CAMBRIDGE, Allan Bowles

Allan Bowles Cambridge
Artist, Photographer. 
Kaiapoi, later Christchurch
also see Cambridge and Cooper

 self portrait of Allan Bowles Cambridge, 
image used with permission of Allan Cambridge

Allan Bowles Cambridge was born 25 December 1848 South Runcton, Norfolk, England, reg. March quarter 1849 Downham vol. 13 page 82, fourth son of Hannah Hastings and Frederick Cambridge (farmer/gentleman), of South Runcton, baptised 18 February 1849 Longham, Norfolk, England, arrived New Zealand before December 1869, died 5 April 1911, Merivale, Christchurch aged 62 years, reg.  1911/4660, buried 6 April 1911, block 1548, Barbadoes Street Cemetery, Christchurch, in same grave as his 8 month old son Eric Hastings Cambridge who died in 1880, married by licence 9 October 1877, St John the Baptist Church, Christchurch by H. C. M Watson, witnessed by Mary H. Wright and Annie Watson [both of the St John's Parsonage, Christchurch], reg. 1877/2906, Laurette Steward Wearn, daughter of Thomas Taylor Wearn and Jane Steward, he was then aged 28 years and Laurette was aged 20 years,  she died 27 September 1938, Auckland Hospital, ashes Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, Columbarium Niche Wall Vlt, Row Vlt, Plot 3Vl.

John Miles Cambridge a chemist at Kaiapoi in the 1860's and later at Ashburton was a brother. Harriette Mary Cambridge the daughter Harriette Mary and Horace William Cambridge is also buried in the Barbadoes Street Cemetery. Horace was another brother of Allan Bowles Cambridge and sponsor at the baptism of Eric Hastings Cambridge in 1879.

William Cambridge, grandfather of Allan Bowles Cambridge
by Ambrosini Jerome 1810-1883
image courtesy of  Allan Cambridge

issue - five sons:
1. Charles Frederick Allan Cambridge [eldest son] born 5 August 1878, Hereford Street, Christchurch, reg, 1878/17598, bapt. 4 September 1878, St John the Baptist Church, Christchurch, sponsors Charles Francis Wearn, Fanny Biggs and the father, died 14 March 1910 aged 32 years, drowned at New River, Greymouth, reg. 1910/1812, married 18 June 1906, Christ Church, St Leonards, North Sydney, New South Wales, Barbara Charlotte Cooper born 18 June 1884, Woollahra, New South Wales, Australia, daughter of Edward Augustus Cooper and Emily Charlotte Randerson, died 4 August 1959, Greymouth [3].
2. Eric Hastings Cambridge born 3 August 1879, Conference Street, Christchurch, reg. 1879/6849, bapt. 26 October 1879, sponsors Horace Cambridge, Allan Cambridge and Alice Cambridge, died 6 April 1880 New Brighton, Christchurch, aged 8 months, reg. 1880/944, buried Barbadoes Cemetery, Wednesday, 7 April 1880, plot 1548.

[photograph - Eagle Collection]
3. Donald Hastings Cambridge born 30 April 1881 Sumner, Christchurch, reg. as Allan Donald Cambridge, 1881/4379, bapt. 5 March 1882 Christchurch, sponsors, Niels Peter Schourup [photographer] and Sophia Louisa Schourup, death not registered in New Zealand, married 15 May 1907 at Neutral Bay Presbyterian Church by the Rev. R. Hope Waugh, M.A., reg. 5039/1907 Mosman, N.S.W., Margaret Flora. F. MacDonald, third daughter of John Ronald MacDonald, J.P., of Esperanza, Neutral Bay [died 1946, reg. 1946/27865 aged 65 years?].
3a. Margaret Warren Cambridge (Williamson) born 18 February 1910, reg. 1910/5635, died 2010     
3b. Grace Hastings Cambridge 1913/9044
3c. Charles Hastings Cambridge born 6 July 1916/4598, died 1993

4. Allan Steward Cambridge of Dalrachney Station, Omarama, born 26 May 1884, reg. 1884/20166, died 5 September 1944, at a private hospital, Sydney, New South Wales, cremated Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney, 7 September 1944, married 16 September 1911 St Mary’s Church, Mornington, Dunedin by the Ven. Archdeacon Neild, Edgar Cambridge was best man [4], reg. 1911/5164, Florence Evelyn Cameron, born 26 December 1884, reg. 1885/1966, daughter of Duncan Cameron and Evelyn Barker of Belleknowes, Dunedin, died 27 February 1981, reg. 1981/43465. Father of Shirley Cameron, Duncan and Warren. 
5. Edgar Hastings Cambridge [5th son] born 15 July 1886, Woolston, Christchurch, reg. 1887/15575, died 29 May 1937, Gladstone, West Coast aged 49 years, reg. 1937/22983, married 1924 (div. 1928) Randwick, New South Wales, reg. no. 16116, Nellie May Smolenski.

