SCHAEF, Arthur Waldemar

Arthur Waldemar Schaef
born circa 1867 Australia
died 5 June 1940 Wellington aged 73 years, reg. 1940/25045

In December 1889 a meeting was held in Schaef and Son's premises to establish the Greymouth Bicycle Club. The officers of the club elected included the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, Mr Jos. Zachariah, [then a pawnbroker and engraver in Greymouth and later a photographer in Wellington].
Grey River Argus, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 6640, 28 December 1889, Page 2

It gives us pleasure to announce to our readers that G. Schaef and Sons have succeeded in opening their new furniture showrooms on Mawhera Quay, and have on view the nicest selection of all classes furniture manufactured at their steam furniture factory, Herbert street. Having imported direct from Home the finest woodworking machinery for turning, planing, moulding, shaping, fretsawing; Venetian blindmaking; hair, flock, and kapok teazing machines. Connected with the furniture showrooms upstairs is one of the largest and best photographic studios, where Mr A. W. Schaef will give full satisfaction in turning out excellent photos. We wish the enterprising firm a continuance of public patronage.
Grey River Argus, Volume XXXVII, Issue 9154, 8 June 1895, Page 2 

Flood damage along Mawhera Quay, photographed from near the intersection with Albert Street, by Arthur Schaef, photographer, Greymouth
photograph courtesy of Smith's Bookshop Tannery Emporium, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023.

On 6 February 1899 Schaef' and Sons' furniture shop and Arthur Schaef''s studio in Upper Mawhera Quay were both destroyed by fire; nothing was saved. The photographic equipment was insured for £300. The furniture shop was again destroyed by fire in 1913.
Grey River Argus, Volume LVII, Issue 10202, 6 February 1899, Page 3
 Inangahua Times, 22 May 1913, Page 1

Mr. A. W. Schaef, proprietor of the Sarony Studios, Ingestre-street, who took some excellent photographs of the recent Bal Poudre in the Town Hall, has been appointed photographer to His Excellency the Governor.
Evening Post, Volume LXX, Issue 95, 19 October 1905, Page 4

Wired that Schaef, of Wellington, has successfully flown an aeroplane on a local beach, so that the great and terrible Schaef is almost the pioneer birdman in the Dominion. Schaef is a photographer — one of the most persistent cameranians the sun ever shone on. At a football match Schaef wants to be nearer the ball than the man who has it, he would climb over a mountain of broken bottles to snap a dog fight and he often takes sole charge of public meetings. Once in the dear dead days of Mayor Aitken's reign — when the Town Hall was brand new — Schaef was suddenly seen by the huge audience emerging on the platform from no where in particular with a tremendous camera and about thirty yards of fuse. He began to issue his usual instructions to the audience — he always took charge — and planted his machine. Then the Mayor arose, "Ah canna permit our new and be-au-ti-ful hall to be filled with smoke!" he said and waved Schaef off Schaef the hero of a thousand fights with officials, the man who would defy the angel Gabriel (or even the Rugby Union) climbed down his shutter unclicked, his fuse unburnt. And Schaef, who never yet fled, is flying now!
Observer, Volume XXXIII, Issue 18, 11 January 1913, Page 4 

 The Schaef monoplane, built by Mr A. W. Schaef, photographer and inventor, of Wellington, in 1910. The machine is seen rising from the beach at Lyall Bay. The weight of the machine was 2501bs, the wing span 30 feet, and the engine a 35 h.p. three-cylinder Anzani motor. The longest flight, achieved was about a mile at a maximum height of 100 feet. This machine was destroyed by fire through an unfortunate accident.
Free Lance, Volume XXI, Issue 1054, 1 September 1920, Page 13

 Mr. A. W. Schaef of Wellington, who built the first New Zealand plane to fly successfully.
Sun, Volume I, Issue 25, 6 March 1914, Page 3

AVIATION NOTES Mr. A. W. Schaef, the well-known local aviation enthusiast, -hose monoplane was accidentally destroyed by fire some weeks ago, left for the Old Country by the Remuera on Thursday last. Mr. Schaef intends to maintain his connection with flying, which commenced some four years ago now, and will visit the principal aerodromes in England and on the Continent, with possibly a trip over to America to see what is being done there. It is likely that he will take his certificate as an air pilot. He has had a good deal of practical experience in the construction of aeroplanes, and understands the theory of aviation thoroughly. He should derive a good deal of profit by his trip.
Evening Post, Volume LXXXVII, Issue 112, 13 May 1914, Page 11

