Dimond and Hart

Dimond and Hart

Dimond and Hart (Joseph Davis Dimond and Stephen Hart), Photo Enlargers and Importers, 49 Tory Street, Wellington. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residences: Mr. Dimond, Christchurch; Mr. Hart, Tasman Street, Wellington. 

The business was originally established as Dimond Brothers in Melbourne in 1886. In 1891 Mr. J. D. Dimond opened a branch of the business in Adelaide, South Australia, which he subsequently took over on his own account and conducted personally for two years. He came to New Zealand in 1893, and was joined by Mr. Hart, establishing the present firm. The Adelaide business, Mr. Dimond has since sold to Messrs. Dimond Bros, of Melbourne. Messrs. Dimond and Hart transact business throughout the entire Colony, being represented by responsible agents.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Wellington Provincial District] 1897.
© 2013 Victoria University of Wellington 

 above - the reverse of this wedding photograph hand coloured by Dimond and Hart is inscribed "128/196 Perham N Beach." This is likely to show Mr and Mrs Perham of North Beach, New Brighton, Christchurch.

above - instructions for Dimond and Hart to colour and frame the photograph shown below of George Victor Gudsell and family.

A photograph dating from 1916 or early 1917 by James Alfred Willoughby, Geraldine.

George Victor Gudsell with his wife Lily Louisa Gudsell and their children Vera and Joyce Gudsell. 

George Victor Gudsell, born 7 May 1887 Lincoln Road, Christchurch, died 9 February 1974, 178 King Street, Temuka.
Lily Louisa Early, born 11 January 1884 Broadfields, died 10 November/December 1940 Winchester.
Vera Agnes Gudsell, born 5 October 1914 Geraldine, died 5 July 1926 Winchester aged 11 years.
Frances Joyce Gudsell, born 16 April 1916 Geraldine, died 20 April 2001 Christchurch Hospital, Christchurch.

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