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CLARKSON, Reuben Spensley

Reuben Spensley Clarkson
Wilbar Studio
44 Queen Street

Reuben Spensley Clarkson
born 1888 Birmingham, England, reg. Sep 1888 Aston vol. 6d page 229
 son of Mr J. Clarkson, of Birmingham, England
died 27 February 1926 Gisborne aged 37 years

married 12 November 1913, St, Peter’s Church, Wellington
Ruby Lilian Fish
born Dunedin
daughter of Henry Smith Fish and Jane Carr and grand-daughter of Captain Carr - [or John Carr, of Launceston]

The New Portrait Studio.—The photographic business in Princes street [Dunedin] for many years known us Morris, photographer, will be continued in the name of the Zenith Portrait Studio, under the management of Mr R. Spensley Clarkson (late manager of the Baker studios of London and Birmingham). Needless to say, the best standard of portraiture will be maintained, and improved upon by the latest methods of printing and finish. A splendid new collection of specimens in vestibule for inspection. Make early appointments by telephone 859.—[Advt]
Evening Star, Issue 14727, 20 November 1911

Marriage at St. Peter's Church
On November 12th, at 11 o'clock in the morning, a very pretty wedding took place at St, Peter’s Church, Wellington, when Miss Ruby Fish, daughter of the late Mr H. S. Fish [Henry Smith Fish], of Dunedin, was married to Mr R. Spensley Clarkson, of Auckland, son of Mr J. Clarkson, of Birmingham, England.

The bride was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr H. G. Mayor, and wore a bridal gown of ivory satin, hand embroidered and draped with some beautiful old lace, her veil was arranged over a coronet of orange flowers and a shower bouquet was carried. Two maids were in attendance. Miss Amy Fish, a sister of the bride, and Miss Joyce Bennett, of Dunedin. They wore becoming frocks of white voile over satin, embroidered in pale pink and blue. Their hats of white crepe dechine had posies of pink, and they carried bouquets of pink roses.

The ceremony was performed by Archdeacon Harper, and Dr Fyffe was organist. Mr F. W Baker, of Auckland, was the best man, and Mr R. A. Wilson acted as groomsman. A reception was afterwards held at the residence of Mrs Mayer, sister of the bride, who wore a pretty gown of grey satin with a black tagel hat. Later Mr and Mrs Clarkson left by motor, en route for Auckland, the, bride wearing a dark grey costume faced with saxe blue cloth and a tagel hat trimmed with roses and tulle.
New Zealand Times, Volume XXXVII, Issue 8580, 17 November 1913

photograph by Wilbar Photographers, 44 Queen Street, Auckland
Arthur 5 yrs 9mths
Marion 4 yrs 9 months
Albert 1 year 12 days

Postcard addressed to Mrs A. Sickles, Abbotsford, Green Island

Manawatu Standard, Volume XLIV, Issue 788, 18 August 1923
Manager for The Bunting Studios, Palmerston North 
previously Manager for W. H. Bartlett, Photographer, Auckland

Fischer and Hardy

Fischer and Hardy
April 1899 to  January 1900

This photographic studio operated in Timaru next to Club Hotel for nine months.

Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 2938, 29 April 1899

Messrs Fischer and Hardy have in their show window two excellently clear photographs of the wreck of the Elginshire, showing the two sides separately. The port side view shows the snapped-off bow lying to the left some distance away from the rest of the hull, the deck tilted to the southward. This mass must have needed a great force to move it bodily so far. It is odd that the bow was not canted the other way, deck to north.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXII, Issue 3120, 28 November 1899

Timaru Herald, Volume LXIV, Issue 3162, 17 January 1900

 John Carter Cullmann
photographed by Fischer and Hardy, Timaru
September 13, 1899

unknown photographer

Joseph Webb of Waihi Gorge, Woodbury, Canterbury
by Rangatira Studios Ltd.
Portrait painted by Mavis Hamilton, Pages Road, Christchurch

HAWKINS, Frederick George

Frederick George Hawkins

West Coast Times, Issue 1266, 13 October 1869
Kumara Times, Issue 419, 29 January 1878

Kumara Times, Issue 471, 30 March 1878

CAMERON, Alexander

Alexander Cameron
born circa 1831
died 11 July 1887 at Ross aged 56 years, registered 1887/3768.

