HARDY, Alfred

Alfred Hardy

born circa 1866, son of John Hardy of Notts, England
died 30 August 1951 aged 85 years, ashes scattered, (Waikumete Cemetery Records)

Succeeded in Timaru in 1909 by John Ernest Pigott

Fischer and Hardy
next door to the Club Hotel, Timaru
circa April 1899 to circa January 1900

Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 2936, 27 April 1899, Page 3


Mr Ferrier and Messrs Fischer and Hardy both secured some good photographs of snow scenes last week. The former has prepared some nice Christmas cards from his views.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 3018, 1 August 1899, Page 2

Messrs Fischer and Hardy have in their show window two excellently clear photographs of the wreck of the Elginshire, showing the two sides separately. The port side view shows the snapped-off bow lying to the left some distance away from the rest of the hull, the deck tilted to the southward. This must have needed a great force to move it bodily so far. It is odd that the bow was not carried the other way, deck to north.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 3120, 28 November 1899, Page 2

Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3162, 17 January 1900, Page 1
(this notice continued until about 30 January 1900)

January 1900 to November 1909

Wanted - Girl to undertake printing and other work. One with previous experience preferred. Apply A. Hardy, Photographer.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3223, 29 March 1900, Page 1
(repeated until 31 March 1900)


To carpenters. Tenders will be received up till 12 o'clock, Friday, 6th July, for building residence in Bank St. for Mr A. Hardy. Plans, &c, at my office. Jas. S. Turnbull, Architect.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3300, 28 June 1900, Page 1


In 1900 Alfred Hardy had a house built for himself at the intersection of Church and Bank Streets, designed by the Timaru Architect James Stuart Turnbull.

This view above by an unknown photographer shows three houses at the interesection Church Street and Bank Street from St Mary's Church.

1. the north east corner (house - foreground right )
2. the north west corner (house centre)
3. the south west corner (house left partly obcurred by the structure of St Mary's)

It is not known if there was a fourth house at the south east intersection, behind the church.

Mr Ferrier has a large collection of local photographs for Christmas cards, and his album of South Canterbury views (issued in conjunction with Mr Wagstaff) is a good line. Mr Hardy has also got choice photographic gift lines.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3451, 22 December 1900, Page 4


Xmas and New Year Card Photos.
A large variety to choose from. All sizes. From 5s upwards.
A. Hardy, Photographer
Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3437, 6 December 1900, Page 1
(repeated until at least 31 December 1900)


Timaru Herald, Volume LXXVI, Issue 11750, 7 May 1902

A part of the range of new brick buildings on Stafford street, which we have not previously mentioned, was lately completed by Mr Clayton [George Oswald Clayton]. One half was built for Mr Hardy, photographer, the other half for Mr Clayton himself, but both are included in one design for the street front. There is a good deal of variety in the fronts of these new buildings, and this latest addition to them has also a character of its own. It is finished in plain cement, which is drying to a nice light grey, and is in pleasing contrast with the buildings on each side of it. The front is plain below, as it is intended to add a verandah. The upper storey front consists of a pair of handsome windows each broken into triple lights by fluted pilasters, and surmounted by a central panel with bold scroll supports and crowned by a small pediment. The pair are connected by a cornice stretching across the building, and ornamented with triglyphs. When the verandah is added, this will be a notable member of the new range of buildings.

Mr Hardy, who had carried on the business of a photographer for some years in a part of the Club Hotel block, owns half of the above-described building, and he had the interior arranged to suit his business. He has a good show window, with a southern aspect, and therefore well and evenly lighted at all times during the day, and never excessively so. The window contains some excellent specimens of Mr Hardy s work, including enlargements. Through the street door (which is ornamented with coloured glass panels, and the doorstep laid with parquetry tiling) one enters a suitably furnished reception room, the woodwork of which, in wainscot fittings attracts attention for the fine-grained oil-polished rimu, of which they are made, the timber having been specially selected. At the rear of the reception room is a good sized work-room with the necessary fittings for mounting and framing. From the reception room a handsome stairway leads to the upper storey, the studio, and its necessary adjuncts in dressing-room, dark room, and printing room. The studio is a capacious room, made comfortable in winter by means of a handsome gas stove- standing in a very pretty mantel-piece-frame, designed by Mr James Turnbull. A special item of the furniture is an ingenious upright frame on castors, on which is a variety of "back-grounds," painted on cloths wound on rollers, and so fitted that any one of them can be exchanged for another in a minute or two, the whole arrangement taking up no more room than a single stretched back would do. The dressing-room is nicely fitted, and lavatory is attached, and the "dark room" has all the conveniences that experience could suggest. The whole arrangement of the building was in fact designed by Mr Hardy himself to suit his work, and it include a stand on the roof for taking street processions, etc. As for the work Mr Hardy turns out, this can be seen by the varied specimens in his show window, and we are pleased to hear that he is being well patronised, as enterprise and skill deserve.

