HEGINBOTHAM, Joseph Alfred

Joseph Alfred Heginbotham
Tea Gardens, Kilbirnie, Wellington

born 1860 son of Joseph Henry Heginbotham (warehouseman, later cooper) and Jane Pownall, reg. Sept quarter 1860 Chorlton, Lancashire vol. 8c page 564, baptised 7 October 1860 Newton-in-Mackerfield, Lancashire, England, arrived Wellington, New Zealand on the "Avalanche" 4 December 1875 as a Government immigrant aged about 15 years, died 18 November 1953 aged 93 years, reg. 1953/30694, ashes buried 21 November 1953 Karori Cemetery, section Church of England, plot number 84 T.

His parents married 25 December 1850 at the Holy Trinity Church, Manchester, his father Joseph Henry Heginbotham, then a warehouseman, was the son of John Heginbotham a farmer, his mother Jane Pownall was the daughter of James Pownall a husbandman. They arrived Wellington, New Zealand on the "Avalanche" 4 December 1875 as Government immigrants. Joseph Henry Heginbotham died 26 July 1905 at Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand, his mother Jane Pownall died 14 February 1914 at Henry Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington. 

Other relatives in New Zealand included his aunt Martha Heginbotham (1818-1901) formerly Martha Ford, the widow of George Lomas Heginbotham (1815-1867), she died on 28 February 1901 at Kilbirnie, and her children Mary Norris (1841-1914), George Heginbotham (1845-1919) and William Heginbotham (1857-1905), an Architect in Wellington and Nelson.

He married 1stly 25 June 1882 at St Mark's Church, Wellington by the Rev. R Coffey, Mary McArthur, third daughter of George McArthur Esq., of Maldon, Victoria, died 18 January 1915 Bluff, buried 25 January 1915, buried Karori Cemetery, section Church of England, plot number  84 T.

He married 2ndly 14 December 1918 at St John's Church, Roslyn, Dunedin by the Ven. Archdeacon Fitchett, Irene May Wilkin, born 26 May 1885 daughter of Edith Leaf Green and John Winstanley Wilkin (Chief Postmaster at Dunedin), reg. 1885/13748, died 7 January 1961 Lower Hutt aged 75 years, reg. 1961/23746. 

issue with Mary McArthur: 
1. Ethel Heginbotham (twin) born 28 November 1883 Kilbirnie, Wellington (this birth appears not to have been registered), died 11 December 1883 aged "11 days", Kilbirnie, Wellington reg.  1883/5168 as Ethel Higginbotham, Church of England section, Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington, plot unknown

2. Son (twin) stillborn 28 November 1883 Kilbirnie, Wellington (Evening Post, Volume XXVI, Issue 129, 29 November 1883)

3. Gladys Pownall Heginbotham born 2 December 1889 Rostherne/Rosthorn, Sussex Square, Kilbirnie, Wellington, reg. 1890/2228, died 21 August 1924 Wellington aged 32 years, buried 22 August 1924 Karori Cemetery, Church of England section, plot number 84 T, married 27 June 1923 All Saints Church, Kilbirnie, Wellington by the Rev. J. H. Sykes, reg. 1923/7843 Richard Simon Bender (cabinet maker) born 28 August 1881 Wellington, reg. 1881/7039, third son of Amelia and Captain Simon Bender, died 29 May 1968 aged 86 years, reg. 1968/33467, ashes buried Karori Cemetery, Church of England section, plot number 101 A, he married 2ndly 10 June 1936, reg. 1936/7245 Winifred Margaret Fredrico born 10 July 1909, reg. 1909/6573, daughter of Winifred Agnes Colgate and Fredrick Fredrico, died 26 June 1978, reg. 1978/34619, ashes buried Karori Cemetery, Church of England section, plot number 101 A. 

