BEATTY, Sidney

Sidney Beatty
15 September 1906 to April 1907
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIX, Issue 13082, 17 September 1906
A new portrait gallery has just been opened in Timaru by Mr S. Beatty, late of Sydney, in the buildings, Stafford street north, opposite the premises of Mr R. Edwards.
The suite of rooms is splendidly lit and perfectly adapted for photography; the studio itself being on the west, and the best of light is obtained throughout the day. Mr Beatty intends catering for the demands of amateur photographers, and also in making bromide printing a specialty; the latter being done by him by day or night time. He has abundance of picture framing material, and will be able to meet orders for any design of work that may be required. Mr Beatty notifies that all patrons who visit the studio within three weeks from to-day, will receive an extra dozen photographs free, providing their order is for at least a dozen.
Mr Beatty has been in Timaru for the past few weeks arranging his premises, they being specially built for his business, and opens his studio to-day. All wishing to pay him a visit should do so early, and they will be able to say they have been in one of the best studios in the district.
Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXIX, Issue 13087, 22 September 1906
In Bankruptcy.
Re Sidney Beatty
A meeting of creditors was called for in the bankrupt estate of Sidney Beatty, Photographer, Timaru, in the Deputy Official Assignee's office, yesterday morning. There were present Mr. W. Raymond (for W. W. Henderson, Christchurch; J. R. Bruce and Co., local agents) R- Edwards (proved), P. Foster (proved), bankrupt and his solicitor, Mr. F. J. Rolleston)
Bankrupt's statement, was as follows : unsecured creditors, £76 16s 7d; against stock-in-trade £37, book debts £10 5s 6d ; unsecured creditors, £29 11s 1d.
Particulars of unsecured creditors are as follows: —
P. Foster, builder, Timaru, £3 11s 3d;
R. Edwards, Painter, £2 2s;
J. R.. Bruce and Co., Agents, Timaru, £14;
W. Albeit and  Land Agents, 10s;
A. A. Ware Co., Stationers, £2;
Jas. Craigie, Painter, 11s ;
G. W. Bennett, and Co., Photographic Dealers, Christchurch, £7 0s 4d;
same firm Wellington, £1 3s 3d;
J. Griffiths, Photographic Dealer, Christchurch, £15 10s 5d;
Lamb and Todd, Photographic Dealers. Wellington, £3 ,7s 6d;
Price and Company, Picture Moulders. Wellington, £4 8s 9d;
Ahfield Bros., Merchants, Dunedin, £6 19s ;
Guthrie, Bowron and Co., Merchants. Dunedin, £1 7s 3d;
F. W. Dutch, Photographer, Christchurch, £3 1s 6d;
H. Weeks, Printer, Christchurch, £2 14s ;
P. W. Hutton and Co., Timaru, 12s 6d.
Bankrupt's sworn statement showed that he was a photographer at Timaru. He came to Timaru in September 1906, and established his business in Stafford Street North. Before coming to Timaru he was in the same business in Wellington, and on his own account.  The little capital he had was expended on his business in Timaru. Up till December his business was very good and promising but after that it fell away to practically nothing. During January and February nothing was done. He attributed the falling off in the business to the Christchurch Exhibition. 
Latterly he had been pressed by Ahfield Bros, of Dunedin, who sued bankrupt. As he could not see his way to met his creditors and as Ahfield Bros, had obtained judgment with a view of enforcing payment, bankrupt considered it the best in the interests of all parties to file. He had nothing but photographic material and could mate no offer at present. 
Bankrupt put in a further statement as under:- All the furniture on the premises belonged to his wife. The value of the furniture was about £35, which was brought to Timaru with them. This property was stored in Jonas and Company's Auction Rooms, but was not for sale. Since the beginning of this year the weekly rental was 35s per week. 
Only two proved creditors being present no resolution was made and the meeting was adjourned.
Timaru Herald, Volume XC, Issue 13253, 6 April 1907

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