Mr Clayton's half of the building is let to two tenants, the Misses Necklen, seamstresses, occupying the ground floor, which is a convenient little shop with a good show window, and a well-lit work-room behind it, where they carry out all kinds if sewing for ladies' and children's wear, the upper floor, reached by a stairway direct from the front door, is let to another tenant who is not yet in occupation.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXVI, Issue 11777, 7 June 1902

above - George Victor Gudsell
 born 7 May 1887, Lincoln Road, Christchurch
died 9 February 1974, 178 King Street, Temuka

The Timaru pupils of Mr F. A. Hornibrook, who instructed several classes in the Sandow System of physical culture during the winter months were examined at Timaru by Mr Sandow. There were fully twenty young men present, and they exhibited themselves for examination in a light bathing costume. Various exercises showing their development were gone through, and Sandow was very pleased with their condition, and congratulated Mr Hornibrook on the efficiency they had attained. Amongst those present was a young man, who after practising the system for a few months was successful in becoming an amateur champion cyclist of New Zealand, and he attributed his success largely to this method of training. Another young man was pointed out whose lungs about a couple of years ago were very weak, but by taking up the exercises he is now perfectly sound, and is one of Mr Hornibrook's best pupils. All the young “Sandows” were introduced to their father, and after a hearty handshake all round the photographer took a group with the strong man as centrepiece, Mr Hornibrook being at his side. Amongst those examined Sandow were three members of the Geraldine Sandow class, who were kindly invited by Mr Hornibrook to be present. The verdict of all present was that the strong man is a splendid fellow, not only physically, but socially.
Temuka Leader, 1 January 1903
There is at present on view in the window of Mr Hardy, photographer, a line group of some of Mr Hornibrook's pupils with Sandow and Mr Hornibrook as a centrepiece. The men are a well developed lot, and the picture will no doubt draw attention to-day. Messrs Sandow and Hornibrook, who are in civilian clothes in the photograph, were also taken together, and the photo has turned out remarkably well.
Timaru Herald, 17 January 1903


THE GOVERNOR TIMARU. On Saturday his Excellency the Governor, the Earl of Ranfurly, invited his Worship the Mayor to lunch with him and his son, Viscount Northland, at the Grosvenor Hotel, and after lunch the Mayor, took his Excellency to the hospital, where Mr Talbot, chairman of the Board, and the Resident Surgeon, Dr Gabites, showed the party over the premises, and explained the alterations to the buildings now in progress. His Excellency went through the wards and had a kind word for every patient. Mr Hardy took a photograph of the party, on the lawn. The party then walked through the park and visited the gaol and then the Old Men's Home, where his Excellency found some old Crimean veterans... 
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXVIII, Issue 11993, 16 February 1903 

 Timaru Herald, Volume LXXIX, Issue 12103, 25 June 1903, page 4.

There is now on view in the window of Mr Hardy's photographic studio the handsome silver cup which was presented by Mr G. G. Stead as the first prize for the point-to-point steeplechase, recently held at Christchurch and won by Mr. A. S. Elworthy's Swagger, with Mr Orton's Dugald second. The cup is a very nice piece of ornamental silver work, and Mr Elworthy may well be proud of it. Beside the cup are three very clear photographs taken by Mr Hardy, of the two horses at the kennel stables, one picture showing the horses together, two others showing them separately. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXIX, Issue 12130, 27 July 1903 

Timaru Herald, Volume LXXIX, Issue 12175, 19 September 1903

Timaru Borough Council ….Mr G. O. Clayton applied for leave to erect a verandah in front of premises owned by Mr Hardy, photographer and himself. Also that the gas lamp and post now in front be shifted.—Agreed to and lamp to be shifted as recommended by the overseer. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXII, Issue 12756, 15 August 1905 

