James Bashford

Opposite Dalgety & Co., High Street, Christchurch.
James Bashford born circa 1838, died 29 August 1881 Christchurch Hospital aged 43 years, reg. 1881/3511, buried 30 August 1881 Barbadoes Street Cemetery, Christchurch, plot 2068 [1], married Minnie Walpole born circa 1850, died 31 October 1878 aged 28 years, reg. 1878/3612, buried Timaru Cemetery, row 0, plot 6 [Cemetery records indicate, probably incorrectly that burial was on 18 October 1878] [2]

1. un-named child born 26 September 1872, reg. 1872/31052, died 26 September 1872, reg. 1872/10038

2. James William Bashford born 28 October 1873 [reg. as 20 October 1873] High Street, Christchurch, reg. 1873/41057, died 4 January 1874 High Street, Christchurch aged 2 months, reg. 1874/6670, buried Barbadoes Street Cemetery 5 January 1874 aged 8 weeks, plot 1000

3. Elizabeth Bashford born circa 1876, died 1956 Queensland, married 1 May 1899 St Hilda's Church, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, Charles Speer, witnessed by John Edward Bashford
[her uncle] and Maria Jane Bashford
4. Minne Amy Bashford born 6 July 1877, reg. 1877/11829, died 4 November 1877 Oamaru aged 4 months, reg. 1877/4595, buried Old Oamaru Cemetery block 104, plot 12

Press, Volume XVII, Issue 2342, 27 October 1870, Page 2 
Photographs taken at Lyttelton the morning after the great fire, are now being published by Mr Bashford, photographer, High street, Christchurch. They give a fair idea of the terrible scene of destruction. In the foreground, stacks of chimneys standing amongst other ruins come out sharp and clear; further on, smoke rising from the smouldering mass, covers a large portion with a semi-transparent veil, through which that part of the town that escaped, and the cottages nestling in the hill- side can be seen. The smaller-sized photographs can be enclosed in a letter.
Press, Volume XVII, Issue 2346, 1 November 1870, Page 2
Chimney on Fire — James Bashford, for neglectfully suffering the chimney of his premises in High street to get on fire, was fined 10s.
Star (Christchurch), Issue 838, 2 February 1871, Page 2
Press, Volume XVIII, Issue 2544, 27 June 1871, Page 1

The Star, Issue 1155, 30 October 1871, Page 3
North Otago Times, Volume XXV, Issue 1433, 17 November 1876, Page 1
Oamaru Mail, Volume I, Issue 193, 2 December 1876, Page 3

Breach of the Registration of Births Act.— James Bashford, summoned for not having his child registered, the child being over six months’ old, was fined in the nominal sum of 6d, as he had given information to the late registrar, who had neglected to have the child legally registered.
Lyttelton Times, Volume XLVII, Issue 4986, 10 February 1877, Page 3


above cdv courtesy of The Laurence Eagle Collection

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1871
- Bashford, High Street

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1872
- Bashford, High Street

Wise's Directory for 1872-73
Bashford, J., High street, Christchurch

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1873
J. Bashford, High Street

The Southern Provinces Almanac 1874
J. Bashford, High Street

[1] Christchurch City Council Cemeteries database
[2] Timaru District Council Cemeteries database

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