Wise's Directory for 1878-79 
Cameron, Alex., Kumara, Westland 

Wise's Directory for 1880-81 
Cameron Alexander, Kumara, Westland 

Kumara Times, Issue 397, 3 January 1878

Mr Cameron, photographer, Seddon street, succeeded in taking a capital view of the scene at the corner of Main and Seddon streets at the time when the Town Clerk was reading the address to Sir George Grey. Most of the figures come out with remarkable clearness, and as the copies of the picture are to be had at a reasonable price, doubtless many of those who witnessed the interesting ceremony will secure mementoes of it. 
Kumara Times, Issue 445, 28 February 1878


We have been shewn by Mr Cameron, photographer, Seddon street, a capitally executed photograph of the entrance to the Skipper's Claim, shewing the miners standing at the mouth of the drive. Mr Cameron is making a specialty of this kind of work, and is very successful in producing good pictures. 
Kumara Times, Issue 530, 8 June 1878

 Donneley's Creek Bridge, Ross
by Alexander Cameron, Photographer, Ross
photograph courtesy of Smith's Bookshop Tannery Emporium, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023.
[Donnellys Creek Bridge]

 Elevator Workings. Ross United Gold Mining Co.
by Alexander Cameron, Photographer, Ross
photograph courtesy of Smith's Bookshop Tannery Emporium, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023.

 Prince of Wales Gold Mine Co. by Alexander Cameron, Photographer, Ross
photograph courtesy of Smith's Bookshop Tannery Emporium, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch 8023.

 Kumara Times, Issue 647, 24 October 1878
(this notice continued in the Kumara Times until 13 December 1878)

Kumara Times, Issue 741, 13 February 1879

Mr A. Cameron, photographer, notifies elsewhere that he will return to this town next week, when he will be prepared to execute all orders in photography with which he may be favored. 
Kumara Times, Issue 996, 9 December 1879

Kumara Times, Issue 998, 11 December 1879
(this notice first appeared in the Kumara Times on 9 December 1879 and until 20 December 1879)

Kumara Times, Issue 1020, 8 January 1880
(this notice first appeared in the Kumara Times on 27 December 1879 and continued until 8 January 1880) 

Grey River Argus, Volume XXXV, Issue 5944, 12 July 1887

Awfully Sudden Death.
Ross, July 11.
Alexander Cameron, commission agent, died suddenly at about four o'clock this afternoon. While sitting in the blacksmith shop of Mr Sim be complained of headache and gripe, and was noticed to fall back suddenly. He was at once laid on the floor, where he immediately expired. Dr. Brittan was called, and pronounced life extinct. The body lies in the Totara Hall, awaiting an in inquest.
West Coast Times, Issue 6542, 12 July 1887

Bush Life

Bush Life

 Axemen's Camp

 The Birth of a Bush Settlement - At the Saw Mill
postcard by Harding and Billings

 The Changing Stables, Buller Gorge, NZ
Gold Medal Series, Fergusson Limited, no. 954

Mahinapua Creek, West Coast, N.Z.
Muir and Moodie

 Bullocks at Work, Matatoke Viaduct, NZ
F.T. Series No. 2231A
photo by Alfred George Tibbutt
reverse message dated 1 June 1908

Ruapehu from top Makatote Rd, NZ
F.T. Series No 2234A

Bush Camp, N.Z.
F.T. Glossine Series no. 2588A
"Dear Dorothy, this is picture of bush life in New Zealand some of the scenery is very pretty and the ferns grow like palm trees as you can see by the card, with lots of kisses from Papa"

Camp Life New Zealand Bush no. 11
W Beattie & Co. Fine Art Publishers, Auckland, N.Z.
The "Moa" Series
"Dear Dorothy, Papa sends love and hopes you are allright (sic), these cards are pretty and shew the New Zealand Bush, I will get some views of Auckland soon and send with lots of kisses from Papa"

Hamurana Spring, Rotorua, N.Z.
 F.T. Glossine Series no. 2494A

Country Life

May and Co.

May and Co
Walter Thomas Henry May
born circa 1863 Littleton, Wiltshire, England
son of Anne and Thomas S. May
married Elizabeth Maria Foot, England
(Free BDM Marriages Sep 1883 Barton R.6a 292)

1871 census - aged 8 scholar at 16 Temple Street, Bristol father watch and clock manufacturer.
1881 census - aged 18 Artist (illegible word "in"?) Photographe-, 45 Barrow Lane, Bristol.
1890 - Christchurch Electoral Roll - Walter Thomas Henry May, 48 Peterborough Street, Christchurch, New Zealand Photographer. no. 3793

1885/10491 Violet Rose Annie May born New Zealand
1890/11604 Ernest Charles Henry May born New Zealand

Star, Issue 4864, 1 December 1883, Page 2a

Star, Issue 4967, 3 April 1884, Page 2