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McCusker, Gordon

Gordon McCusker

born 21 June 1892 Blenheim, son of  Helen Mary Fiven and Arthur John McCusker, photographer,  died 5 June 1966 Blenheim reg. 1966/29588, buried 8 June 1966 Omaka Cemetery, Blenheim, block 44, plot 10, married at St. Frances Church, Island Bay, Wellington, 30 November, 1920, by the Rev. Father Devoy, Ada Kate Griffith, fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs J. W. Griffith, of Island Bay, Wellington.

 McCuster — Griffith:— At St. Frances Church, Island Bay, on the 30th November, 1920, by the Rev. Father Devoy: Gordon, second son of Mr A. J. McCusker, to Ada Kate, fourth daughter of Mr and Mrs J. W. Griffith, of Island Bay, Wellington.
Marlborough Express, Volume LIV, Issue 299, 15 December 1920

Evening Post, Volume CXIX, Issue 41, 18 February 1935

 Hazel and Ellis Readen, Havelock North 
by Gordon McCusker

Member of the Professional Photographers' Association - 1948 and 1950

Officers Elected
Professional Photographers' Association

P.A. Napier. Sept. 17.
Officers were elected at the annual conference of the New Zealand Professional Photographers’ Association yesterday as under: — Patron, Mr H. E. Gaze (Hamilton); president, Mr J. Swainson (New Plymouth); senior vice-president, Mr A. J. Campbell (Invercargill); junior vice-president; Mr B. Hobday (Feilding); executive— Mr A. Moore, Miss A. Harper, Mrs D. A. Hall (Auckland), Mr P. J. Jauncey. Mr G. Perry, Miss M. Tustin, Mrs A. McKelvie (Wellington), Mr H. Charteris (New Plymouth). Mr J. Kilminster (Stratford), Mr H. Cross (Masterton), Mr P. Hurst (Napier), Mr J. S. N. Potts (Dannevirke), Mr L. K. Neal (Palmerston North), Mr J. C. Ring, Mr S. Webb (Canterbruy), Mr A. R. Kingsford (Nelson), Mr W. E. Johnson (Invercargill), Mr G. McCusker (Blenheim), Mr E. A. Phillips (Dunedin).

Otago Daily Times, Issue 26880, 18 September 1948

Officers Elected
Professional Photographers
Delegates to the annual conference of the New Zealand Professional Photographers’ Association, which is meeting in Dunedin, attended a trade display in the RSA Hall yesterday morning. In the afternoon the visiting delegates were taken on a trip to the Otago Peninsula. The following office-bearers have been elected: — Patron, Mr A. G. Gaze (Hamilton) president, Mr B. Hobday (Feilding); immediate past president, Mr A. J. Campbell (Invercargill): senior vice-president, Mr K. Neal (Palmerston North); junior vice-president, Mr A. R. Kingsford (Nelson); secretary. Miss A. Vinsen (Christchurch); council Mrs Lovell Smith (Hastings), Miss A. Harper (Auckland), and Messrs A. Moore (Auckland), E. Hinton (Pukekohe), A. Low (Gisborne), N. W. Squire (New Plymouth), B. A. L. Desranges (Te Kuiti), M. L. Lampe (Wanganui), H. Cross (Masterton) P. H. Janucey, G. Perry, F. A. Marriott (Wellington), G. C. Wood (Nelson), G. McCusker (Blenheim), C. Ring, S. Waters (Christchurch), M. Kershaw (Dunedin), A. Kelly (Gore).

