electric locomotive with motor)...
Evening Star, Issue 12057, 27 February 1907 

 Evening Star, Issue 14727, 20 November 1911

Evening Star, Issue 14756, 23 December 1911

 699 Colombo Street
to 1938
From 1939  Hamish Keith Studios were located at this address

Press, Volume LXXIV, Issue 22581, 10 December 1938

Reginald William Binns born 18 November 1872 Wellington, reg.  1872/21932, the second son of  Harriet Mills and Frederick Charles Binns (photographer), died 17 August 1953 Christchurch, reg. 1953/24193, married 1stly 8 December 1896 at Rangitata Island, reg. 1896/3688 Lucy Snell [or Louise Snell], second daughter of Fanny and William Snell, Rangitata Island [William Snell was accidentally killed by a train at the Denmark Street railway crossing in Temuka on 2 January 1911], she died 26 February 1907, buried St Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Papanui, Christchurch, married secondly 5 October 1911, St Michael's Church, Christchurch by Rev. E. K. Mules, reg. 1911/8540, Elizabeth Arrow [also known as Dorothy], eldest daughter of W. H. Arrow, Christchurch, issue:
1.  William Reginald Binns born 10 July 1912, 60 Hills Road, Richmond, Christchurch, reg. 1912/10375
2. Frederick Colin Binns born 30 September 1915, reg. 1915/27411      
3. Henry Arrow Binns born 12 January 1919, reg. 1919/5781  

Reginald William (R.W.) Binns, a son of Frederick Charles Binns, was a photographer from Christchurch, NZ who had an Australian connection. He announced the opening "for a few months" of his Nui Tirini Photographic Studio about Australia Day (26th January) 1897 in Goulburn, NSW. Nui Tirini stood opposite the Oddfellows Hall (now Argyle Mall) in Auburn Street. The last mention of him in the local newspaper, the Goulburn Penny Post is in August 1898, and a competitor, the Rozelle Studio announced in December that they had bought all his stock. Also during his brief time in Goulburn (c. 20 to 24 months) he patented a new photographic process

R.W. Binns appears to have returned to Christchurch, which was maybe his original intention. Is there any more information on this photographer?

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