The Lifeboat Lodge, I.OG.T. held a benefit lantern entertainment last evening instead of their weekly meeting. The entertainment was arranged by Bro. Newlands and was in aid of a sister who has been in ill-health for a considerable time. There was a very good attendance of friends who greatly enjoyed the splendid programme consisting of illustrated stories and several miscellaneous films. The lantern was manipulated by Bro. Newlands and Mr Hardy who generously lent a large number of beautiful slides. The connective readings were splendidly given by Bro. Ellis. The entertainment will result in a very good sum to be devoted to a deserving case. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXII, Issue 12857, 16 December 1905

Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIII, Issue 12881, 20 January 1906 

above - Mr Jack Tapp

above - Mr Ted Tapp

Messrs P. W. Hutton and Company are selling a very neat postal packet in the old fashioned zigzag album form, of Timaru views, from excellent photographs by Mr A. Hardy. There is a plate containing a dozen tiny views of Mount Cook, and another showing the peak itself. A bird's-eye view of Timaru, taken from the Chalmers Church tower, shows the town well. Caroline Bay on a holiday, the harbour, the Convent, Chalmers Church, and the of the Elginshire complete an attractive collection. The views are reproduced by a very fine process, and the nicely selected view of the harbour in particular might well be taken for a photograph itself. The album is remarkably cheap, and is well suited for posting long distances.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIII, Issue 12904, 15 February 1906

The Salvation Army barracks were fairly well filled last night, for the farewell to Adjutant Hildreth. A special entertainment was arranged for the occasion, a lantern show of miscellaneous pictures. The lantern, illuminated by an acetylene light, was managed by Mr A. Hardy, and Adjutant Hildreth described the pictures. These comprised a short series of statuary, views from Rotorua, Buller Valley, Gisborne and Cairo, and a long series connected with the wreck of the s.s. Elmgamite on Three Kings Islands, and the rescue of the survivors. This series was particularly interesting, the pictures showing the numbers of people that were crowded into boats; it seemed almost impossible that so many could be carried in a ship's boat…
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIII, Issue 12993, 5 June 1906

 Mr Hardy has in his show window a well-executed group photograph of the committee (of 22) of the Timaru branch of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, which carried out the banquet to the late Premier on April 14th, in honour of the concession of the eight hours day and increased pay. 
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIII, Issue 13011, 26 June 1906

There were on view in the window of Mr Hardy, photographer, yesterday afternoon, two photos of more than ordinary interest. These were snapshots of the barque Lutterworth which were taken by Mr Buckley Joyce from the dredge as the barque was being towed to sea on Saturday last. One picture was evidently taken while the vessel was still in tow; while the other shows the broadside of the vessel, with the pilot boat under the vessel's quarter waiting to take off Captain Clarkson. On the poop deck can be seen three figures. These are Captain Clarkston, Captain Hicks and Mrs Hicks. Mention was made on Tuesday of the precautions taken in the ballasting for the safety of the vessel. A glance at the photos will show that extra precautions were also taken in that the royal yards were sent below. The enlargements' are the work of Mr A. Hardy.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIX, Issue 13097, 4 October 1906

The usual weekly meeting of the St. Mary's Young Men's Society was held in the Society's Rooms last evening ... The subject for the evening was a lantern entertainment by Mr Hardy, who showed a splendid selection of views, including some excellent ones of Mt. Cook and many past views of interesting gatherings and events which had taken place, in Timaru. On the motion of the chairman a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr Hardy on the conclusion of his lecture... 
Timaru Herald, Volume XIC, Issue 13327, 2 July 1907 

A lecture is announced to be given hi the Assembly Rooms on the 26th inst. by Mr W. L. Wallace, on the Outlying Islands of New Zealand. The lecture will be illustrated with interesting pictures of the Snares, Auckland, Campbell, Antipodes, Bounty and Chatham Islands, shown by Mr A. Hardy's new and powerful limelight lantern. The pictures are from photographs taken by Mr Wallace, Messrs Bethune and Johnson of Invercargill, and a few by Mr Edgar S. Waite, Curator of the Christchurch Museum. The proceeds of the lecture are to be devoted to the expenses of the Kermadec Islands Expedition.
Timaru Herald, Volume XIC, Issue 13392, 16 September 1907, page 5