Otago Daily Times, Issue 27500, 21 September 1950

WATSON, Alexander James

Alexander James Watson
Dominion Art Studio

 Joseph Orr
born 14 June 1890 Wairongomai, son of Ellen Griffin and James Orr, died 30 August 1961
photographed by the Dominion Art Studio, Te Aroha

The Gallant Stonewallers
by William Brickell Gibbs, 1844 - 1898

clockwise from top:

1. Joseph Shephard (1822 – 25 October 1898)
2. William Gibbs (1819/1820 – 7 November 1896)
3. Richard John Seddon PC (22 June 1845 – 10 June 1906)

4. Horace Bastings (1831–1909) 
5. Richard Harman Jeffares Reeves MLC (1836 – 1 June 1910)
6. Henry Augustus Levestam (1833 – 11 February 1889)
7.  Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Albert Pitt (1842 – 18 November 1906)

The Gallant Stonewallers. — We have received from Mr W. Gibbs, photographic artist, of Wellington, a cabinet sized card containing portraits of "The Gallant Stonewallers on the Representation Bill." The card is headed "Nelson to be wiped out," and below this are the portraits of Messrs Shephard, member for Waimei; Levestam, City of Nelson; Gibbs, Collingwood; Reeves, Grey Valley; Seddon, Hokitika; Bastings, Wakaia; and Pitt, Nelson, the latter being placed in the centre. Below the photographs, which are admirable ones, is written "who laid the foundation of the Stone Wall August, 1881. We understand that copies of this souvenir of the present momentous struggle are to be obtained of the booksellers, and we may expect that there will be a considerable run upon them.
Colonist, Volume XXV, Issue 2947, 31 August 1881

Mr W. Bricknell Gibbs, photographer, Lambton Quay, Wellington, has brought out a capital photographic picture of the seven members of the House of Representatives who formed the original stonewall party on the Representation Bill— viz-, Messrs. Pitt, Shephard, Gibbs, Levestam, Seddon, Reeves and Bastings.

West Coast Times, Issue 3877, 10 September 1881, Page 2

Mr W. Brickell Gibbs, photographer, has produced a very neat card with the photographs of the seven members who commenced the stonewalling of the Representation Bill. They should command a ready sale at Nelson, where public feeling is reported to be running high on the subject. The members represented are Messrs Shephard, Gibbs, Levestam, Pitt, Reeves, Seddon, and Bastings.
New Zealand Times, Volume XXXVII, Issue 6359, 31 August 1881

ARNOLD, John Bernard

John Bernard Arnold
born 8 July 1878 son of Mary Janet Arnold [or Jannett] only daughter of John Arnold of Foxhill.
died 25 January 1932, at the Britannia mine, Waimangaroa near Westport, reg. 1932/2919  
buried Orowaiti Middle Cemetery, Westport, plot 1243, block E

New Zealand Herald, Volume LXI, Issue 18725, 3 June 1924

1928 - "Hiremoa" Te Aroha" photographer, Tauranga General Roll, page 5, no. 183

Man Found Dead.
(Press Association Telegram) Westport, February 9.
The body of a man was found by prospectors outside an old hut at the Britannia mine, Waimangaroa, to-day, and brought to town. It is understood to be that of George [sic] Bernard Arnold, of Waipukurau, a returned soldier, who was last seen over a fortnight ago going up to the mine, at which no work has been going on far some time. A note was left stating that he was in agony from ptomaine poisoning; after eating meat from a tin. He could stand the pain no longer, and was taking poison.
An inquest will be held.

Press, Volume LXVIII, Issue 20467, 10 February 1932

 Percy Caz Sorrell was a friend

MANSON, Darcy Lawrence

Darcy Lawrence Manson
The Nelson Provincial Museum hold some negatives by D. L. Manson

born 10 November 1884, 
reg. 1885/2537 (as Laurence Darcy  Manson)
son of Harriet Burt and James Manson       
died 16 November 1947 aged 63  years, reg. 1947/26978

Our Takaka correspondent writes : — A cave of exceptional size and beauty has been discovered by a party of lads who were out on a shooting expedition. If the reports of those who have visited this addition to the many interesting spots in Takaka can be relied upon, the cave is a very large and beautiful one. It is said to be so situated that at one time of day the sun shipes well into the first cavity, adding the most beautiful colourings and shades to the already magnificent stalactites. 

