BOWERS, Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas Bowers

born about 1823-1825 in Prestbury, Cheshire, England.
died 17 November 1902 in New Plymouth, New Zealand at the house of his son-in-law, William Henry Pascoe.
reg. 1902/6760 aged 79 years

Frances Usher 
about 1845 
[reg. Sep 1845 Cheltenham vol. 11 page 265]
born circa 1817 Campden, Gloucestershire
baptised 14 September 1817, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire daughter of Thomas Usher and Frances Hodgkin.
died 20 July 1884 at her home Clyde Cottage, Tuam Street, Christchurch aged 67 years. 

The 1851 census shows him living at the New School House in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. He was aged 26 years and employed as a National School Master. His children Henry T. Bowers, Frances E. Bowers and Jane Bowers are also shown.

The 1861 census shows him living at 68 Southgate Street in Gloucester, he was then aged 36 years and engaged as an artist and photographer. His wife Frances who was born in Campden, Gloucestershire was then aged 42 years, also shown were their children:
Henry T. Bowers aged 14 born Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (following father's business)
Frances Bowers aged 13 born Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (scholar)
Jane Bowers aged 11 born Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (scholar)
Elizabeth Bowers aged 7 born Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (scholar)
Louisa M. Bowers aged 5 born Stonehouse, Gloucestershire (scholar)
Clara L. Bowers aged 3 born Gloucester [Clara Lavinia Bowers]

Monument to Bishop Hooper. - We have received from Mr. H. T. Bowers a very fine photograph of a monument which has just been erected at Gloucester, by public subscription, to Bishop Hooper, the Protestant martyr. It is a noble structure, placed in the churchyard of St. Mary de Load, an ancient and curious church built partly upon the foundation of the first Christian church which was built of stone in this country. The photography is very perfect indeed.
The Photographic News Vol. VII. No 257, 7 August 1863 page 384.

In August 1866, Henry Thomas Bowers, of No. 123, Southgate-street, Gloucester, Photographic Artist, was declared bankrupt. The creditor was Stephen Usher, Beer Retailer (Bower's wife Frances Usher had a brother named Stephen Usher).
The London Gazette, September 14, 1866 page 5052

New Zealand
1867- 1902
also see Bowers & Co., Cashel Street West, Christchurch

Henry Thomas Bowers, schoolmaster from Cheshire arrived at Lyttelton on the Blue Jacket in August 1867, as an assisted Government immigrant [1] he would have been then aged about 42 years.  His family - Fanny Bowers, Eliza Bowers, Louisa Bowers and Albert Bowers all from Gloucestershire arrived on the Mermaid in December 1867 [2]. 

  Lyttelton Times, Volume XXVIII, Issue 2129, 17 October 1867, Page 3

Photography.— Mr Bowers, photographic artist, Lyttelton, has published a panoramic view of the Harbour and Town of Lyttelton, which has been executed in a very artistic manner.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XXVIII, Issue 2132, 21 October 1867, Page 2

Bowers v. Julian.— Claim for £1 is for photograph of Lyttelton. Judgment by default, with 17s costs.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XXIX, Issue 2288, 23 April 1868, Page 3


 Star, 14 May 1868, Page 3
[continued to 15 June 1868]

Lyttelton Borough Council.- A group of photographs of the Lyttelton Borough Council has just been executed by Mr Bowers, photographer, of Lyttelton, which reflect, great credit upon the artist. The group consists of the Mayor, in the centre of course, with Councillors England and Mutton at the top, Councillors Balestiee and Allwright occupy the right hand side, and Councillors Willcox and Chalmers the left hand side, while Councillor Ward is placed in the centre at the bottom. On the right and left at the bottom are placed respectively H. C. LaNauze, the town clerk, and Mr D'Oyley, the solicitor. The whole group surmounting a miniature view of the town and harbour of Lyttelton.
Press, Volume XIII, Issue 1715, 28 July 1868, Page 2

Transfer of Licence.— The licence of Silk's Hotel, Ferry Bond, was transferred from A. Silk to Henry Thomas Bowers.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XXX, Issue 2386, 15 August 1868, Page 2

At the Annual Licensing meeting held on 4 May 1869, Henry Thomas Bowers was granted a liquor license for the Wharf Hotel in Ferry Road.
The Star, 4 May 1869, page 3

 In July 1869 H. T. Bowers was elected to the committee of the Licenced Victuallers' Association.
The Star, 2 July 1869, page 2

Public House Ordinance — Henry Thos. Bowers was charged under the above Ordinance with keeping open his licensed house, the Wharf hotel, Ferry road, during prohibited hours. Mr Wynn Williams appeared for defendant and admitted the offence. Fined £5. Press, Volume XV, Issue 1963, 30 July 1869, Page 2 