Press, Volume XV, Issue 2071, 4 December 1869

We were yesterday shown some highly creditable specimens of local production in the shape of some very artistically finished enlarged photographs in oil, the work of Mr Cambridge, who has recently taken up this branch of art. Those already finished are well worthy of inspection, all the details being executed with great fidelity and truth to nature. The production of this class of pictures has hitherto been almost entirely monopolised by a Dunedin artist, but Mr Cambridge is enabled to produce a fully equal, if not superior picture, at a lower cost. The pictures are on view at Mr Steele's, Hereford street.

Press, Volume XIX, Issue 2773, 21 March 1872

Press, Volume XIX, Issue 2821, 17 May 1872

Fine Arts. — Those who feel an interest in the progress of art in Canterbury would do well to pay a visit to the studio of Mr A. B. Cambridge, Portrait Painter, and colourist in oils, Hereford street.

Although Mr Cambridge is not fully settled down to work in his new premises, there is sufficient to well repay the trouble of inspection. Mr Cambridge was a pupil of Ambrosini Jerome, A.R.A. [born James Parker Ambrosini Jerome 1810-1883 he was not an Associate of the Royal Academy although he did exhibit there] [1] portrait painter to H.R.H the late Duchess of Kent and previous to coming to this province, attained to no inconsiderable distinction in his profession. His pictures have been admitted to exhibition at the Royal Academy [he did not exhibit at the Royal Academy] [2] — in itself no slight proof of talent — and he also holds a medal, gained at the Wisbeach Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition of 1866. He is now chiefly devoting his attention to the colouring in oils of large photographs, and it would be difficult if not impossible to conceive anything more finished and beautiful than the results which he has secured in this respect, as shown by portraits of several prominent citizens. There is a delicacy of colouring in the finer details, and a complete naturalness throughout, which cannot fail to command admiration from the most critical observer. But whilst portrait colouring is, according to the nature of the demand, monopolising the greater portion of Mr Cambridge's time, figure painting from life or copy is by no means neglected. The bust of a Neapolitan boy, and a copy of the celebrated picture "The Widow's Mite," are in themselves sufficient evidence of this.

Though comparatively new to Christchurch, Mr Cambridge has already secured a good circle of patrons, and, as a comparison of his works with those of the best Australian artists is allowed by competent judges to be in his favour, there can be little doubt that as he becomes known, he will secure an extensive connection. Another interesting feature brought under notice by a visit to his studio, will be the inspection of what are known as the Alhambra picture frames, which are of a very rich design, and manufactured throughout by Mr Fisher, who has succeeded to the business of Mr Steele.

Star, Issue 1322, 22 May 1872, Page 2

Mr Cambridge, whose capital pictures in the shape of oil color portraits we recently noticed, intends holding an art union in the course of a week or two, the prizes being composed of life size portraits of the lucky winners, cabinet ditto, and chromos, all of which are very good specimens of his style of art, including some of Birket Foster's best productions.
Press, Volume XX, Issue 2869, 12 July 1872

Art Union.— Mr Cambridge, whose skill as a colourist in oil and in figure painting we had occasion to speak of in high terms a short time back, is arranging an art union, the prizes in which will consist of portraits and water colour drawings. The winners will have the option of having their own portraits executed in oil, life size, or any of their friends — the tickets being transferable. The drawing will take place at an early date.
Star, Issue 1370, 18 July 1872

Art Union.— Mr Cambridge announces by advertisement that his art union of photographs (of winners) in oil and choice watercolour paintings will be drawn on Wednesday next. There are only about half a dozen tickets remaining unsold.

Lyttelton Times, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 3646, 23 September 1872

The drawing for Mr Cambridge's art union, took place last evening at his studio Hereford street, when the following were the principal prize-takers:— First prize, portrait in oil, value twelve guineas, Mr Bwinton ; second prize, do, Mr Clarke. The other prizes, which consisted of smaller oil paintings and choice pictures, fell to the lot of the holders of the various numbers mentioned in the advertisement.

Press, Volume XX, Issue 2934, 26 September 1872

We yesterday inspected at the studio of Mr A. B. Cambridge, a very creditable specimen of colonial art in the shape of an oil painting of a resident in Christchurch, in which Mr Cambridge has been most successful. The work has been executed to order and will be on view for a few days. It is well worth inspection.

