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Henry Hill Kingham
Kinghams Photo Studios

The Timaru Photographic Society's first competition has met with quite satisfactory success and the competitive exhibits arc on show in the Society's rooms, Hunt and Worry's Buildings. Mr J..E. Pigott was judge, and the specimens he had to consider were of a very high order of merit. The "A" grade was won by Mr H. H Kingham, with a beautifully finished full plate, which showed very fine technique and a quite artistic setting. Mr E. H. Ombler was second with a half-plate Kodak velvet green tint, very finely executed in a soft tone. In the "B" grade there were nine entries, and the successful competitors were Mrs Bell 1. and Miss Jones 2. The exhibits in the section were particularly promising and in the opinion of the judge very creditable for junior amateurs. The study was the rustic bridge in the Park. The Society's next competition will be a calendar, and the entries will be sold in aid of the Society's funds.

Timaru Herald, Volume CVIII, Issue 16991, 26 November 1919


The members of the Timaru Photographic Club, although this is what may be called the "off season" for their hobby, are very profitably employed during the winter months. Slide-making is being taken up  with much keenness, and the public will be given an opportunity on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of this week of viewing the work of the members, when about two dozen slides, comprising views of Timaru and others parts of the dominion, and English scenery and architecture, will be screened at the Grand Theatre.

Mr George Dean, who is travelling as lecturer with the Shackleton Expedition cinematograph film, has very generously donated a number of copies of the photographs taken in the Antarctic regions to the Timaru Photographic Society. The photographs are exceptionally well finished, and will be hung in the Society's rooms.

During a visit to Australia Mr H. H. Kingham attended a demonstration in colour photography given to the Melbourne Camera Club by Mr W. Howieson. The lecturer coloured a picture, representing typical Australian scenery, and at the conclusion of the demonstration it was decided by the Melbourne Club that the picture be presented to the Timaru Photographic Society through the medium of Mr Kingham. The picture, which has just been framed and is on view in the window of Messrs Priest and Holdgate, shows great skill and artistry in colouring, which was done by hand, in special oils, and the picture will be greatly prized by the Society.

Timaru Herald, Issue 170281, 28 July 1920
A photographic supply store, solely devoted to the stocking of everything for camera devotees, has been opened in the Arcade, Timaru, by Mr H. H. Kingham. He has a practical knowledge of the art, intends to stock all makes of goods, and will be pleased to develop, print, retouch, or enlarge...

Timaru Herald, Volume XCVIII, Issue 170380, 1 December 1920

 Timaru Herald, Volume XCVIII, Issue 170381, 2 December 1920
[this notice first appeared in the Timaru Herald on 1 December 1920]

Timaru Herald, Volume XCVIII, Issue 170400, 27 December 1920

photographer's reference number 2946c

Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory June 1924
Kingham H. H., 27 Arcade, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory June 1928
Kingham H. H., 27 Arcade, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory 1929
Kingham H. H., 27 Arcade, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory 1930
Kingham H. H., 27 Arcade, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory June 1943
Kinghams, 13 Arcade & 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory June 1946
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory June 1947
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory July 1948
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory August 1950
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory October 1951
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory 1952
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory 1953
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Stone's Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland Directory 1955
Kinghams, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru
Wise's New Zealand Post Office Directory
vol. 3: Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland - 1957
Kinghams Photo Studio, 277 Stafford Street North, Timaru

PATTISON, John Alexander

John Alexander Pattison
born 11 October 1867, reg. 1867/33837 son of Elizabeth and John Pattison
died 18 April 1899 aged 31 years, reg. 1899/3502    
buried  Riverton Cemetery, 38 Presbyterian Section Row C 

Western Star, Issue 1751, 29 March 1893

By advertisement appearing in this issue it will be seen that Mr John Pattison, son of our esteemed townsman, Mr John Pattison, of the Globe Hotel, Riverton, has commenced business in the Western District as a portrait, landscape, and equestrian photographer. He has served a lengthened apprenticeship to the art of photography, and has had large experience both in New Zealand and Australia. 

He was in the employ of Mr Dougall, whose pictures were pronounced to be works of art, and of Messrs Vandycke, Cuttle and Co., [Vandyke?] Stewart and Co.  (Melbourne), and Kingdon and Co., all admitted to be the best photographers in Australia. As a result of his connection with these eminent firms, he is quite an adept at using all the latest improvements for ensuring good pictures. 

We had the pleasure of inspecting some of his work, comprising views of the Jacob’s River Estuary, taken a few weeks after his return from Australia, portraits, and views of the famous Yarrangobilly Caves (said to rival in splendour the Jenolan Caves), near Tumut, New South Wales. The pictures, which have more the appearance of hand-paintings, are a credit to Mr Pattison, especially his views of the caves, which might be equalled but not excelled by any photographer. We feel safe in saying that he will obtain many orders.

Western Star, Issue 1751, 29 March 1893

Mr John Pattison, jnr., artistic photographer, inserts a notice calling attention to the fact that he is prepared to execute orders for any kind of photographic work entrusted to his care. All orders left at the Globe Hotel, Riverton, will be executed with taste and despatch. We have had the pleasure of seeing some of the work done by Mr Pattison, and which is on view in Mr W. S. Pattison’s window, Riverton, and we feel justified in saying that it equals any done by any photographer. A picture of some members of the Birchwood Hunt Club mounted on their hunters, with the hounds in the foreground, is excellently taken, and reflects credit on the artist. The hunters come out splendidly, and it is no easy matter to photograph animals. As Mr Pattison’s prices are reasonable, we hope to hear of there being no scarcity of orders. In conclusion, we say “Go and see yourselves as the camera sees you.”

