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KINSEY, William Henry Scott

William Henry Scott Kinsey
about 1892 to 1925

born circa 1860
died 21 April 1931 at Wellington aged 71 [1]
buried Soldier's Cemetery, Karori South. 

married firstly 10 February 1886 
Amy Ada Sophia Weiss
daughter of Emily Weiss
died 13 June 1903 of pneumonia aged 35 years [2]  

Evening Post, Volume CXI, Issue 94, 22 April 1931, Page 2

Daily Telegraph, Issue 3011, 18 February 1881, Page 3

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 7069, 14 July 1884, Page 1
Previously in partnership until 1884 with W. H. T. Partington as Partington and Kinsey

 above - portrait of an unknown family by William Kinsey

above - portrait of an unknown man by William Kinsey

Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 69, 19 September 1892, Page 3

Some admirable samples of photographic work are to be seen in the studio of Mr. W. Kinsey, of Lambton-quay, one of the photographers to His Excellency the Governor. Chief amongst them are large-sized portraits of His Excellency, of a lady in bridal costume, a "sitter" in the character of Romeo," some large groups of footballers, and a portrait of Mr. E. Tennyson Smith, the Temperance advocate, with Mrs. Smith and the members of their local committee.

Several oil paintings from Mr. Kinsey's brush, opals, permanent enlargements, &c, are also on view. Recently Mr. Kinsey has materially improved the interior of his premises, the reception room in particular having been very effectively decorated by Mr. Emil B. Muller, a German decorative artist. The room is comfortably appointed for visitors, and contains in addition to samples of the various classes of work done on the premises a piano, music, journals of art, &c.

Evening Post, Volume XLIV, Issue 71, 21 September 1892, Page 2

Argument was taken by Mr. Justice Edwards to-day in reference to a case in which Amy Kinsey seeks to compel her husband, Wm. Scott Kinsey, to carry out an agreement to sell her his interest in a photographic business on Lambton-quay for £300. The form of to-day's phase of the matter was a summons on the part of the defendant calling upon plaintiff to show whether there was any legal cause of action disclosed. Mr. Wilford appeared for the plaintiff and Mr. Campbell for the defendant. His Honour, after hearing argument, decided that there was an acceptance of the defendant's offer to sell, that the subsequent paragraph in the letter to the plaintiff was a paragraph which in his opinion was a mere notification, and did not impose any new condition. The summons was therefore dismissed, with £10 10s costs to Mrs. Kinsey.
Evening Post, Volume LIV, Issue 55, 2 September 1897, Page 6  

The premises on Lambton-quay, nearly opposite the head of Grey-street, at present occupied by Mr. Kinsey, photographer, are to be removed in order to make room for the station in connection with the High Levels Tramway. Mr. Kinsey intends to carry on his business on the two upper floors of the three story building which Mr. C. H. Dryden is about to build for Messrs. G. and T. Young, watchmakers, on the site of Messrs. King and Muir's old shop on Lambton-quay. The contract is to be completed by the end of September.
Evening Post, Volume LVII, Issue LVII, 24 February 1899, Page 4 


The anticipated construction of the High-levels Tramways from Lambton-quay to Karori has led to the removal of Mr. W. Kinsey's photographic studio from its familiar and long-established position opposite Grey-street, as that site is required by the Tramway Company.

During the present week Mr. Kinsey and his staff have been busily engaged removing from the old into the new premises, which are located upon the first and second floors of Messrs. G. and T. Young's handsome new building in the central portion of the Quay. The new showrooms and studio are approached by a vestibule and stairway, the walls of which have been utilised as a gallery for the exhibition of the gems of the Kinsey studio.

Upon reaching the first floor the visitor passes through the office, thence into a large and well-furnished reception room, which, with the adjoining dressing-room for ladies, faces Lambton-quay. In the dressing-room are hung some very fine engravings and exceptionally good photographs by Chas. Reid, a noted Scotch artist. From this room entrance is obtained into a large, well-lighted, and up-to-date operating room, 40 feet long, with a width of 24 feet.

Another ascent takes the visitor on to the floor where the busy side of photography is seen in all its activity. The first room entered is a storehouse of negatives, the laden shelves containing 45,000 counterfeit presentments, dating back to those first days of the firm, when Messrs. Cazneau and Connolly's names were on the imprint.