A dark room for photography has been fitted up at the Technical School, and it is intended to run a photography class during the winter months, with Mr A. Hardy as instructor. The class starts this evening, when Mr Hardy will deal with the subject of lenses. All interested are invited to attend. 
Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 13896, 6 May 1909 

Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 13896, 6 May 1909

The Education Board officials having made excellent arrangements, a fine gathering of about 300 of the senior pupils of the Timaru schools met in the Technical School last night to hear Mr G. E. Mannering talk about New Zealand glaciers. It is safe to say that it was the best lesson ever given in Timaru on this interesting subject. Mr Mannering showed over 100 slides illustrating glacial phenomena and chatted about each in a most instructive and happy fashion. The lantern was manipulated by Mr Hardy in his usual clever manner. 
Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 13968, 31 July 1909 

A small informal gathering took place at the technical school last evening, when the members of the photographic class exhibited the work done during the term. A number of lantern slides had been prepared and these were projected on the screen by the instructor, Mr Hardy. Some of the work shown was of exceptional merit, considering that it was done by first year students. Before separating Mr Grant, the director, on behalf of the members of the class presented Mr Hardy with a handsome electro plated sugar basin, as a small token to show their appreciation of his kindness and courtesy as instructor. Mr Grant stated that the class had been one of the best at the school this season, and Mr Hardy had spared no effort to make his students efficient, that he had been successful was quite apparent that evening. Mr Hardy, in returning thanks, said that his work as instructor had been a great pleasure to him, and he was glad to think that he had been somewhat successful, and that his efforts had been appreciated. 
Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 14014, 24 September 1909

Mr A. Hardy, the well-known photographer, intends to leave Timaru shortly for Auckland, there to continue in the same line of business.
Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 14055, 12 November 1909, page 5

 Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 14058, 16 November 1909, page 1

 Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 14064, 23 November 1909

 Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 14074, 4 December 1909

On Saturday evening the members of St. Mary's Tennis Club gathered together in the Church Schoolroom to make a presentation to their well tried friend Mr A. Hardy. The Club will sustain a severe loss in the departure of Mr Hardy who has decided to go into the North Island on account of the health of his family. On behalf of the Club, the Rev. Mr Adams presented Mr Hardy with a Gillette razor and in a few well chosen words expressed the respect and esteem in which he was held by the members. Mr Adams' remarks were endorsed by the Rev. Mr Curow, Messrs Wakeman, Gabites, Irelands, Grant, and Bowker. Mr Hardy very suitably replied, thanking them for the extreme usefulness of their gift, and for the very nice way in which they had spoken of him. He also expressed a wish that if any of the members of the Club were in Onehunga at any time that they would come and see him, being sure of receiving a hearty welcome. "For he's a jolly good Fellow" and "Auld Lang Syne" wound up the meeting.
Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 14087, 20 December 1909

In reference to a paragraph which appeared in Saturday's "Herald," we are informed that Mr W. Ferrier, photographer, of Timaru, has the honour of Vice-regal patronage conferred upon him many years ago by the late Sir Hercules Robinson, at that time Governor of New Zealand. The late Mr R. Haigh, a former photographer of Timaru, had a similar honour conferred upon him by one of New Zealand's Governors, and it is understood that Mr A. Hardy, a former Timaru photographer, received the same distinction.
Timaru Herald, Volume XCVI, Issue 14911, 2 December 1912

Timaru Hospital by Alfred Hardy
The Arthur A. Ware Series

A Corner of the Hospital Grounds, Timaru by Alfred Hardy
The Arthur A. Ware Series

Caroline Bay, Timaru by Alfred Hardy
F.T. Series no. 4435A

Talma Studio
about 1910 to 1920

 New Zealand Herald, Volume XLVI, Issue 14256, 30 December 1909

Meetings. "Man's Conquest of the Air" A very interesting and instructive lecture on "Man's Conquest of the Air" was given last night in the Onehunga Lyceum Hall by Mr. Chas. A. Senior, under the auspices of the Onehunga Literary Society. The lecturer gave an account of all the latest discoveries in aeronautics, and was assisted by a series of splendid limelight pictures illustrating his subject. A large number of different types of aeroplanes, monoplanes, and dirigibles were shown on the screen. Mr. A. Hardy, who manipulated the lantern, is to be congratulated on the splendid results obtained. 
Auckland Star, Volume XLII, Issue 123, 25 May 1911