Press, Volume XXI, Issue 2409, 25 April 1873

The officers of the North Canterbury District of Oddfellows attended at Bro H. Sawtell's residence, Manchester street, last night, for the purpose of presenting Bro Thos. Abrahams, the founder of Oddfellowship in Canterbury, with his portrait. P.G.M. Bro T. Napier made the presentation, and in doing so alluded in feeling terms to Bro Abrahams' early efforts in this province in connection with the Order. Mr Abrahams, who is an invalid, acknowledged the presentation to the best of his ability, and the deputation then withdrew. The portrait was enclosed in an appropriate frame, and bore the following inscription, illuminated by Mr Jas. Goodman : — "Presented to P.Prov.C.S. Thos. Abrahams, the founder of Oddfellowship in Canterbury." It may also be said that the City of Christchurch Lodge have commissioned Mr Cambridge to paint a full-length portrait of Bro Abrahams in oil, with a view to hanging it in the new hall, Lichfield street.

Star, Issue 1772, 31 October 1873


The Mayor's Portrait.— Yesterday, the late Mayor, Mr M.B. Hart [Michael Brannan Hart] [5] presented the City Council with a photograph of himself taken by Mr Gaul, and coloured in oils by Mr Cambridge. Mr Hart is represented in his robes, and wearing the collar and chain of office; the likeness is striking and the colouring is artistically executed. This photograph, which is framed in gold, will be placed with the other portraits of Mayors which ornament the City Council.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XLII, Issue 4321, 17 December 1874

 Michael Brannan Hart
by Allan Bowles Cambridge
photo - Christchurch City Council

Press, Volume XXIII, Issue 2943, 26 January 1875

 Press, Volume XXIII, Issue 3034, 13 May 1875

Lyttelton Times, Volume XLIII, Issue 4445, 13 May 1875

We have recently been favored with a view of a portrait of the late Mayor, Mr Geo. Scarbrough [George Scarbrough first Mayor of Akaroa, died 7 April 1878], painted for the corporation. We understand that it is the custom of municipal councils to have the portraits of their Mayors painted. The portrait of the ex-Mayor, Mr Scarbrough, is from the pencil of Mr Cambridge, of Christchurch, and, as a work of art, is of very high merit indeed. The colouring is evidently the result of careful and painstaking study. As a likeness, the effort of the artist is first class, delineating not only the features of the original, but, with this, giving much of the character of the sitter. The flesh tints are rendered with feeling and delicacy, and the draperies and background manages so as to give the fullest possible relief to the head. Indeed, until we saw the portrait, we had no idea that any New Zealand artist could furnish so faithful a transcript of the "human face divine." Mr Cambridge may be fairly congratulated on his effort, which is at once pleasing, artistic, and calculated to bring the artist into deserved notice.
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume 2, Issue 165, 15 February 1878

Star, Issue 3256, 13 September 1878

The Fine Arts.— Mr A. B. Cambridge, the well-known artist of Hereford street, has just received from home a very fine oil painting of the "Head of Rembrandt," which took the first prize at the Wisbeach Exhibition in 1866. It is the work of Mr Cambridge himself, and is said by those who are judges in such matters, to be a very faithful copy of the original. Mr Cambridge has also received other pictures painted by himself years ago, and which have held a place in the great annual London Exhibition, among them being " Beatrice Cenci," the "Standard Bearer," and others. The studio is well worthy of a visit, if only for an inspection of the pictures mentioned.
Press, Volume XXX, Issue 4128, 19 October 1878

Mrs Brown [Elizabeth Muir 1816-1901, wife of Peter Brown], of the A1 Bakery, Akaroa was waited upon at her residence last Saturday, and presented with her portrait in oil in token of appreciation of her long and valued services in the Sunday School connected with the Presbyterian Church here. The presentation was made by the Rev. Mr Douglas on behalf of the subscribers. Mrs Brown suitably acknowledged the gift, and said that she was gratified, not so much on account of its value, as because of the kindly feeling it displayed towards her on the part of her fellow teachers of the Sunday School and the members of the Church generally. The portrait, which is an excellent likeness, is by Mr Cambridge, of Christchurch.

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume 3, Issue 300, 3 June 1879

The late Sergeant-Major Kerr. — There is now on view at Mr P. W. Hutton's [Peter William Hutton] an excellent half-length portrait, in oils, of the late Sergeant-major Kerr [James Kerr - died 28 February 1879], by Mr A. B. Cambridge, of Christchurch. The likeness is a most excellent one, and the artist has very happily caught tho genial yet manly expression of the late well-known and equally well-liked Volunteer Instructor.

