TURNER, Nicholas

Nicholas Turner
 Methodist Minister, Photographer

born circa 1863
died 19 February 1930 aged 67 years
reg. 1930/11374
buried Bromley Cemetery block 31, plot 323

Missioner Nicholas Turner, who has been prominently before Wellingtonians recently as the promoter of the Prisoners' Aid Society, and the organiser of the movement which has resulted in the establishment of the Home of Hope for discharged prisoners at Makara, is well-known not only in Wellington, but in Christchurch and Melbourne.

He had much experience in social reform work as an officer of the Salvation Army. He has been of late years an active worker in religious circles in Wellington as the head of the Central Mission, is a member of the Ministers' Association, and acting-secretary of the Council of Churches.

Mr. Turner has been a photographic enthusiast for some twenty years, and for some time prior to coming to Wellington toured the South Island with his camera on behalf of the "Canterbury Times."

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Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LXVI, Issue 17290, 17 May 1918, Page 7

The above is the title of the lantern lecture to be given in aid of the "Soldiers' Mothers' Day effort," this evening, in the Opera House, by the Rev Nicholas Turner, who, four years ago, made an extensive tour throughout this land, covering practically all the places traversed and occupied by our troops.

The Napier, Auckland and Christchurch papers, in commenting upon the lecture, spoke highly of the information and pleasure afforded to those who had interest in the movements of our troops there, for many New Zealand homes are well represented in this "New Crusade," and further paid the compliment that "Mr Turner not only made slides, but every slide was a picture, ably and racily described by the lecturer." One hundred and thirty slides in all will be screened, 60 of which will show the actual scenes of our military movements. The object is in furtherance of the Soldiers, Club movement, and a good house is assured. The chair will be taken by his Worship the Mayor (Mr C. E. Mackay).

Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LXVI, Issue 17294, 22 May 1918, Page 6

The Rev. Nicholas Turner will conduct his farewell services to-morrow. 11 a.m. at Aramoho, 7 p.m., Dublin Street. Mr. and Mrs. Turner purpose leaving on Wednesday morning next for Christchurch, in which city he will seek rest until health is restored. Mr. Turner hopes to secure at the coming conference twelve months leave without pastoral charge.
Wanganui Chronicle, Volume LXVI, Issue 17498, 15 February 1919, Page 4

Corporal W. A. Turner, son of the Rev. Nicholas Turner, Lichfield street, returned with the Waimana's draft after an absence of nearly four years. Corporal Turner was engaged for several years on the staff of W. Suckling and Co., photographic dealers in this city [Christchurch] and Auckland.
Press, Volume LV, Issue 16560, 27 June 1919, Page 8 

High tribute to the valuable services given to the Methodist Church by the late Mr. Nicholas Turner, of Christchurch, was paid last night by the president of the Methodist Conference (the Rev. A. N. Scotter, B.A.), and the Conference passed in silence a resolution of sympathy and condolence with his relatives. Mr. Turner was for some years in charge of the High street Mission, Christchurch, and when the Chapman Alexander Mission left New Zealand, he went Home with Dr. Chapman as his secretary. He afterwards returned to New Zealand and took up a business career.
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