At an Art Exhibition held in the Museum in 1870
Turning to the right, and following the alphabetic order of the plan, we come next to a bay, the two sides of which are occupied by New Zealand photographs and the wall end by a case containing rare old china...The north side of the bay is hung with photographs executed by Mr Seeley (sic). These, we have no doubt, will be very much admired. They evince true artistic taste as well as finished mechanical skill. The photographs on the opposite side of the bay are contributed by Messrs Mundy, Bowers, and others. Mr Bowers sends a good view of Lyttelton, and Mr Mundy a view of Akaroa which struck us as not altogether worthy of the reputation he has deservedly gained. The Committee expect that the department of New Zealand photographs will be more fully represented before the Exhibition is closed.
Star , Issue 539, 10 February 1870, Page 2

In 1871 he made an application for a Country Hotel License for a hotel situated at Yorktown on Bealey Road about six miles from Courtenay. - The Star, issue 865, 7 March 1871, Page 3.
By December 1871, Bowers was bankrupt. -
The Star, issue 1185, 5 December 1871, Page 3.

The renewal of his license at Yorktown was refused in May 1872 as there was no water on the premises, there was no suitable accommodation for horses and that the applicant had been "drinking hard" - The Star, issue 1311, 8 May 1872, Page 2.

Civil Cases. — Bowers v. Morgan, claim £1 4s 3d. This was a claim for some photographic views of defendant's house, which defendant refused to receive as they were not in accordance with his instructions. The Bench after hearing the evidence, gave judgment for plaintiff, £1 2s, and 10s costs. — Star, Issue 1657, 18 June 1873, Page 3

  Star,  Issue 2498, 25 March 1876, Page 2

A Memento of the Opening of the Railway.— A very good photograph of the portion of East street, Ashburton, showing the triumphal arch erected in honour of the opening of the railway from Christchurch to Dunedin, and the visit of the Governor to Ashburton, has been taken by Mr H. J. Bowers (sic), a local artist. The size is eight inches by ten, and the picture is a very creditable specimen of the art. - The Star, Issue 3260, 18 September 1878, Page 2


above - a carte de visite by Henry Thomas Bowers of Ada Rouse

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1874
W. Bowers, Canterbury Street, Lyttelton

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1875
W. Bowers, Canterbury Street, Lyttelton

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1878
T. Bowers, Ashburton

Wise's Directory for 1878-79
Bowers, R., Ashburton

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1879
T. Bowers, Ashburton

Wise's Directory for 1880-81
Bowers Henry T., Ashburton, Canterbury

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1880
T. Bowers, Ashburton

Christchurch South Electoral Roll 1881-82
Henry Thomas Bowers, photographer, Tuam Street East

 Christchurch Electoral Roll 1890 - Including Supplements 1, 2 and 3.
Henry Thomas, South Belt, Sydenham, Photographer. no. 607 (not as Bowers)

Canterbury and West Coast Electoral Rolls 1893
Bowers, Henry Thomas, South Belt, Sydenham. Photographer no. 1178


His wife Frances Bowers died 20 July 1884 at her home Clyde Cottage in Tuam Street aged 67 years. He was described on the burial records as a photographer residing in Tuam Street.
Christchurch Library - church record transcripts

Star, Issue 5016, 23 July 1884, Page 2

Press, Volume XL, Issue 5884, 23 July 1884, Page 1

He died in New Plymouth at the house of his son-in-law, William Henry Pascoe on 17 November 1902.

1. Henry Thomas Bowers  birth reg. Dec 1846 Stroud vol. 11 page 443

2. Frances Eliza Bowers born Stonehouse, England abt.1848, birth reg. Mar 1848 Stroud vol. 11 page 430 or Stroud vol. 11 page 43_ married John Miller about 1865 at Gloucester, they came to New Zealand about. 1869.

3. Anne Bowers birth reg. Mar 1850 Stroud vol. 11 page 450

4. Jane Bowers birth reg. Mar 1850 Stroud vol. 11 page 450

5. George Edwin Bowers birth reg. Jun 1852, Stroud vol. 6a page 250, married 1 August 1876 at the Omata Church by the Rev. H. H. Brown, Helena Bissett Syme eldest daughter of Mr. W. N. Syme, Okato [4],  reg. 1876/1771 New Zealand, died about 1933, reg. 1933/12432 aged 80 years.

6. Eliza Usher Bowers birth reg Mar 1854 Stroud vol. 6a page 257, married
29 November 1872 at Holy Trinity Church, Lyttelton by the Rev. F. Pember [3] reg. 1872/9026 (as Eliza Asher Bowen)

7. Louisa Matilda Bowers birth reg. Jun 1856 Stroud vol. 6a page 253, married John Henry Sutton Wordsworth Hutchinson reg. 1872/5696 New Zealand, died 6 June 1893 [5]

8. Clara Lavinia Bowers birth reg. Mar 1858 Gloucester vol. 6a page 241, married 28 October 1875 at St Luke's Church, Christchurch by the Rev. E. A. Lingard
[6] James Wallace reg. 1875/2725 New Zealand.

9. Albert Smallwood Bowers, birth reg.  Dec 1861 Gloucester vol. 6a page 233.

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