Mr Cambridge brought the portrait to Timaru thinking that the Volunteers here would like to obtain it as a memento of their respected companion in arms. We understand that the force have its purchase under consideration, but have not yet decided upon the matter.
Timaru Herald, Volume XXXI, Issue 1615, 24 November 1879

Ashburton Industrial Exhibition 1881
...Mr Allan Cambridge, Christchurch, shows four pictures of some merit, and the judges gave him first order for for his portrait of the member for the district Mr E. G. Wright...
Star, Issue 4035, 26 March 1881

Portraiture.— An excellent portrait of the late Sir John Cracroft Wilson is to be seen at the shop of Messrs H. Fisher and Son, Hereford street. It is the work of Mr Von Meyer, and is admirable both as a likeness and as a work of art. At the some establishment may be seen a gem from the studio of Mr Cambridge. This is a portrait of a son of Mr D. Craig, and whilst the boy-likeness has been pronounced to be excellent, the artistic treatment of the subject is entitled to the warmest commendation. The picture is a good example from an admittedly successful painter, and Mr Cambridge may be congratulated upon so felicitous a production.

Lyttelton Times, Volume LV, Issue 6297, 4 May 1881 

The Late Dr Campbell. — The many friends of the late Dr Campbell will be glad to learn that a more than ordinarily successful portrait — almost life-size — has been produced. He artist is Mr Cambridge, who, in producing the fine oil-painting under notice, has been aided by a series of photographs, and by his personal knowledge of the unfortunate gentleman. It may be said without hesitation that in this work Mr Cambridge has acquitted himself in a manner that must do more than uphold his reputation. Regarded as an example of manipulative skill, the picture takes high rank, but as a "speaking" likeness it occupies a far higher place. Mr Cambridge will have the portrait on view in his studio for a few days, and doubtless many visitors will be attracted.
Star, Issue 4111, 24 June 1881

 Dr Campbell by John Gaul

The members of the E Battery of Artillery last evening gave a complimentary dinner to their old commander, Captain Craig, as a mark of the esteem in which he is held by the members of the corps ... At one end of the room was suspended a portrait of Captain Craig in his uniform, admirably painted in oils by Mr Cambridge...
Star, Issue 4613, 8 February 1883 

An adjourned meeting of the members of the Lower Heathcote Boating Club was held at the Wharf Hotel, Woolston last night. Mr A. Dunbar occupied the chair...the Chairman presented Mr H. Piper, on behalf of the Club, with an oil painting of himself, executed by Mr Cambridge...
Star, Issue 4725, 22 June 1883


A very graceful recognition of services rendered in the past by P.D.C.R. Bro. W. Ness to the widows' and orphans' fund of that Order is proposed. Bro. Ness was the first to propose, and, in conjunction with Bro. W. S. Addison, carry into effect dramatic performances on behalf of the fund, which have since been so successful. A very striking portrait by Cambridge, which is most faithful in its likeness to the original, has been procured by the Secretary to the Entertainment Committee, Bro. J. Piper, on behalf of that body, and it is intended to present it to the Court Star of Canterbury, to be hung in the hall. The picture, which is as already stated a very excellent one, is surmounted by the words, "Honour to whom honour is due," and underneath is "Presented by the Entertainment Committee and assistants at dramatic performance, 1883."
Press, Volume XXXIX, Issue 5559, 13 July 1883

The [annual] exhibition of pictures by the members of the Canterbury Art Society was open again yesterday...Mr Cambridge has been very successful in his portrait of Rev. J. Buller,   [James Buller born 6 December 1812, Helston, Cornwall died 6 November 1884, St Albans, Christchurch, Wesleyan Missionary, father of Sir Walter Lawry Buller] which shows evidence of careful and painstaking work...
Press, Volume XLI, Issue 6073, 4 March 1885

...Mr Cambridge is Mr W. M. Gibb’s only rival in portraiture in oils, and has succeeded right well. No. 12, besides being an excellent likeness of the late Rev Mr Buller, is likewise a good solid conscientious bit of painting, showing thorough, command of technicalities...
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXIII, Issue 7490, 4 March 1885

A portrait of the late Rev. Buller, by Mr. A. B. Cambridge, is one of the best pieces of portrait painting in the gallery, and will be recognised by many of the deceased gentleman's friends as a faithful if not a pleasing likeness.
Evening Post, Volume XXX, Issue 29, 3 August 1885, Supplement

The New Zealand Industrial Exhibition, 1885
Among the other figure paintings in the collection are two portraits by Mr W. M. Gibb, one of Sir Julius Vogel and the other of Mr S. C. Farr, of Christchurch. They are both heavy in colour and lack character, the only thing to be said in their favour being that they have evidently been wrought with great care. A head of the Rev Mr Buller, by Mr A, A. Cambridge (sic), is well-modelled, but the flesh is unnaturally pink, while the less said the better about Mr Sheriff’s portrait of a lady, which looks like an advertisement for a patent hair restorer, and Miss Park’s “ Convalescent,” a spotty-faced girl looking out of a window, as they are both very crude specimens of art workmanship.