LANTERN LECTURE. A very interesting lecture on the no-license question was given by Canon Haselden in St Peter's Parish Hall, Onehunga, last night, when there was a large attendance, the hall being comfortably filled. The lecture was illustrated by a fine series of slides prepared by Mr. A. Hardy, who manipulated the lantern with skill.
Auckland Star, Volume XLII, Issue 130, 2 June 1911

A lecture on no-license was given last night by Canon Haselden in the Parish Hall, Onehunga, when there was a good attendance. The lecture was illustrated by some splendid lantern views. The lantern, which was lighted by limelight, was manipulated by Mr. A. Hardy in a very skilful manner. At the close of the lecture, which was listened to closely, a number of Japanese views were shown.
Auckland Star, Volume XLII, Issue 208, 1 September 1911

New Zealand Herald, Volume LV, Issue 17058, 14 January 1919

The sixth annual Spring Flower Show, held under the auspices of the Pukekohe St. James' Presbyterian Church, was concluded on Friday night in the presence of a large attendance.

The judges were …  photography, Mr A. Hardy …
In addition to the exhibits on "exhibition only" … Mr A. Hardy, of Pukekohe Hill, exhibited two very fine photographs, his own work …
Pukekohe & Waiuku Times, Volume 8, Issue 466, 23 September 1919

St. Andrew's Sunday School took place at the Oddfellows' Hall on Wednesday evening, when there was a large attendance of pupils… A magic lantern entertainment given by Mr. A. Hardy was appreciated to the fullest extent, and Mr. Hardy was also heartily thanked for the interesting programme presented…
Pukekohe & Waiuku Times, Volume 9, Issue 553, 30 July 1920

 Thorpe Studio
Hall Street
from circa March 1922

Pukekohe & Waiuku Times, Volume 9, Issue 615, 11 March 1921

Auckland Star, Volume LII, Issue 156, 2 July 1921

There is in the course of erection, a photographic studio on the southern side of Messrs J. W. Andrew and Son’s Ford garage, in Hall Street. The building is being erected by Mr Dickson, of Drury f or Mr Hardy, of Pukekohe. 
Pukekohe & Waiuku Times, Volume 9, Issue 671, 4 October 1921 

 One of the most up-to-date and largest photographic studios in the North Island has been erected and opened in Hall Street, Pukekohe, by Mr A. Hardy. Besides being roomy, the studio is favoured with natural light all day, apart from a photographing room there is a well appointed reception room, also a dressing room. The premises are furnished well with all the latest apparatus and appliances. Mr Hardy has had wide experience in the profession, having been practising 11 years in Timaru and a similar number of years in Auckland. He has also had an appointment to Earl Ranfurly, K.C.M.G., formerly Governor of New Zealand. Mr Hardy has gone to considerable expense in erecting this modern studio, and he now solicits a fair share of public patronage. 
Pukekohe & Waiuku Times, Volume 9, Issue 717, 24 March 1922

 New Zealand Herald, Volume LIX, Issue 18136, 7 July 1922

Pukekohe & Waiuku Times, Volume 9, Issue 769, 12 September 1922

 New Zealand Herald, Volume LX, Issue 18329, 20 February 1923

Pukekohe Hill by Thorpe Studio, Pukekohe
Hardy Series 1.

  Thorpe Studio (Firm). Henry Greathead Rex Mason - Photograph taken by Thorpe Studio (Pukekohe). Holland, Roy, fl 1943-1971 :Portraits of Labour politicians, and lantern slides compiled by Harry Holland; also WW2 veterans on parade, including Sir Stephen Weir. Ref: PAColl-4415-09. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. http://natlib.govt.nz/records/23011945

Family Details:
Alfred Hardy born circa 1866, son of John Hardy of Notts, England, died 30 August 1951 aged 85 years, ashes scattered, (Waikumete Cemetery Records), married 17 April 1894 at St, Andrew's Church, Cambridge, Waikato, by the Ven. Archdeacon Willie, Laura Mary Williams daughter of Helen Forbes and her husband William Henry Williams (Manager of the Shag Point Coal Mine), born 13 November 1867, reg. 1868/29904, died 13 April 1957 aged 89 years, ashes scattered, (Waikumete Cemetery Records).

