Coronation Studio

Coronation Studio
2 Victoria Street, Christchurch
In the 1890's 2 Victoria Street was location of Alfred Gadd's studio.

 above - Coronation Studio, Christchurch seen on the right in this photograph.
Negatives. Ref: 1/1-007124-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

 The Coronation Studio was located at 2 Victoria Street, near to where the Christchurch Town Hall now stands.

Star, Issue 7627, 10 February 1903, Page 3

Star, Issue 8510, 30 December 1905, Page 5

Star, Issue 8627, 19 May 1906, Page 6

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Progress, Volume II, Issue 4, 1 February 1907, Page 117

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Mr F. B. Hughes, proprietor of the Coronation Studio in Christchurch, has arrived in Reefton, coming overland by motor. Mr Hughes is taking a series of views right through the Coast, and is prepared to execute any private work that patrons who have visited him in Christchurch may wish him to undertake. He has also the agency for the Caddillac, Knight-Damler and Ford Motor Cars and has two to sell.
Inangahua Times, 8 March 1910, Page 4

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 Mr. F. B Hughes
Sun, Volume I, Issue 211, 10 October 1914, Page 8

by F. B. Hughes, Coronation Studio, 11 Victoria Square, Christchurch.

 "My work mates at Ballantynes Cashel St"
sitting at the far right of centre row is "Elsie"

Muriel Mary Bell

 above: Ada Huggett

 above - D. G . Henderson
February 1913

reverse inscription "Clifton George Wallond Briggs hieght [sic] 5ft 9 ins"
 by Coronation Studio, Christchurch
[purchased December 2020]
unknown couple by Coronation Studio, 2 Victoria Street, Christchurch
reverse dated 16 February 1916
[purchased August 2021]

Grosvenor Cricket Club
Winners of Christchurch City and Suburban Junior "D" Grade Competition 1939-40
Standing: H. L. Smith (Patron), I. Lambie, L. Ellis, D. J. McFerran (Vice-Captain), N. G. Lloyd, H. H. Milne (President)
Sitting: T. Gottermeyer, J. M. Fraser, R. Ryde, F. Jenkins (Captain), S. A. Chidgey, E. Nee, G. D. Wilder.
Absent: A. D. Russell, J. Hollows.

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