Adjoining is the room wherein the retouching and mounting work is done, and a knock at the next door gives admission to Mr. Kinsey's sanctum. A few more steps takes the visitor into the principal dark-room, off which is a compartment wherein enlarging work is done. Enlargement forms no small portion of the firm's business. Another room is devoted to the enamelling department, and behind this again is the toning room, with concrete floor, lead-lined sink, and conveniently placed racks.

Last scene of all, upon a position slightly more elevated than the rest of the floor, and at the back of all, without obstruction, is the printing-room, with its stretch of plate glassed roof and cunningly contrived shades and benches for catching the sun's rays at all times of the day.

The whole of the premises has been excellently designed for photographic purposes by the architect (Mr. William Crichton), and the builder (Mr. C. H. Dryden) has ably carried out the designs. It is Mr. Kinsey's intention to throw his new premises open this evening for the inspection of all interested in the art and methods of photography.

Evening Post, Volume LVIII, 28 October 1899, Page 7

 Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XXVII, Issue 7457, 12 May 1903, Page 1

Negatives Kept
Connolly, Beauchamp and Price
Price, O'Malley and Co.

Visitors to the Exhibition should not miss a visit to Kinsey's Studio. Lambton-quay, opposite Harcourt and Co., where a splendid collection of portraits is on view in his gallery. Mr. Kinsey is not only a photographer but an artist as well, and the figure studies that line the walls of his studio give ample proof of his artistic talent. Portraits in oils, water colours, and crayon are to be seen side by side with photographs in many styles. These photos are at once noticeable for the splendid lighting effects, graceful poise, and artistic finish.

Many of our notable men have sat for a portrait before Mr. Kinsey's camera, and their enlarged portraits, some in oils, some in carbon, tend to show the versatile hand that guides the brush.

All photographs are taken by Mr. Kinsey himself, and no proof is allowed out of the studio unless it is perfect, and clients are assured that all photographs are permanent they never fade, but retain their brightness for all time.

The studio is of the most modern type, fitted with all the latest accessories of the photographic art. Owing to its superior lighting qualities, dull weather is no bar to taking a good picture. Visitors are made welcome at all times, whether they come for sittings or to view the pictures in the studio, where Mr. Kinsey has for many years past been amassing works of art.

Evening Post, Volume LXXXI, Issue 130, 3 June 1911, Page 3

Evening Post, Volume XCIV, Issue 15, 18 July 1917, Page 1
The large quality of glass Kinsey wanted to sell were probably his glass negatives.

 Evening Post, Volume CIX, Issue 188, 9 June 1925, Page 12
The auction in 1925 of Kinsey's Studio contents included 30,000 whole-plate and cabinet negatives. 

Mr. William Henry Scott Kinsey, who was for many years in business on Lambton quay as a photographer, died in Wellington yesterday afternoon at the age of 71 years. He had been living in retirement during the past few years. In his younger days Mr. Kinsey took considerable interest in the volunteer movement and was a lieutenant in the Heretaunga Mounted Rifles. He served in the South African War, and obtained his captaincy there.
Evening Post, Volume CXI, Issue 94, 22 April 1931, Page 11

 "To Mrs Pickering from Dan & - With Best Wishes"



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[1] Evening Post, Volume CXI, Issue 94, 22 April 1931, Page 1
[2] Evening Post, Volume LXV, Issue 141, 16 June 1903, Page 1


M. Mutch
Gore  - Riversdale - Queenstown

Otago Daily Times, Issue 9264, 4 November 1891, Page 3
The Dallmeyer Series B lenses were designed for instantaneous work in a studio. The 2B lens was designed for carte de visite size portraits and the 3B lens was adapted for cabinet size portraits.

 Dallmeyer Patent Portrait Lenses
Courtesy - Antique & Classic Cameras

Mataura Ensign, Volume 15, Issue 1174, 8 April 1892, Page 5
This notice continued in the Mataura Ensign until 6 May 1892 (page 3)

  Lake Wakatip Mail, Issue 1868, 22 April 1892, Page 2
Mutch claims in this notice that he was "formerly connected" with the photographers Morris and Co., Dunedin and Charles Henry Manning, Christchurch. There were no Dunedin photographers named "Morris & Co." and this may refer to John Richard Morris. This notice continued in the Lake Wakatip Mail until 23 September 1892.