...Mr G. Lindauer exhibits nine portraits of Maoris, which have been executed for Dr Buller. There is no denying that a vast amount of labour has been expended in the production of these pictures, every detail being carefully worked up. Skill in the manipulation of the brush Mr Lindauer undoubtedly possesses, and the portraits are life like, but the monotony of the flesh tints deprives them of value as works of art, although they have a definite value from an ethnological point of view, as showing the characteristics of the New Zealand native type of features...
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXIV, Issue 7678, 13 October 1885

In addition to being exhibited at the Canterbury Art Society exhibition in 1885, A. B.  Cambridge's portrait of Rev. Buller was also exhibited at the New Zealand Industrial Exhibition held in Wellington that year. This portrait is now held by the Canterbury Museum.

In 1886 he exhibited at the Canterbury Art Society exhibition a painting [197] by J. Caffin named "Farm House, Sussex"

Catalogue of the Canterbury Society of Arts, Sixth Annual Exhibition 1886

Mr A. B. Cambridge has just completed a portrait of the late Mr Vallance, [Robert Holmes Vallance, died 12 April 1886] who was drowned in the wreck of the Taiaroa. The portrait has been painted to the order of the Members of Tattersall's Club, who were desirous of possessing some memorial of Mr Vallance. Mr Cambridge has performed his task in the most meritorious manner. Though he had nothing but a photograph to work from, he has succeeded in producing a very faithful likeness of the deceased sportsman, and one which should give the Club every satisfaction. Mr Vallance is represented at full length, standing up and leaning against a rail fence, with a field and trees in the background. The pose is easy, natural, and characteristic, and the artist has put a great deal of work into his painting.
Star, Issue 5677, 22 July 1886


Archdeacon James Wilson 
by unknown photographer
born 9 November 1813 Edinburgh, Scotland
died 16 January 1886 "Broomfield", Riccarton, Christchurch

A. B. Cambridge exhibited a portrait of the late Archdeacon James Wilson at the Canterbury Society of Arts, Seventh Annual Exhibition held in 1887. He also exhibited a painting (102) named "Keeps" with a sale price of 10 pounds 10 shillings.
Catalogue of the Canterbury Society of Arts, Seventh Annual Exhibition 1887

Mr A. B. Cambridge sends a clever little bit of genre, depicting two small boys playing marbles, entitled “Keeps” (102), the two figures being very carefully drawn [perhaps two of his sons?]
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXVII, Issue 8112, 8 March 1887

 The Industrial Arts Conversazione held in 1887
...Mention must not be omitted of a good portrait of Mr F. Jenkins, President of the Industrial Association, the work of Mr A. B. Cambridge...

Lyttelton Times, Volume LXVIII, Issue 8232, 27 July 1887 

Artistic— Mr Cambridge has executed a very excellent oil painting of Mr Francis Arenas [born 1842 Barcelona Spain, died 16 January 1909 at 144 Barbadoes Street, Christchurch], who is leaving for England today. The picture has been painted to the order of a friend of Mr Arenas, who presented it to him yesterday morning. The picture is from the artistic photograph taken by Mr Manning. Mr Cambridge has been very successful in catching the expression, and the picture is a capital likeness
Press, Volume XLIV, Issue 6927, 6 December 1887

Presentation.— Mr Cambridge has just completed a likeness, in oils, of Mr F. Arenas, who leaves to-day by the Waihora for Melbourne. The likeness is life size, and has been admitted by all who have seen it to be a remarkably good one. It has been artistically painted from an enlarged photograph taken by Mr C. H. Manning, who has had the picture handsomely framed, and has presented it to Mr Arenas, as a memento of many kindnesses he has received at his hands.
Star, Issue 6103, 6 December 1887

A portrait in oils of His Honor Mr Justice Johnston, is now on view at Messrs Simpson and Williams’ shop in High street. His Honor is represented as seated and attired in his robes. The picture is the work of Mr A. Cambridge, and is an excellent likeness.
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXIX, Issue 8393, 31 January 1888

The Philosophical Institute. — The Philosophic Institute have commissioned Mr Cambridge, the well-known artist, to paint in oils a portrait of the late Sir Julius von Haast...
Star, Issue 6229, 4 May 1888

Portrait of Sir Julius von Haast.
Mr Cambridge has just finished a most successful portrait in oils of the late Sir Julius von Haast, for the Philosophical Institute. As the rooms of the Institute are not open to the public, the Council of that body has allowed the picture to be exhibited in the Museum for a period of three weeks, so that all may have an opportunity of examining it.