4. Iris Hermia Heginbotham born 6 May 1892, reg. 1892/6336, died 4 September 1961, Hastings, cremated at Hastings, married 6 June 1912 by the Registrar, W. Cook, Wellington, reg. 1912/2132  Eric William Brooke-Taylor son of Walter Brooke-Taylor and Annie Smart Loxley, born 22 September 1891 Wellington, died 8 July 1970 Hastings, cremated at Hastings.
    4a. William Lovell Brooke-Taylor born 8 August 1912 Kilbirnie, Wellington, died 12 November 1918, aged 6 years, buried 13 November 1918, Karori Cemetery, Church of England section plot 24 E (as William Brook Taylor). 
     4b. Sybil Elsie Brooke-Taylor born 3 January 1914 Kilbirnie, Wellington, died 27 April 1999, registered 1999/9172, cremated at Hastings, married September 1933, Eugene Melnott Gill, born 10 August 1911, reg. 1911/24800, died 1995, reg. 1995/32422, second son of Sarah Irwin Jenkins and John Harley Gill of Rongotai. In 1970 she lived at 612A Frederick Street, Hastings.
          4bi son born 2 April 1936 St Helen's Hospital, Wellington

5. Marjorie Sibyl Heginbotham born 5 April 1893, reg. 1893/13315, married 24 March 1916 Kilbirnie Presbyterian Church, Kilbirnie, Wellington by the Rev. Begge, reg. 1916/4322 Ulisse Arturo Walter Robinson, jeweller, born 10 July or August 1894 Palmerston North only son of Walter and Amelia Robinson, died 30 July 1969 Dargaville
     5a. Zita Odesa Robinson (Mrs Downie) born 30 October 1916 Wellington, reg. 1916/29139
     5b. June Robinson
     5c. Maldon Ulisse Robinson, born circa 1918, killed in action 31 March 1944 aged 26 years, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 50 (RAF) Squadron, buried Hanover War Cemetery, Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany.

issue with Irene May Wilkin:
6. Marcus Heginbotham born 6 October 1919 Kilbirnie, Wellington, died 16 November 1999 Tauranga Hospital, aged 80 years, reg. 1999/25066, buried 19 November 1999 Opotiki Public Cemetery plot RSA 275 (1961 Storekeeper, Opotiki).

7. Denys Heginbotham born 11 November 1922, died 12 April 1998 aged 75 years, reg. 1998/6717 (1961 Doctor, Upper Hutt)

New Zealand
 Manager of the Cuba Street branch of the New Zealand Clothing Factory
1885, 1887.

A branch of the New Zealand Clothing Factory has just been opened in Cuba-street, in charge of Mr. J. A. Higginbotham (sic), who has been connected with the Lambton Quay branch for some years past. The new premises are roomy and neatly, fitted up, and are conveniently situated for residents in the Te Aro district...
Evening Post, Volume XXX, Issue 141, 11 December 1885

J. A. Heginbotham, draper, of Cuba street, and Te Aro House.
Evening Post, Volume XLI, Issue 114, 15 May 1891

 Tea Gardens and Hall, Kilbirnie
A novel and welcome addition to the natural attractions of Kilbirnie has been made in the opening there of tea gardens, to which there will be free admission, and where refreshments will be obtainable at moderate charges. The gardens are under the superintendence of Mrs. Heginbotham, senr., and are part of her property, which is beautifully situated on the rise near the hotel, commanding an unrivalled view of Evans Bay and the Straits. The greatest taste has been displayed in laying out the gardens, which are now looking splendid in their wealth of colouring from a variety of flowers and shrubs. A summer-house offers tempting rest and shade to visitors, while children will find, no doubt, endless amusement in the antics of the monkeys in a cage in the gardens. Kilbirnie will distinctly gain by this added attraction to its other charms.
Evening Post, Volume XLII, Issue 111, 6 November 1891