Mr Mutch, photographer, has arrived in Queenstown, and is now prepared to do business. Studio, opposite Bank of New Zealand.
Lake Wakatip Mail, Issue 1869, 6 May 1892, Page 2

A number of gentlemen met at Mr Mutch's photo studio on Monday evening with a view of forming a draughts and chess club. It was unanimously agreed that such a club was desirable and a committee was appointed to arrange preliminaries. Mr T. Bell kindly offered his large room for the club to meet in, which was accepted with thanks. It was decided to fix the subscription at 2s 6d. Mr Walker was elected president, Mr J. Gardiner, vice president, and Mr J. Mchaffey secretary and treasurer. The list showed that there were 16 members and the secretary informed the meeting that several others intended joining. The opening night of the club was held in Mr Bell's auction room last evening when there were about a dozen members present. A number of games were played and a very pleasant evening spent.
Lake Wakatip Mail, Issue 1882, 8 July 1892, Page 2

COX, Benjamin Shatford

Benjamin Shatford Cox

born circa 1874
died 15 May 1947, aged 73 years
buried Taruheru Cemetery

Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXXIV, Issue 11095, 9 October 1907, Page 4

The employees of Sarony yesterday Mr B. S. Cox with a suitable present on the eve of his departure for Gisborne, where he goes to open a business on his own account. Mr C. J. Ellerbeck, who spoke for the employees, said that Mr Cox, as head printer, had sustained the reputation of the firm by turning out some splendid samples of work, and in the name of all wished him good luck and plenty of business in Gisborne. Mr Cox, in responding, said he was sorry to leave Auckland, but would go away with the feeling that his efforts had been appreciated by all.
Auckland Star, Volume XXXII, Issue 28, 2 February 1901, Page 4

Mr B. S. Cox announces that he has taken over Mr C P. Browne's old-established Gisborne photographic studio. Mr Cox has acquired a thorough knowledge of the photographic art in its finest branches, having had considerable experience under the well-known Sarony, of Auckland, and it is his intention to turn out from the studio only the very best grade of work. We wish Mr Cox all the success that his enterprise and skill most thoroughly deserve.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9075, 18 February 1901, Page 3

Mr B. S. Cox, of the Gisborne Photographic Studio, during the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of York, received the distinguished patronage of the Royal party, for whom he executed some views of local scenery. Mr Cox's show-rooms are full of samples of his work, which from an artistic point of view it will be a matter of difficulty to surpass in any part of the colony. By advertisement special attention is directed to a large assortment of views which have been made up into cards suitable for the coming season.
Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9304, 18 November 1901, Page 2

Scene at Lake Waikaremoana. 

TOMLINSON, Francis Ernest

Francis Ernest Tomlinson
 born circa 1864 Melbourne, Australia
only son of Mr and Mrs Francis Tomlinson
died 5 September 1944 at his residence, 14 Matai Road, Hataitai, Wellington aged 80 years
  buried Karori Cemetery, Wellington

married 29 april 1890 by the Rev. William Shirer
Elizabeth Cousins Barr 
third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Barr, Wellington [1]

Evening Post, Volume CXXXVIII, Issue 58, 6 September 1944, Page 1

Mr. F. E. Tomlinson
The death occurred in Wellington yesterday of Mr. Francis Ernest Tomlinson, whose photographic activities in the earlier days of tourist publicity in New Zealand were a valuable contribution to the work of making the Dominion's scenic attractions known to the outside world. Mr Tomlinson was aged 80.

He was born in Melbourne, Victoria and came to New Zealand in 1886, undertaking photographic work in Christchurch and the West Coast, but mainly in Wellington, and at one time owned a photographic establishment in Manners Street. It was Mr. Tomlinson who placed before Mr. Seddon, at that time Prime Minister, the idea of making New Zealand's scenic attractions better known to the other parts of the world through the medium of photographs and he later made a trip to the United States and three separate visits to Australia with a film projector showing the Dominion's beauty spots and industrial developments. In Australia in addition to demonstrating to public audiences, he visited many of the Commonwealth's secondary schools with his films. He was official photographer for the tour of New Zealand by the Earl of Glasgow when he was Governor of New Zealand, and visited Samoa with a Parliamentary delegation in the same capacity.

He was a member of the Masonic Order and one of the early members of the Oddfellows' Lodge.