Mr. A. W. Schaef (Wellington) is in London on a pleasure-holiday for a few months. He is interesting himself in photography and aeroplaning, and he intends visiting Germany and France. He returns via Suez to reach New Zealand about Christmas.
Evening Post, Volume LXXXVIII, Issue 27, 31 July 1914, Page 2

Mr. A. W. Schaef, the Free Lance photographer and flying enthusiast, who went Home early in the year, returns in a few weeks' time. While away he has taken the opportunity of bringing himself right up-to-date in the photographic line, and comes back armed with the very latest in cameras. Mr. Schaef will go down in history as the first birdman to make an actual flight in New Zealand. It will be remembered that by a stroke of bad luck his own-made aeroplane was burnt to ashes out at Lyall Bay a year or so ago through somebody throwing a match down and igniting the petrol leaking from the motor. But there is no word that he has a new flying machine packed away in his Saratoga. Perhaps he has concluded that snapshotting on terra firma is safer and more remunerative than making excursions in the clouds.
Free Lance, Volume XV, Issue 752, 28 November 1914, Page 4

NZ Truth, Issue 661, 16 February 1918, Page 5

The Free Lance photographer (Mr. A. W. Schaef) on the war-path in London
Free Lance, Volume XV, Issue 742, 19 September 1914, Page 4

 Charles Perrin Skerrett
 Schaef, Arthur Waldemar, 1867-1940.  (Photographer) 
 Original photographic prints and postcards from file print collection, Box 13. Ref: PAColl-6407-65. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
This portrait photograph was published in the New Zealand Herald on 31 May 1926, Page 11
A large group of Austin motorcars lined up outside the premises of Magnus Motors Limited and E. Sime & Co., Wellington.
photograph by A. W. Schaef, Wellington.
[purchased November 2020]

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1894-95
Schaef Arthur W., Greymouth

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1896-97
Schaef A. W., Greymouth: landscapes & portrait at reasonable prices

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1898-99
Schaef Arthur, Greymouth

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1900
Schaef Arthur, Greymouth

Mrs. Katherina Schaef

 [Katherine Charlotte Julianna Schaef]
The present month has already seen several of the West Coast pioneers answer the final call, and yesterday another in the person of Mrs. Katherina Schaef, relict of Gustav Schaef crossed the Great Divide. The deceased lady had been ailing for about seven months and her death, which occurred about five o'clock yesterday morning was not unexpected. During her long residence on the Coast Mrs Schaef by her sterling qualities gained for herself a host of friends who will hear of her passing with profound regret. Her husband predeceased her by six years. The deceased lady was born at Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1843, and as a girl arrived in Victoria, meeting her future husband at the diggings there and marrying him in 1861. In 1868 Mr and Mrs Schaef came to the West Coast of New Zealand, going to Fox's, and in 1871 were in Hokitika, eventually arriving in Greymouth in 1890, where Mr Schaef established a business as a furniture dealer which was afterwards successfully carried on by himself and sons.
The deceased leaves four sons and one daughter. The eldest son is Mr Gustav Schaef and the others, Messrs Arthur, Guido, and Theodore; the daughter being Miss Adeline Schaef. With the exception of Mr Arthur Schaef, who is in business in Wellington, all are resident in Greymouth. 
We join with their many friends in extending to them our sincere sympathy in their sad loss.
Grey River Argus, 16 May 1913, Page 5

Arthur Waldemar Schaef married Lucy Gleeson circa 1895, reg. 1895/2893     

1. Arthur Gerard Schaef born circa 1897, reg. 1897/9933, married circa 1924, reg. 1924/6299 Linda Edith Jean Galloway (divorced).  
2. Oscar Gindo Wynter Schaef born circa 1903, reg. 1903/19468, married 23 September 1927 at Taranaki Street Methodist Church, Wellington, reg. 1927/10697 Catherine Ellen Tonkin elder daughter of Mr. B. Tonkin.
3. Dorothy Mavis Schaef born circa 1907, reg. 1907/514

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