ALLAN, John Milne

 John Milne Allan
 The Allan Studio, George Street, Timaru

Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 13869, 3 April 1909, Page 4

Timaru is to have the services of another photographer in the person of Mr J. M. Allan, late with Standish and Preece, Christchurch. He has secured a very commodious and well-lighted studio in Turnbull's buildings, George street, an additional storey having been built specially for him.
Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 13869, 3 April 1909, Page 5

To-day, the up-to-date photographic studio situated in Turnbull's Buildings, George street, will-be opened to the public for the first time. The enterprising proprietor, Mr J. Milne Allan has spared no pains to fit up his premises in a most attractive manner, and although all the fitting are not yet in position, owing to various unavoidable delays, it can be seen at a glance that the premises will be second to none in the town, both as regards the arrangements made for the comfort of clients and the convenience of the operators and working staff.

For several years Mr Allan has been with the well-known firm of photographers Messrs Standish and Preece of Christchurch, and he brings into his business a thorough knowledge of all the many and various processes which go towards the making of a successful faithful and pleasing portrait.

The large and airy studio is situated on the top floor, its dimensions being 27ft. x 39ft. and it is replete with all the appliances required in the profession. The studio camera is absolutely the last word in such instruments, and was specially imported from America for Mr Allan; it is expressly designed for the high-glass work which Mr Allan will undertake and has all the newest improvements for facilitating the operators work. This camera, with its splendid stand forms quite a feature in the studio and has an exceedingly handsome appearance.

The design of the studio was Mr Allan's own and Mr J. S. Turnbull, the architect, has faithfully carried out with good effect, the many innovations introduced into the building. The dark room, where the important process of developing is carried out, opens off the studio, and is fitted up with all the requisite appliances for the work it is intended to do in it. The lighting is either from the daylight or gas, at the will of the operator. On the floor below the studio are the reception rooms, two comfortable dressing rooms, office and workrooms, the latter consisting of three apartments. The first is the printing and mounting room, and opening from it are the retouchers room and the process and enlarging room. All these places have been fitted up in the latest style and the process room, with its fine enlarging and reducing camera, big sinks, electric lights, etc., presents an exceptionally workmanlike appearance.

It will be a few days yet before the vestibule and dressing rooms can be completely finished in the tasteful style that Mr Allan intends them to assume, but all the essentials are now ready for commencement of business. Some very fine enlargements and specimens of work, were shown to a reporter, and a glance at these will convince intending clients of the ability possessed by Mr Allan more than columns of eulogy could possibly do.

Besides portraiture, Mr Allan specialises in wedding and outdoor groups of all kinds, and has various fine cameras of all sizes specially designed for work of this description. There is little doubt that the enterprise exhibited by the proprietor of the Allan studio will result in his obtaining a fair share of the patronage of the residents of Timaru and South Canterbury generally.
Timaru Herald, Volume XIIC, Issue 13880, 17 April 1909, Page 3

from left:  Agnes Irene Gudsell, Sarah Elizabeth Gudsell, Thomas Clayton Gudsell and Mary Ethel Gudsell

Charles Innes Forlong
 born 18 January 1908 Wanganui, New Zealand, son of Hamilton Gordon Forlong and Nellie Drew
died 8 August 2003 Tauranga, New Zealand aged 95 years (
 photographed by The Milne Allan Studios, Wanganui

1882/9449    Allan     John Milne     Emily Charlotte    Alexander
1909/1912    Elsie Margaret     Patten     John Milne     Allan

1964/38327    Milne-Allan     John                     82Y
1951/28697    Milne-Allan     Elsie Margaret                 68Y
1997/52615    Milne-Allan     Ena Isabel         30/6/1909    88Y
2002/14438    Milne-Allan     Robert Alexander     30/4/1910    92Y
2007/10954    Milne-Allan     Dorothy Elsie         20/5/1912    95Y
2007/17963    Eriksen     Jean             31/12/1917    89Y

John Milne  ALLAN   &    Elsie Margaret  Patten    m.  8 March  1909   at house of Mr P. Patten,   40 Carlton Mill Road,  St Albans.
ages:  26 / 26,   occ: photographer,     born: Dunedin / Christchurch.
parents:   Alexander  & Emily Charlotte Allan   nee  HORN     architect.
                Peter & Emily Patten   nee  THOMPSON     decorative painter.
witness:   Robert Horn,  timber merchant,    Elizabeth Emily Patten,  40 Carlton Mill Road.

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