Western Star, Issue 1779, 5 July 1893

There was a good attendance at the Riverton Mutual Improvement Association on Wednesday evening, when papers were given on “ Photography ” and “ A Great Plan of Reform,” the former by Mr J. Pattison, jnr., and the latter by Mr J. C. Thomson. In the absence of Mr Pattison, Miss Pattison read his essay, which traced the discovery, progress, and improvement of the art and methods employed for producing a picture. In the course of his paper, the writer combated the statement frequently made that photography was not an art, and said that to make a good photographer one required the indispensable qualifications of skill, refinement, and scientific knowledge. Photography expressed ideas, and when the fixing of natural colors was achieved, the occupation of the painter would be superseded by the artistic photographer. The paper was much appreciated...

Western Star, Issue 1780, 8 July 1893

Officer in the Aparima Masonic Lodge No. 77

Western Star, Issue 1905, 18 April 1894

Two men named John Pattison and Alexander Beattson* were killed at Orepuki on Tuesday afternoon by a fall of earth from the face of Treseder's sluicing claim, beyond the river Waiau. Pattison is the son of a well known Riverton hotelkeeper, recently deceased. 
Mataura Ensign, Issue 573, 20 April 1899
*death register transcribed as  Alexander Bealson aged 40 year  reg. no. 1899/3510

Quite a gloom has been cast over the district by the pitiful accident at West Waiau on Tuesday. Two men in the full rigor of manhood were, without a moment’s warning, crushed to death in their tail race. Their names were John Pattison, son of the popular hostess of the Globe Hotel, Riverton, and Alexander Beatson, at one time a State farmer at Papatotara, West Waiau, a man, as far as is known, without any relations in the Colony. An inquest was held in the Commercial Hotel, Hirstfield, Mr W. P. Mirrielees, J. P., presiding, and a jury of six, of whom Mr T. Millar was foreman. Only two witnesses were examined, but although others were expected and did not roll up owing to the difficulty in crossing the Waiau, the jury considered the case to be one of accidental death, and returned a verdict accordingly. Cases like this should emphasise the necessity for something being done to ensure easier and safer communication between outlying districts and cities. Had those men been only severely hurt what could have been done for them, or what must they have suffered before surgical aid could have reached them?
Southern Cross, Volume 7, Issue 4, 22 April 1899

John Pattison died 21 January 1899 at his residence, Globe Hotel, Riverton, buried Riverton Cemetery.

Obituary. — Mr John Pattison, of the Globe Hotel, Riverton, died at his residence there on Saturday last. Deceased was 76 years of age, an old colonist, and resident of the Western district. He was a native of Burntisland, Fifeshire, and took early to seamanship. In 1851 he said good-bye to the water, and spent the next eight years or so goldmining in Victoria. He then moved to New Zealand and made his home on the Aparimi. He tried digging at Tuapeka for a while, then at Orepuki, and after that took to farming above the Narrows, on the Pourakino. 

Twenty years ago he took the Globe Hotel, and remained there till his decease. His widow and eight children — four sons and four daughters — constitute the family left. The funeral takes place to-day, and will be accompanied with Masonic honours.

Southland Times, Issue 14255, 25 January 1899

Mrs Pattison

There passed away on Sunday, at Riverton, a very old identity in the person of Mrs Pattison, widow of the late Mr. J. Pattison, so well known to all old settler of Wallace. Mrs Pattison had been in delicate health for some time. The remains were interred in the Riverton Cemetery to-day.

Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, Volume III, Issue 135, 3 December 1907

Unknown Photographer

Probably George Brownlee Isdale (born 26 January 1892) and his sister Cora Gretta Murray Isdale "Gretta" (born 6 June 1893), the children of John Isdale and Margaret Cuthbertson Brownlee. 
Gretta Isdale married in 1921 to James William Holden Fredric.

reverse message
"Glencairn" Oamaru
Seasons greetings from an old friend. Hope you enjoy your Australian trip. Heard from a friend of your doings in Waimate. Sorry I could not be there.
Yrs sincerely
G. Brownlee Isdale"

Otago Daily Times, Issue 12404, 14 July 1902, Supplement

Elmwood Studios

Elmwood Studios
Dee Street, Invercargill

 numbered B110 3

The Phillips Candid Camera Service

The Phillips Candid Camera Service
Night Party Photo Specialists

 numbered 674-A 52

Phillips Bros

Phillips Bros
Edward Arthur Phillips and Henry Phillips
Esk Street, Invercargill

Succeeded Karl Andreas Gerstenkorn in Invercargill January 1907

Southland Times, Issue 10939, 18 January 1907


Southland Times, Issue 10944, 21 May 1907

Southland Times, Issue 10967, 19 June 1907

Southland Times, Issue 10995, 23 July 1907

In this issue Mr Henry Phillips, proprietor of the new Alma photographic Studio in Neil’s Building, at the corner of Dee and Spey streets, makes his opening announcement. The premises are claimed to be equal to anything of the kind in the dominion, and the advertisement which announces reduced prices for a short period in all classes of work will doubtless be read with great interest by our readers.
Southland Times, Issue 14091, 24 April 1909
Southland Times, Issue 14091, 24 April 1909

Bruce Herald, Volume XLVIII, Issue 58, 5 August 1912

WATSON, Frederick George

Frederick George Watson

Van Dene

Van Dene

an unidentified soldier by Van Dene Studio, Hamilton