HILL, Frederick

 Frederick Hill
1886 to 1887 - 64 Cuba Street, Wellington, succeeded Emily Florence Cazneau, premises later occupied by the New Zealand Photographic Co. and then Berry and Co.
1888 - Regent Street, Hawera
1888 - Hunterville
1889 - Wanganui

Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 106, 18 September 1886, Page 3

Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 120, 5 October 1886, Page 1

A fire broke out on the premises of Mr. F. Hill, photographer, Cuba-street, shortly before 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, but was suppressed before a great amount of damage had been done. The outbreak occurred in the developing, or dark room, and its origin is a mystery. The Manners-street Fire Brigade Station was promptly communicated with, but before Captain Page and his men could reach the spot, a small hose was procured from a neighbour, and, a plentiful supply of water being available, the flames were soon extinguished. The damage amounts to about £4O. The stockin-trade is insured in the Colonial office for £135. In cutting a hole in the weatherboard for the purpose of inserting the nozzle of the hose, a large lens was considerably damaged. Messrsr. P. Hill, G. Bernasconi, J. H. Hudson, J. Godber, L. Brogan, A. Watty, and G. Percy were the most prominent in suppressing the fire.
Evening Post, Volume XXXIII, Issue 12, 15 January 1887, Page 2

  Feilding Star, Volume XI, Issue 14, 18 July 1889, Page 3
The N.Z. Photo Company later occupied the studio at 64 Cuba Street, Wellington.

Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume X, Issue 1827, 13 January 1888, Page 3

Evening Post, Volume XXXV, Issue 66, 20 March 1888, Page 2

There was a narrow escape from a fire in Hawera on Monday. Mr. Hill, photographer, left his premises in Regent-street between two and three o'clock, and, on returning in company with Mr. Stanley about half an hour later, he found smoke issuing from a back room of the premises. On entering the building, flames were seen to be spreading up a wooden partition and over the ceiling. Messrs. Stanley and Hill at once set to work pulling down scrim and beating out the fire, and worked to such good purpose that its progress was stayed and in time the flames were subdued. They had just arrived in the nick of time, and had not their action been very prompt the destruction of the premises and those adjoining, Mr. Hutchison's office and Mr. Davidson's Regent-street store, must have occurred.

It seems that when Mr. Hill left the premises there was a fire burning in the fireplace, having been used for heating purposes in connection with enamelling operations, and it is supposed that sparks must have shot out and ignited the scrim partition, which was pretty close to the fireplace. The building, owned by Mr. Davidson, is insured in the South British office for £80 the damage is estimated at £10 or £15. Mr. Hill had no insurance, and his loss he estimates at £30. Mr. Hill unfortunately lost many negatives from which he bad not yet printed, and, therefore, he cannot now fulfil the orders at present. He desires that persons who have sat for photographs will communicate with him.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume X, Issue 1884, 20 March 1888, Page 2

The New Zealand Times says "Mr. Frederick Hill, formerly in business as a photographer in Wellington, but now living at Hunterville, on the central route of the North Island Trunk Railway, is now in town, and gives a most encouraging account of the quality of the land in that neighborhood. Mr. Hill states that the soil is of unusual richness, in proof of which he has brought with him a rare collection of vegetables grown on his land." If this Mr. Frederick Hill is the person who was recently in business in Hawera, as a photographer, we and others should be glad if he would bring his produce up this way.
Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume X, Issue 1919, 2 May 1888, Page 2

 Wanganui Chronicle, Volume XXXII, Issue 11456, 10 August 1889, Page 3

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