Caney & Co.

 Caney & Co.
Artist Photographers
Palmerston North 
(later went to Australia and then South Africa)

Ebenezer Edmund Caney and Kate Agnes Caney nee Barrett

Mr E. E. Caney, our local photographic artist, secured a first-rate photo. of the Public Hall on Thursday last immediately after its exterior had been decorated with evergreens.
Manawatu Times, Volume II, Issue 85, 11 August 1877, Page 2

We have recently had the pleasure of seeing several photographs, taken by Caney & Co., of Palmerston; they are perfect specimens of the art, the enamelled ones in particular being especially beautiful. Mr Caney has had many years experience, and we recommend those who wish to obtain a good likeness of themselves to pay him a visit.
Manawatu Times, Volume II, Issue 89, 25 August 1877, Page 2

Manawatu Times, Volume III, Issue 32, 30 January 1878, Page 2

On Sunday afternoon last, says the Wairarapa Standard, a collision took place at a bridge about a mile this side of Carterton. Mr Caney, photographer, was driving towards that township with a friend at a leisurely pace when he observed a trap coming in the opposite direction, the driver of which appeared desirous to take the bridge first as he urged his horse on to full speed. At any rate, on the bridge there was a locking of wheels and a crash, two horses emerged from the melee with a small assortment of harness on them, but unattached to their respective vehicles. Mr Caney and his friend were thrown out violently, the former sustaining a severe contusion on the face, the latter a sprained wrist. The driver of the other and larger vehicle was quietly and safely deposited with his family in a ditch, from whence he surveyed the scene with the utmost nonchalance.

Otago Daily Times, Issue 5031, 3 April 1878, Page 2

 Manawatu Times, Volume III, Issue 68, 5 June 1878, Page 2

We notice that Caney and Co., photographers, who were resident here some time ago, have taken up their old quarters in the Square, where they are prepared to execute portraits for the million.
Manawatu Times, Volume III, Issue 68, 5 June 1878, Page 2

We have been shown some excellent photographs of scenery in the Manawatu, taken by Mrs Caney, of this town. Amongst the best are two of the Manawatu Gorge, showing the bridge, and taken from the Hawke's Bay side of the river. Although, of course, it is impossible to give an adequate idea of the grand natural beauties to be seen in that part of the district, the pictures are excellent specimens of the photographic art, and have transferred to paper, with remarkable exactness and truth, the magnificent scenery of the Gorge. The same lady has also taken a panoramic view of the town of Palmerston. The sketch as seen from the Public Hall, takes in the whole of the Square, and shows the buildings all along Main and Broad streets. We believe Mr Caney intends mounting them in sections, so that they can fold up, and thus be available for posting to England and elsewhere.

Manawatu Times, Volume III, Issue 101, 28 September 1878, Page 2

Photography seems to be quite a transitory business. There are two or three artists now in the district — a Mr Walker, from Christchurch [probably Charles F. Walker], and Mr Caney, who is assisted by his wife. The amount of work they are doing is another thing. I do not think they will receive much patronage, as money appears very scarce, and Tait [Alexander Tait], of Masterton, was here a short time back on the same venture.

Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 2, Issue 115, 22 March 1879, Page 2

Mr W. L. Aitken, bookseller' and stationer, Palmerston North, has forwarded us a copy of some excellent photographs of various views of Palmerston, taken by the well-known Crown Studios. Among the views is included a panorama of the Square as it was twenty five years ago [1882], from a photograph by Caney.
Manawatu Times, Volume LXIV, Issue 117, 21 May 1907, Page 4

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