The tea gardens at Kilbirnie, which are to be opened to the public on Monday will agreeably surprise those who pay them a visit. Considerable taste has been displayed in laying out the grounds, and there are a number of shady nooks where visitors may rest themselves from the sun’s rays. There are also several summer houses, furnished with rustic chairs, and a monkey house, in which are a couple of monkeys, should provide amusement for children. The entrance to the gardens is gained by a road which branches off to the right from the main road just after passing through what is known as the cutting at the tap of the Kilbirnie hill. The view from the locality is both extensive and charming, and takes in part of Cook Strait, Lyells Bay, Pencarrow Head, and a large portion of Evans Bay. The Kilbirnie Gardens will be under the superintendence of Mrs Heginbotham, and the - proprietor intends making improvements from time to time until he has succeeded in forming the place into one of the prettiest resorts in the district. One of the principal features in connection with these gardens is that the public are admitted free of charge, being only required to pay for refreshments, such as tea or coffee, etc.
New Zealand Times, Volume LII, Issue 9445, 7 November 1891

A new hall has been recently erected at Kilbirnie for Mr J. A. Heginbotham of that suburb by Messrs Derby and Darlington. The hall is 60ft by 30ft, and has a stage 10ft deep. The formal opening of the hall took place last night, when a concert and dance were held, the proceeds of which were in aid of the Kilbirnie Cricket Club. There was a very large attendance, Mr H. D. Crawford, president of the club, presiding. In opening the proceedings Mr Crawford congratulated Mr Heginbotham on his enterprise in supplying a long felt want in Kilbirnie...
New Zealand Times, Volume LIII, Issue 9723, 1 October 1892

Monkeys, a northern contemporary remarks, do not, as a rule, breed in confinement, and one of the curiosities at Heginbotham's tea gardens, Kilbirnie, is a youngster just born to the pair of monkeys kept there by the proprietor. It is understood to be the first of its kind to see light in Wellington, if not in New Zealand, and it is stated that in seventeen years only one was born amongst the many simians kept in the Acclimatisation Society's Gardens at Sydney.
Star, Issue 5704, 24 October 1896 

Heginbotham's Tea Gardens, Kilbirnie, too, is a pleasant place to spend a happy day. Picnic parties can get refreshments at a moderate charge. The photographic studio will be open during the Christmas holidays as usual.
 Evening Post, Volume LVI, Issue 152, 24 December 1898

Evening Post, Volume LX, Issue 150, 22 December 1900

Wellington Camera Club

The Wellington Camera Club was formed in November 1892
Wellington Camera Club - Secretary
Evening Post, Volume LIV, Issue 98, 22 October 1897

Evening Post, Volume LIV, Issue 121, 18 November 1897

Exhibited at the Wellington Camera Club, Annual Exhibition - October 1898.
"Stormy Twilight” by J. A. Heginbotham, first
“Behind the Windy Town" by J. A. Heginbotham, very highly commended

“On the Sands,” by J. A. Heginbotham, very highly commended

Carbon and Kindred Processes
"Declining Day'" by, J. A Heginbotham, second

“Shades of Evening,” by J. A. Heginbotham, very highly commended
New Zealand Times, Volume LXVIII, Issue 3561, 13 October 1898

The Wellington Camera Club's exhibition at the Exchange Hall was opened last night by Mr. W. T. L. Travers ... [who] ... delivered an interesting address on photography. He laid special stress upon the advantages cf the platinotype and carbon processes, illustrating his remarks with references to the excellent results obtained by Messrs. J. A. Heginbotham and T. Pringle...
Evening Post, Volume LVI, Issue 91, 14 October 1898

Camera Club Exhibition
The Judge's Report
...The landscape class, for a club exhibition, is certainly of a high order, and Mr Heginbotham's picture - “A Stormy Twilight” - which is awarded first prize, would, I feel sure, take honours in a much more important exhibition. This I regard as the picture of the exhibition, and it shows how, with the exercise of a little artistic judgment, both the negative and the enlargement can be improved by mechanical means ... Mr Heginbotham’s picture I may remark that the composition is good, and that there is about it breadth and vigour of treatment that are both pleasing and effective. Mr Pringle’s second prize picture is somewhat weak in composition in one corner, and, though not what might be termed a “strong” composition, it is redeemed by its excellence of tone and atmosphere. It is quite a different type of picture to that which Mr Heginbotham has turned out; but it is a class of work equally worthy of encouragement. Indeed many artists will prefer it, and were this picture only a little stronger in composition, it might even have secured first prize...
New Zealand Times, Volume LXVIII, Issue 3563, 15 October 1898

