SEARLE, Roland James

Roland James Searle
born 21 August 1904, New Zealand, reg. 1904/16450
 son of James Searle [1] and Minnie Adeline Tattle
died 1984 reg. 1984/48987  

Family - Roland James Searle was a grandson of George Tattle the Superintending Overseer at the Government Printing Office [2]. His aunt Rosina Ann Tattle was married to Sir Charles John Boyd Norwood, businessman and Mayor of Wellington from 1925 to 1927; his cousin was Sir Walter Norwood. In 1920 his uncle Arthur Herbert Tattle was killed in Sydney while attempting to photograph an aeroplane as it was taking off [3].

see Wellington by R. J. Searle -

 Lake Ianthe by Roland James Searle
blind-stamped R. J. Searle

Lake Matheson, Fox Glacier, Mount Tasman and Mount Cook (pointed)
blind-stamped R. J. Searle

 Franz Josef Glazier by R. J. Searle
photo courtesy of Jeff Long

  Franz Josef Glazier by R. J. Searle
photo courtesy of Jeff Long

  Franz Josef Glazier by R. J. Searle
photo courtesy of Jeff Long

reverse inscribed "Sec 307"

reverse inscribed "Sec 203"

Prize List
Manawatu A. and P. Association's Show 1929 - Amateurs, 1st prize for Animal life, R. J. Searle.
Evening Post, Volume CVIII, Issue 112, 7 November 1929, Page 23

Wellington Camera Club March 1930 - Senior section, genre study (picture telling a story), 3rd prize, Mr. R. J. Searle.
Evening Post, Volume CIX, Issue 69, 22 March 1930, Page 13

Manawatu and West Coast A. and P. Show 1930 - Open Class, 2nd prize for Animal study, R. J. Searle (Wellington).
Evening Post, Volume CX, Issue 110, 6 November 1930, Page 22

Wellington Camera Club November 1930 - Street Scene, 3rd prize.
Evening Post, Volume CX, Issue 124, 22 November 1930, Page 7

Wellington Camera Club February 1931 - Landscape, 3rd prize.
(Messrs. Boyer, Peart and Johnson constructively criticised the pictures.)
Evening Post, Volume CXI, Issue 45, 23 February 1931, Page 5.

Wellington Camera Club March 1931 - Mr R. J. Searle spoke on double toning, with special reference to Zoo photography.
Evening Post, Volume CXI, Issue 56, 7 March 1931, Page 6

Waikato Winter Show 1931, Amateur Photography, senior division, over 20 years - landscape photo, 3rd prize.
New Zealand Herald, Volume LXVIII, Issue 20884, 28 May 1931, Page 14

Wellington Winter Show 1931, Amateur Classes, Animal study, 2nd and 3rd prize; Any subject, 2nd prize; Kodak special prize, 3rd prize.

Evening Post, Volume CXII, Issue 52, 29 August 1931, Page 15

Wellington Camera Club, October 1931, his picture "Impudence" was one of three Animal studies selected to be sent to the Auckland Art Gallery.
Evening Post, Volume CXII, Issue 89, 12 October 1931, Page 5

Wellington Camera Club, October 1931, Animal Study, A section, 2nd prize.
Evening Post, Volume CXII, Issue 102, 27 October 1931, Page 3

Auckland A. and P. Show 1932, Senior division, landscape photo, 2nd prize; seashore, river or lake, 2nd prize; shipping study, 1st prize.
Auckland Star, Volume LXIII, Issue 48, 26 February 1932, Page 5

National Dairy Show, Palmerston North, 1932, Amateur Classes, animal study, 1st and 2nd prize.
Evening Post, Volume CXIII, Issue 141, 16 June 1932, Page 7

Wellington Winter Show, 1932, Open Classes, landscape, 2nd prize; Amateur Class, animal study, very highly commended; still life, 3rd prize; any subject, 1st prize.
Evening Post, Volume CXIII, Issue 148, 24 June 1932, Page 11

Auckland Winter Show, Best Photograph of High Speed Work, 2nd prize; animal study, 1st prize and very highly commended.
Auckland Star, Volume LXIII, Issue 164, 13 July 1932, Page 3