The first chamber is a very large one, the ceilings being lofty; but after proceeding back some 70 feet into tho hill another door or entrance admits the visitor to a much larger and still more wonderful apartment, which is said to extend a further distance of three chains, the ceilings being also lofty. It is said there are dray loads of round pebbles, varying in size from marbles to eggs, deposited in one section of the cave, caused by the action of water in some remote ages.

The new find is situated at the back of the well-known Harwood's cave, and at present is rather difficult of access, but a side-cutting can be easily made which will make the cave easily approached. Mr Harwood, who has charge of the former cave, has visited the stranger and assures me that the beauties of the new one are not exaggerated. He strongly advised immediate action being taken to have it protected from vandalism. I believe the land on which the cave is situated is owned by Mr Darcy Manson, who has advertised warning visitors not to trespass without his permission.

Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XLII, 19 May 1908

Otago Witness, Issue 3012, 6 December 1911, Supplement

Otago Witness, Issue 3012, 6 December 1911, Supplement

Otago Witness, Issue 3012, 6 December 1911, Supplement

LOW, Daisie

Daisy Eliza Low "Daisie"
born 26 February 1890, reg. 1890/601 daughter of Mary Jane Collingwood and David Walker Low
died 30 June 1973, reg. 1973/48037

Manawatu Times, Volume XLIX, Issue 3331, 27 April 1926

 Manawatu Times, Volume XLIX, Issue 3342, 10 May 1926

The Crown Studio, Fitzherbert avenue, Palmerston North.

Miss D. Low, the photographic artist of George street, Palmerston North, has purchased the Crown Studios in Fitzherbert avenue, for many years conducted by the late Mr. E. R. Whalley. Miss Low is regarded as an expert in all branches of photographic work, and the Crown Studio, with its extensive plant, has been brought right up to date, and the public will appreciate the good work of this young artist and her staff as displayed in the vestibule of the Crown Studios at the present time. Miss Low has a great reputation for wedding groups and children's photographs. Reliability and prompt service is the motto of the Crown Studios.
Evening Post, Volume CVIII, Issue 112, 7 November 1929

Mr. David W. Low
Palmerston N., This Day.
The death has occurred of Mr. David W. Low, of Palmerston North, who is remembered chiefly because of his educational activities, a six years' association with the City Council, and his devotion to the work of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and came to New Zealand at the age of four years. He was educated at Wanganui, and his first headmastership was at Fordell in 1896. He went to Sanson in 1893, Waverley in 1898, and the College Street School, Palmerston North, in 1904, and held that position until he retired in 1924. He was later a member of the Wanganui Education Board, and in 1923 president of the New Zealand Educational Institute. He served on the City Council from 1925 to 1931 and for 25 years was session clerk at St. Andrew's Church. He is survived by his widow, three sons, and two daughters. One son [Eric Leslie Low] was killed in 1914-18 in France.
Evening Post, Volume CXXXIX, Issue 122, 25 May 1945

In 1895 David Walker Low was
Registrar of Marriages, Births, and Deaths, and Vaccination Inspector for the district of Sanson.


FIRTH, Reginald Clifton

Reginald Clifton Firth
born 12 April 1904 Auckland
eldest son of Blanch Emily Banks and Edward Thompson Clifton Firth
 died 31 August 1980 Milford, Auckland

unknown women by Clifton Firth Ltd., 110 Queen Street, Auckland


Maori Studio

Maori Studio
New Zealand Exhibition

 "Aunty Ada, Uncle Jack and Joe Cripps

NEILSON, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Neilson



NIVEN, Flora

Flora Niven
born 25 June 1880 Ravensbourne, Dunedin, New Zealand
daughter of Annie Gordon and Rev. James Niven
died 29 May 1945 Company's Bay, Dunedin aged 64 years
buried Anderson's Bay Cemetery, Dunedin

Evening Star, Issue 16723, 2 May 1918

 unknown woman 
by Flora Niven