Star, Issue 6290, 14 July 1888

Sir Julius von Haast
by Allan Bowles Cambridge
used here with the permission of the Canterbury Museum.
Reference ABC2

Artistic.— Mr A. B. Cambridge has just completed a most excellent picture of the late Mr Geo. Booth. The picture was painted to the order of Mr W. Langdown, the Mayor of Sydenham, who intends presenting it to the Council in memory of its first Mayor. Mr Cambridge has been exceedingly happy not only in producing a capital likeness, but also giving to it a life-like expression. It has been framed by Fisher and Son, at whose shop it is now on view.
Press, Volume XLV, Issue 7145, 15 August 1888

George Booth
born 1818 Sunderland, England, arrived New Zealand about 1859, died 5 May 1888 at his residence, Lincoln Road, Christchurch aged 70 years.
photograph courtesy of Christchurch City Council

Portrait of Bishop Harper, specially drawn for "The Weekly Press" Canterbury Weekly press 21 December 1888
Press, Volume XLV, Issue 7233, 19 December 1888

The quarterly communication of District Grand Lodge, E .C., was held on Thursday evening in the St Augustine Hall, Manchester street...It was resolved to procure a portrait in oils of the late W. Bro Dr Deamer, D.D.G.M., the commission to be entrusted to Mr Cambridge...
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXI, Issue 8772, 20 April 1889 

Mr Cambridge has just completed, save for a few finishing touches, a portrait in oils of the late Dr Deamer. The commission was entrusted to him by the District Grand Lodge of Freemasons, E.C, of which body Dr Deamer was the Deputy Grand Master. Mr Cambridge has had nothing to guide him but a photograph taken some years ago, but he has been true to his artistic faculty, and has produced a portrait which "grows" upon one. The well-known pose of the head, the calm, kindly expression, the innate dignity of the man, are embodied in the picture. As we have said one or two finishing touches are yet needed, and these will be given a few days hence, Mr Cambridge being at present absent from town. The picture is to be hung in the St Augustine Hall in readiness for the quarterly communication of Grand Lodge on Thursday evening, and will prove a valuable addition to previous portrait pictures.

Star, Issue 6673, 12 October 1889

Some Christchurch photographers, in order to keep up their reputation, have constantly to get Mr Cambridge, the well-known artist to prepare enlargements and exhibit these in their windows as their own work. Some windows are almost full of these enlargements, the photographer fearing to make a large show of his own work. The Eden George Company, Limited, although taking orders for Mr Cambridge's beautiful work, never exhibit any work not produced at their studio, so that the public are not deceived by the specimens into paying large prices.
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXVII, Issue 9629, 22 January 1892

Memorial Portrait.— Mr A. B. Cambridge has added to his already big reputation as a portrait painter by the production of a very fine memorial portrait of the late Hon W. Reeves. The commission was given to Mr Cambridge on behalf of the combined staff of the Lyttelton Times who desired to obtain such a picture as would constitute a permanent memorial, the intention being to place it in the Museum, and to transfer it eventually to the public Art Gallery. The work of the artist has been admirably done. The flesh tones are thoroughly natural, the painting is solid, and there is that luminous quality which imparts a life-like appearance. We do not think that Mr Cambridge has ever produced a better specimen of hie skill.
Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXVII, Issue 9654, 20 February 1892 

The Late Hon W. Reeves.— The portrait of the late Hon W. Reeves, painted by Mr Cambridge to the order of the employees of the Lyttelton Times Company, is amongst the pictures at the Art Society exhibition. The subscribers have handed it over to the Art Society to be placed in the Society's permanent collection.
Star, Issue 7250, 6 April 1892 

Oxford Library.— The building just erected by the Domain Board in Pearson Park has become the home of the books belonging to the Oxford Library. The Domain Board has very liberally granted the Library Committee the use of the building for the purpose of a library and reading-room...A very handsome picture which has been presented to the Library Committee, is hung on the wall of the reading-room. It is a portrait of the late and much-esteemed member of the House (Mr W. F. Pearson) drawn in pencil by Mr Cambridge, artist, Sumner. The work is of great merit, and beautifully done, and the likeness is life-like.
Star, Issue 4579, 27 February 1893