Wellington Camera Club 1932, animal study, A Section, 3rd prize;
Mr. R. J. Searle gave many valuable hints to animal photographers, illustrating his points by means of a selection of photographs of his own taking. Any camera was suitable to take pets with; for zoo work a reflex was more suitable. In zoo photography, cage and bar shadows should be avoided. With ordinary equipment and little trouble, one could obtain a very fine range of subjects.
Evening Post, Volume CXIV, Issue 46, 23 August 1932, Page 14

Wellington Camera Club October 1932, Still life A Section, 1st and 3rd prize.
Evening Post, Volume CXIV, Issue 98, 22 October 1932, Page 5

Auckland A. and P. Show 1933, shipping study, 3rd prize.
Auckland Star, Volume LXIV, Issue 47, 25 February 1933, Page 12

Wellington Easter Show 1933, Amateur Classes, landscape 2nd prize; animal 1st and 3rd prizes; still life, 2nd and 3rd prizes.
Evening Post, Volume CXV, Issue 84, 10 April 1933, Page 9

Mr. Denton presided over the fortnightly meeting of the Camera Club, when an "animal study" competition was held. The result of the voting was as follows:—
A section: Mr. J. W. Johnson, 1 and 2; Mr. Ian L. Powell, 3.
B section: Mr. L. Powell, 1.
C section: Mr. C. S. Smith.

Mr. R. J. Searle read a paper on "Animal Photography," dealing principally with zoo photography and the photography of domestic pets, illustrating his remarks by means of numerous examples of his own work. The competition entries were also briefly criticised by Mr. Searle. "Railway Photography" was next dealt with by Mr. Searle, and this being somewhat out of the usual run, was listened to with close attention. The various photographs displayed showed what could be done in this direction. At the conclusion, Mr. Searle was accorded a hearty vote of thanks.
Evening Post, Volume CXVI, Issue 19, 22 July 1933, Page 6

A quiet wedding took place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. G. Tattle, on Wednesday last [5 August 1903] , when their eldest daughter (Minnie) was married to Mr. James Searle, the well-known tenor singer, of this city. Miss Florence Tattle (sister of the bride) acted as bridesmaid, and Mr. T. J. Tattle officiated as best man. The bride wore her travelling costume, with hat to match. The Rev. W. C. Oliver performed the ceremony. The happy pair left by the afternoon train for the West Coast, to spend their honeymoon. In the evening a large number of friends assembled to do honour to the occasion.
Free Lance, Volume IV, Issue 163, 15 August 1903, Page 10

Party Given by Sons
A party for Mrs. M. A. Searle was arranged for her recently by her sons, Messrs. Rowland and George Searle, to enable immediate relatives and close friends to welcome her home after her two years' visit to Europe and Britain. The party was held at James Smith's tea rooms, which were beautifully decorated with delphiniums, love-in-the-mist, pink carnations, and bronze foliage.

Mrs. Searle wore a smart navy blue and white costume. Those present were Lady Norwood, Mrs. E. J. Bethell and Miss Marjorie Bethell, Mesdames Len George, Walter Norwood, C. W. Mack, R. W. Atkinson, W. H. Gledhill, John Murray, B. Sutherland, Arthur Mack, J. R. Hocking, and Reay McKay.

Evening Post, Volume CXXVI, Issue 145, 16 December 1938, Page 14

Evening Post, Volume CXXXIV, Issue 24, 28 July 1942, Page 1

[1] Mr. James Searle, who has been well known in local business and musical circles for many years past, died at his residence in Pirie street yesterday. The late Mr. Searle was born at Plymouth 55 years ago. He settled at Gisborne at an early age, but later removed to Wellington, where he has since been engaged, until his illness, as a commercial traveller. For about 20 years he was a member of the choir at St. Paul's Pro-cathedral, and he was also a member of the Liedertafel and of other organisations. He is survived by his widow, two sons, and a daughter.
Evening Post, Volume CXII, Issue 106, 1 November 1926, Page 11

Died 31 October 1926 at this residence 71 Pirie Street, Wellington in his 55th year. 
Evening Post, Volume CXII, Issue 106, 1 November 1926, Page 1

[3] The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 September 1920 page 13

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