Davis & Co

Cuba Street, Te Aro

A new photographic studio has been opened lately in Cuba-street, and bids fair to enjoy a considerable share of the public patronage and support. It is called "The Photographic Institute," and the proprietors are Messrs. Davis and Co., late from the establishment of Messrs. Johnston, O'Shanassy, (sic) and Co., the celebrated Melbourne artists.

Messrs. Davis and Co. have an exceedingly convenient studio, furnished with all the newest appliances, including some greatly improved cameras, and possessing especial advantages in the arrangement of the light, which enables portraits to be taken from any aspect at the option of the sitters.

Although Messrs. Davis and Co. have been but a short time in business here, they already have produced some excellent local portraits, some being in a novel variety of what is known as the "Rembrandt" style of carte. The Photographic Institute promises to be highly popular.
Evening Post, Volume XIII, 3 February 1876, Page 2

"Bill Mathews friend of Grannys"

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Captain Moss acknowledges with thanks the receipt of £2 2s from Mr. Davis, photographer, Lambton Quay, for the members of both brigades, as a slight recognition of their valuable services at the late fire.
Evening Post, Volume XV, Issue 217, 15 September 1877, Page 2

We have been favored by Messrs. Davis and Co., photographers, of Cuba-street and Lambton Quay with an admirable enamelled medallion cabinet photograph of the Featherston Memorial Bust, now erected in the Museum and photographed by permission of Dr. Hector. It is an excellent work of art, and doubtless will be very acceptable to the many friends of the late Dr. Featherston, who will be sure to value such a speaking likeness. The photograph is one of the finest of its kind which yet has come under our notice, and we are certain that copies will be eagerly sought after.
Evening Post, Volume XV, Issue 223, 22 September 1877, Page 2

Evening Post, Volume xv, Issue 257, 1 November 1877, Page 2
(this notice first appeared in the Evening Post on 25 September 1877)

Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 41, 30 January 1878, Page 3

The presentation to Mr. Edward Reeves, late wharfinger to the City Council, mentioned by anticipation in our last issue, took place at the wharf office yesterday afternoon. The officers and other employees, twenty in number, assembled, and Mr. Kennedy as spokesman, presented Mr. Reeves with their photographs surrounding one of Mr. Reeves himself, in a handsome frame. The photographs were taken by Mr. Davis, of Cuba-street...
Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 52, 13 February 1878, Page 2

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Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 288, 5 December 1878, Page 3

Evening Post, Issue 535, 13 June 1879, Page 1

Messrs. Davis and Co., photographic artists, have just completed a life sized photograph of Mr. Godber, father of Mr. James Godber, of this city. It was taken from a group which was photographed at one of the annual gatherings of the Dixon family on the Basin Reserve. The picture reflects great credit on the artists.
Evening Post, Volume XVII, Issue 548, 28 June 1879, Page 2

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Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume 2, Issue 301, 28 October 1879, Page 2

Timothy Joseph Davis born 1850 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, reg. Oct-Dec 1850 Bristol, vol. 11, page 185, son of James Davis (1809-1907) and Sarah Palser (1804-1854),  died 24 July 1906 aged 55 at "L'Aroona" Chapel Street, St Kilda, Victoria [1], buried 26 July 1906 at the Baptist Section, Melbourne General Cemetery, Victoria, married 1stly Florence Margarette Rayment, 21 November 1874, Melbourne the daughter of G. Rayment of London, she died 31 August 1878 at her residence, Cuba Street, Wellington aged 21 years, he married 2ndly 1891, Alphington, Victoria, Australia, Caroline Louisa Susannah Newman the daughter of Thomas Newman (1839-1869) and Susannah Victoria Webb (1840-1917).

issue with Florence Margarette Rayment:
Albert Rayment Davis born 24 August 1875 Wellington,  reg. 1875/13558 NZ 
Florence Sylvia Davis birth reg. 1877/15654 NZ

issue with Caroline Louisa Susannah Newman:
Dorothy Eileen Victoria Davis (1892-1985)
Stanley Clifton Davis (1893-1962)

Evening Post, Volume XVI, Issue 208, 2 September 1878, Page 2

[1] The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), 26 July 1906, page 1

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PhotoHistorian said...

Timothy Joseph Davis married Florence Margarette Rayment in Melbourne in 1874. The T J Davis marrying Florence Hayward must be someone else, which could mean that the 1906 death is also incorrectly ascribed.

Early Canterbury Photography said...

hello PhotoHistorian, the family tree information has now been corrected from Hayward to Rayment.