1. Marjory Helen Hardy born 31 March 1895, reg. 1895/5576, died 4 July 1978, reg. 1978/36814 aged 83 years, ashes North Store Memorial Park, Auckland

2. Kathleen Mary Hardy born 2 January 1897, reg. 1897/525, died 8 June 1947, reg. 1947/20001 aged 50 years, married 12 September 1922, reg. 1922/6520, Edward Derwent Wilks, born 15 July 1896, died 22 September 1974, reg. 1974/38675
        2a. Mary Wilks [Mrs Reid] born 19 October 1923, died 2002, reg. 2002/12648
          2b. Derwent Hardy Wilks born 22 January 1928, died 26 March 2013 at Auckland Hospital, reg 2013/8238, married Valerie
           2c others? 

New Zealand Herald, Volume LX, Issue 18535, 20 October 1923, page 1.

marriage for Alfred Hardy.
Hardy— Williams.—On the 17th April, at St Andrew's Church, Cambridge, Waikato, by the Ven. Archdeacon Willie, Alfred, youngest son of the late John Hardy, Notts, England, to Laura Mary, eldest daughter of W. H. Williams, Invercargill (formerly of Shag Point, Otago)
Mataura Ensign, Volume 17, 25 May 1894, Page 4, this notice also appeared in the NZ Herald, 7 and 18 May, Otago Daily Times, 24 May and the Otago Witness, 31 May.

 Auckland Star, Volume XXVI, Issue 4442, 16 August 1884

William Henry Williams the father-in-law of Alfred Hardy
In 1896 he was appointed Crown Lands Ranger and Land Officer of the district of South Canterbury.  He died at the residence of his son, Gordon Forbes Williams, Selwyn street, Onehunga on 3 March 1916 in his 77th year.
 New Zealand Herald, Volume LIII, Issue 16169, 4 March 1916
Photograph by William Ferrier - The Cyclopedia of New Zealand - vol 3, Canterbury page 978

John Hardy, lace manufacturer, born circa 1815 St Mary, Nottinghamshire, died about 1880, married Mary Ann, born circa 1825 North Leach or West Leach, Gloucestershire, died 18 May 1874 [1]

1. Alice Hardy born circa 1846, Radford
2. Ann Hardy born circa 1846, Lenton (same as 1. above?)
3. Rev. Henry Hardy [2] (Undergraduate Oxford) born circa 1848 Nottinghamshire 
4. Jane Hardy born circa 1850 Shenton, married 10 July 1879 by the Rev. H. Hardy, brother of the bride, assisted by Rev. F. Pitman B.A. at the parish Church, Basford, Rev. charles James Ball, Censor and Chaplain of King's College, London, born circa 1851 Guildford, Surrey, England, later University Lecturer in Assyriology, Oxford. One daughter, Dora Gertrude Ball born 3 August 1880 Mecklenburg Square, St Pancras, London, died 1909 aged 28 years.
5. Alice Maud Hardy born 1852
6. Arthur Thorpe Hardy born 1853, died 23 August 1875 aged 22 years
7. Helen Elizabeth Hardy born 1855 Basford
8. Richard Hardy born 1857
9. Mary Blanche Hardy born 1858
10. Emily Gertrude Hardy born 1864, died 1901?
11. Alfred Hardy born 1866, reg. Mar 1866 Basford 7b 153, died 1951

[1] The Standard, Thurs June 11, 1874
[2] 1881 census - curate of Halesowen Church, Worcestershire.

An old colonist, Mrs. Jessie Williams, died at the age of 78, at a private hospital in Mount Eden, on Saturday. Mrs. Williams, who was a daughter of the late Mr. Robert Forbes, was born in a raupo whare at Epsom, on March 31. 1842, and is believed to have been the first white child born in that district. When eighteen months of age her parents went to Onehunga. where she was educated at the St. Peter's Anglican school, and afterwards at Miss Woolley's school. She was present at the opening of the St. Peter's Church 72 years ago, and was a worker under the late Rev. Dr. Purchas, the first vicar. In 1885 she married Mr. William Henry Williams, of Shag Point, Otago, and late of Kawakawa, removing to Timaru in 1896, and coming to Auckland in 1911. She was predeceased by her husband four years ago, and left no family. A funeral service will be held this morning in St, Peter's Church, Onehunga
New Zealand Herald, Volume LVII, Issue 17514, 5 July 1920

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