The Ivey Memorial Picture. — There was on view on Saturday, at the studio of Mr A. B. Cambridge, artist, a very fine oil painting, which that gentleman has just completed, of the late Mr Ivey, Principal of the Lincoln Agricultural College.
Star, Issue 4757, 25 September 1893

The late Mr W.E. Ivey.
Presentation of a Memorial.
Yesterday a meeting was held at the School of Agriculture for the purpose of formally presenting to the Board of Governors a portrait in oils of the late director. On behalf of the subscribers the presentation was made [by] Mr F. C. Murray, who eulogised Mr Ivey's qualities as director and friend.

On behalf of the Board the Acting-Chairman, Mr H. E. Webb, supported by Captain Garsia and the Registrar, Mr A. C. Wilson, accepted the gift, and in doing so dwelt on the loss, which not only the institution, but the Colony had sustained by the death of Mr Ivey ... As regards the memorial to Mr Ivey, personally he would have liked some structural memento such as a clock for the school tower. He had much pleasure, however, in accepting the portrait, which was a very suitable form of memorial and an object which, would appeal in future to all connected with, the school ... Captain Garcia expressed the opinion that Mr Cambridge had given them a very excellent and admirable likeness of Mr Ivey...

Star, Issue 4764, 3 October 1893

There is now on view at the shop of Messrs Fisher and Son a very excellent specimen of portrait painting by Mr A. B. Cambridge. This is a portrait of the late Dr. Richards of Hororata [Henry Richards arrived Lyttelton on the Sir George Seymour in 1850, died 1887], and the artist has been most successful in producing a life-like picture.
Press, Volume L, Issue 8629, 2 November 1893

The Late Colonel Lean. — One of the best portraits which Mr A. B. Cambridge has painted, is that of the late Colonel Lean, now on view at the shop of Messrs Fisher and Son, High Street. It is a life-size head and bust, in oil colours. As a likeness it is admirable, and as a work of art deserves high praise. The portrait has been painted to a private order, and will be on exhibition for a few days.

Lyttelton Times, Volume LXXXII, Issue 10476, 13 October 1894

Journalistic. — The Father of the Press Chapel and members of the Company's staff have to acknowledge the receipt of an enlarged portrait of Mr J. Lowthian Wilson, [Joseph Lowthian Wilson] who has been connected with journalism for thirty-three years. The portrait, copied from a photo by Wrigglesworth and Binns, is the work of Mr A. B. Cambridge, who has produced a very faithful likeness of one who can be counted among the principal contributors to the newspapers issued from the Press Office.

Press, Volume LIII, Issue 9608, 24 December 1896

 Joseph Lowthian Wilson by Wrigglesworth and Binns
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, vol. 3 Canterbury


Some time ago a number of friends of the late Mr M. O'Brien decided that they would canvas the Killinchy district for subscriptions, to be expended in the production of an artistic portrait of the deceased gentleman. The efforts of the canvassers were eminently successful, and they were thus enabled to bring their endeavours to a practical issue. The work was entrusted to Mr Cambridge, of Christchurch, who has produced at a very moderate cost a picture as creditable to himself as it is to the district where Mr O'Brien lived and, laboured so long. The portrait is half-length life-size, and is handsomely mounted. The features are strikingly correct, and the artist has caught that happy, kindly expression so characteristic of the deceased. It is hung in the Public Library, Killinchy, and can be seen by subscribers or the general public on application to the librarian.

Ellesmere Guardian, Volume XIX, Issue 1934, 23 March 1898

The portrait of Mr J. Sanson [John Sanson], an ex Mayor of Rangiora, has been placed in the Borough Council Chamber. It is an excellent likeness and is the work of Mr A. B. Cambridge.
Press, Volume LV, Issue 10169, 17 October 1898

John Sanson by Standish and Preece
 The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, vol. 3 Canterbury

The annual meeting of the District Grand Lodge of Canterbury, E.C., was held at the Masonic Hall, Christchurch, on Thursday evening. A special feature of the proceedings was the unveiling of a large portrait of the late District Grand Master, R.W. Bro Peter Cunningham. The portrait, which is a very excellent likeness of the deceased gentleman, is by Mr A. B. Cambridge, of this city.