He married in 1890 Miss Elizabeth C. Barr, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Barr, who were early settlers in Wellington, Mr. Barr being at one time a Mayor of Eastbourne. They celebrated their golden wedding in May, 1940, and his wife survives him, together with his son, Mr Harold Tomlinson, of Wellington and his daughter, Mrs. Charles McCombie, of Waihi. There are four grandchildren, including Frank Tomlinson, who is serving in the Middle East, and Patrick McCombie, in the R.N.Z.A.F., and one great-grandchild.

Evening Post, Volume CXXXVIII, Issue 59, 7 September 1944, Page 6

[1] Evening Post, Volume CXXIX, Issue 100, 29 April 1940, Page 1

Bush Life

Bush Camp, N.Z.
F.T. Glossine Series no. 2588A
"Dear Dorothy, this is picture of bush life in New Zealand some of the scenery is very pretty and the ferns grow like palm trees as you can see by the card, with lots of kisses from Papa"

Camp Life New Zealand Bush no. 11
W Beattie & Co. Fine Art Publishers, Auckland, N.Z.
The "Moa" Series
"Dear Dorothy, Papa sends love and hopes you are allright (sic), these cards are pretty and shew the New Zealand Bush, I will get some views of Auckland soon and send with lots of kisses from Papa"

Hamurana Spring, Rotorua, N.Z.
 F.T. Glossine Series no. 2494A

Clarke Brothers

Clarke Brothers

(late Crombies)
Royal Fine Art Photographic Gallery
Opposite Union Bank
Queen Street
Auckland, New Zealand

William Clarke and James Clarke

 New Zealand Herald, Volume X, Issue 3717, 9 October 1873, Page 1

 New Zealand Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 7333, 20 May 1885, Page 8

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 7333, 20 May 1885, Page 8 

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 7333, 20 May 1885, Page 8

New Zealand Herald, Volume XXII, Issue 7333, 20 May 1885, Page 8




Benjamin Murgatroyd

Born circa 1864, came to New Zealand on the "Pleiades", arriving at Lyttelton in 1885. Married at Timaru to Ellen Maud Bezzant (registered 1890). Died aged 93 years on 22 March 1957, cremated at Waikumete.

Wises Directory, 1897, Benjamin, sheep farmer, Cheviot
Rootsweb - freepages

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1898-99
Murgatroyd Benjamin, Cheviot

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1900
Murgatroyd Benjamin, Cheviot

The New Zealand Post Office Directory (Wise's) for 1901
Murgatroyd Benjamin, Cheviot

Arthur Murgatroyd born circa 1891
Florence Rita Murgatroyd born circa 1895
Ethel Vera Murgatroyd born circa 1896
Leonard John Murgatroyd born circa 1899
Frederic Stanley Murgatroyd born circa 1900
Leslie Benjamin Murgatroyd born circa 1902
William Hulbert Murgatroyd born circa 1903
New Zealand Government Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records website

 above  - photograph by Benjamin Murgatroyd, Cheviot.

 above  - photograph by Benjamin Murgatroyd, Cheviot about 1897.
 "Mrs Forrester came to New Zealand in the sailing ship Isabella Hurcase (sic) in the year 1856. Louisa with Nell, Sarah and John"

The "Isabella Hercus" arrived Lyttelton 4 January 1856. Louisa Forrester died 5 August 1911 at Karaka, Hurunui aged 57 years, buried Waikari Cemetery.

Louisa Burrell married Robert Adam Forrester in 1876 (reg. 1876/1623).  Their youngest children were: Ellen Jane Forrester born 1887, (reg. 1887/11129), Sarah Agnes Forrester born 1892, (reg. 1892/15260) and John Archibald Forrester born 1895, (reg. 1895/4564).    

News has been received by his daughter, Mrs R. Forrester, of Cracker Creek, Hurunui, of the death in Southland of her father, Mr George Burrell, one of the early pilgrims of this province. Mr Burrell was 71 years of age when he died, having spent the last 48 years in New Zealad. He arrived here with his family in the Charlotte Jane (sic), and went at once to work as a bushman in Papanui, When bush work ceased there he took to road formation, and contracted for the swamp road between Saltwater Creek and what is now Sefton. During the progress of this heavy contract he resided on the Mount Grey Downs, and subsequently took up land near the present township of Sefton, which in 1881 he sold to Mr Henry Mahler, and then went to live on a farm near Fernside  which he subsequently let, and then removed to Waikawa in Southland where he has just died. Mr Burrell always led a very active life, and was a beau ideal colonist.
Press, Volume LV, Issue 10220, 16 December 1898, Page 5