CAZNEAU, Emily Florence

Emily Florence Cazneau
64 Cuba Street

succeeded by Frederick Hill at 64 Cuba Street about October 1886, premises later occupied by the New Zealand Photographic Co. and then Berry and Co.

Emily Florence Bentley was born about 1861 the youngest daughter of R. Bentley. She was married [4] in New Zealand on 23 December 1876 by the Rev. H. B. Redstone, to Pierce Mott Cazneau [5] the sixth son of Margaret Sharpe and Edward Lancelott Cazneau, artist of Liverpool, England [2]. She died on 24 March 1892 aged 31 years [1]. Pierce Mott Cazneau married secondly Christina Margaret Jane Harley daughter of J. Harvey, she died on 17 February 1938, Adelaide aged 70 years, (mother of Jack, Pip, Dot and Carmen). Pierce Mott Cazneau died 20 April 1928 at his residence Ebor Avenue, Torrensville, Adelaide, aged 78 years.

Harold Cazneaux.
1. Harold Cazneau (also known as Harold Pierce Cazneaux) born 30 March 1878, Wellington, New Zealand, reg. 1878/4205, died 19 June 1953 at his residence, Roseville, Sydney, married 1 September 1905 at the Methodist Church, Boulevarde, Lewisham, Sydney by the Rev. Dr. Sellars, Winnifred Hodge youngest daughter of the late John Hodge, Adelaide [6]. Harold Cazneaux is the grandfather of Richard Harold Smith, the founder of Dick Smith Electronics.

1a. Rainbow W Cazneaux born circa 1908 reg. 18662/1908 St Leonards, married Hugh Malanai Johnson, he was killed during WWII (parents of Robert and Sally)
1b. Jean L Cazneaux born circa 1909, reg. 41494/1909 St Leonards
1c. May Beryl Cazneaux born circa 1911, reg. 20775/1911 St Leonards
1d. Carmen Cazneaux born circa 1913, reg. 19310/1913 St Leonards, married Vincent Frederick Field

1e. Joan Cazneaux married Herbert Smith
1f. Harold Ramsay Cazneaux (2nd A.I.F.) killed 14 September 1941

2. Gordon Cazneau (Major) born circa 1880, Wellington, died 7 September 1941 at Neutral Bay, Sydney (First A.I.F.), married 1915 St Peters Church, Blues Point Road, Sydney, Lizzie Gray Provest formerly Clark, she died 3 May 1947 Sydney aged 64 years

3. Carmen Cazneau born 3 March 1882 Newtown, Wellington [3], reg. 1882/6387, died about 1966, married 6 September 1905 at St Augustine's Church, Unley, by the Rev. Eugene Perrin, Ralph Hammer, third son of William H. Hammer [7].

3a. Ralph Cazneau Hammer born "Aroha," First Avenue, St Peters, Adelaide, reg. 1914    933/380
3b. Carmen Cazneau Hammer born "Aroha," First Avenue, St Peters, Adelaide, reg. 1922 102A/82

Evening Post, Volume XXX, Issue 111, 6 November 1885, Page 3

Members of Friendly Societies will be interested in a photograph exhibited in the window of Messrs Milner and Thompson, High street [Christchurch]. It represents a group of members of the general Committee of the Friendly Societies, who so successfully carried out the arrangements of the recent demonstration by those bodies at Wellington on Oct. 15. The photograph, which was executed by Mr [sic] E. F. Cazneau, of Wellington, is neatly mounted, framed, and forms a pleasing memento of the Friendly Societies' gathering at the Industrial Exhibition.
Star, Issue 5464, 11 November 1885, Page 4

Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 106, 18 September 1886, Page 3

 Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 120, 5 October 1886, Page 1

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