Star, Issue 6697, 19 January 1900

The Board of Governors of Canterbury College recently decided to obtain some permanent memorial of the late Mr James Gammack, who made such a valuable bequest to the Public Library. Mr A. B. Cambridge was given a commission to paint a portrait in oils of the deceased gentleman, and he has succeeded in producing an excellent likeness of his subject, the work having received high praise from all who knew Mr Gammack.

The portrait, which was on view to-day at Messrs H. Fisher and Son's shop, in High Street, will be hung in the Public Library on Monday. It bears the inscription: "James Gammack, a generous benefactor to the Circulating Library."

Star, Issue 6901, 15 September 1900

 James Gammack
by Allan Bowles Cambridge
courtesy of Christchurch City Library.

 James Gammack by Wrigglesworth and Binns
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, vol. 3 Canterbury

A generous bequest has been made by the late Mr Arthur Postle for the purchase of books either for the Reference or Circulating Departments of the Public Library.

With a view of making some trifling recognition of benefactions, the portraits in oils of Mr James Gammack and Mr Arthur Postle have been hung in the Library. The works are from the brush of Mr A. B. Cambridge, and are regarded as faithful likenesses.

Press, Volume LVIII, Issue 10924, 27 March 1901

 Arthur Postle
1900 or 1901

by Allan Bowles Cambridge
courtesy of Christchurch City Library.

There is on view in the window of Messrs Fisher and Son, High street, a good portrait of Lieutenant G. Jones, of the No. 1. Company of New Zealand Engineers. It has been painted by Mr A. B. Cambridge, and is a present from the members of the Company to their captain in commemoration of his marriage.
Press, Volume LXII, Issue 12210, 3 June 1905

The Late Hon. R. J. Seddon
A Tribute from the Workers
On. Saturday evening the fine portrait in oils of the late Mr Seddon [died 10 June 1906], executed by Mr A. B. Cambridge, of Christchurch, to the order of the Christchurch Trades and Labour Council, representing the trades unionists of Canterbury, was unveiled by the Hon. J. A. Millar, Minister for Labour.

The portrait is to adorn the walls of the Trades Hall, and it was in this building that the interesting ceremonial took place...

Mr Rusbridge (who presided) said the workers of Canterbury felt they could not do better than provide, in a hall specially devoted to their cause, something that would keep them constantly in mind of the late lamented statesman — the Hon. R. J. Seddon. The idea, once conceived, rapidly took shape, and all the unions responded heartily to the appeal for funds. The work of painting the portrait had been entrusted to Mr Cambridge, who, with the aid of the latest photograph taken in Sydney, of the late Mr Seddon, a few days before his death, had succeeded in producing a speaking likeness of the deceased statesman...

Mr Seddon had done much, but much remained yet to do. When they, the workers, looked upon the face that the artist had so admirably portrayed they should say to themselves: "Here is the man who put us on right lines, and anyone deviating from these is departing from that which is best for the colony."

...It was with pain that he unveiled the portrait of his late leader, but with pleasure when he reflected that the workers of Canterbury thought so much of him as to provide a memorial that would last for all time.

Mr Millar then unveiled the picture, the audience meanwhile standing in reverent silence...

Press, Volume LXIII, Issue 12838, 24 June 1907

 Rt. Hon. Richard John Seddon
by Allan Bowles Cambridge
Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū
Long-term loan from the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

Mrs A. B. Cambridge, of Lyttelton, has presented to the Ashburton Trotting Club an excellent enlarged framed photo of the late Mr Donald McLean. It will be remembered that Mr McLean, who was president of the Ashburton Trotting Club for several years, took a very deep interest in trotting and sporting matters generally. The secretary of the club (Mr A. A. Fooks) has written to Mrs Cambridge acknowledging the gift in grateful terms.
Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXXI, Issue 8471, 13 September 1911

Donald McLean by Standish and Preece
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, vol. 3 Canterbury

Extant portraits:
Rt. Hon. Richard John Seddon - Christchurch Art Gallery
Long-term loan from the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions.
Oil on canvas, 764 x 610mm, L79/284, Circa 1907 

Sir Julius von Haast - Canterbury Museum

James Gammack - Christchurch City Libraries
Oil on canvas, 1900.

Arthur Postle - Christchurch City Libraries
Oil on canvas, circa 1900.

Rev. Dr James Buller - Canterbury Museum, Christchurch
Oil, System ID  114343

Hon. William Pember Reeves, M.L.C., - Canterbury Museum, Christchurch
Oil, System ID 114344

Status not certain:
William Edward Ivey - Lincoln University

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[5] Michael Brannan Hart (c. 1814 – 9 August 1878) arrived in Lyttelton on the Cressy on 27 December 1850

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