October 1898 re-elected as secretary of the Wellington Camera Club
Evening Post, Volume LVI, Issue 97, 21 October 1898

The Suter Art Gallery, Special Opening Exhibition - June 1899
...The club, next to the Nelson Club, contributing the largest number of exhibits is the Wellington Camera Club, and the secretary of the club, Mr Heginbotham, has not less than twenty photos exhibited. Most of these are carbon prints, and among the number of exquisite pictures he shows may be mentioned "On the Sands," "Behind the Windy Town," "The Rivers Ford," "End of an Autumn Day," and "Sibyl," the latter an enlarged portrait...
Colonist, Volume XLII, Issue 9497, 5 June 1899

Wellington Camera Club - intercolonial exhibition of photographs
There are over 600 pictures on view, including photographs from New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. in addition to the numerous pictures from other parts of New Zealand..

...The judges have awarded the honour of the best picture in the exhibition to “The Smithy,” by J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington.

Class A, landscapes.
“The Meadow Stream,” J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington, highly commended
“Solitude,” J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington, highly commended

Class D, genre.
First prize £2 2s, second £1 1s, third 10s 6d:
“The Smithy,” J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington first
“Toilers of the Field,” J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington, highly commended 
“At Play,” J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington, highly commended  
“On the bands, J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington, highly commended  

Class E, animals.
“Hesitation,” J.A. Heginbotham, Wellington, [highly commended?] 

...The genre class boasts possession of “the picture of the exhibition” in “The Smithy,” an interior by Mr Heginbotham (Kilbirnie). All photographers must share the enthusiasm with which the judges regarded this remarkably successful photograph...
New Zealand Times, Volume LXIX, Issue 3770, 19 June 1899

Photography as an Art
Some Comments on the Camera Club's Exhibition
...in genre studies, work of a very high class has been done by Mr. Heginbotham and others. Mr. Heginbotham's picture of The Smithy might very well be an engraving of a first-class painting. There is hardly a fault to find with it, and the judges were from the first decidedly of opinion that, everything considered, it is the most meritorious picture in the Exhibition.
Evening Post, Volume LVII, Issue 148, 24 June 1899

Mr Heginbotham has the best picture in the gallery, a wonderful interior of a smithy, with the smith at work.
Wairarapa Daily Times, Volume XVI, Issue 6272, 27 June 1899

Dunedin Photographic Society's Exhibition
Class I. Landscape.
4th J. A Heginbotham

Class IV.-Genre
4th J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington.

Class VI.— Portraits.—
1st J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington
4th J. A. Heginbotham, Wellington

The Best.- The judges have picked out No. 117, ‘The Smithy," by J. A. Heginbotham lington) as the best picture in the exhibition. The reason why this exhibit did not win in its class is that it is an enlargement.
Evening Star, Issue 10993, 25 July 1899

Evening Post, Volume LXI, Issue 135, 10 June 1901

Three unidentified women by Joseph Alfred Heginbotham

 reverse inscription "To Mrs Burnett with Mrs McDonald's love"
The Mrs Burnett referred to is of Mt Cook Station.

[Portrait of a woman], Wellington, by Joseph Heginbotham. 
Purchased 1999 with New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funds. Te Papa (O.030298)

Alice, 1895-1900, Wellington, by Joseph Heginbotham. 
Purchased 1999 with New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funds. Te Papa (O.022201)

 Farmyard scene, Wellington, by Joseph Heginbotham. 
Purchased 1999 with New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funds. Te Papa (O.020396)

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