Edwin Willmott
283 Queen Street

born 10 November 1830 Southwark, London
son of William Willmott and Sarah Monnery ( 1)
died 24 October 1888 at the District Hospital, Auckland (2) aged 57 years.

Auckland Star, Volume XVIII, Issue 23, 28 January 1887, Page 3

Very correct and artistic photographs of the new Public Library building, to be publicly opened to-morrow, have been taken by Mr E. Willmott, of 283, Queen street. These photographs show to perfection the fine structure which is a credit to our city, and they will be on sale at low prices, in a variety of sizes and styles, to-morrow. Many people will doubtless secure copies to send to friends at Home by the outgoing mail.
Auckland Star, Volume XVIII, Issue 71, 25 March 1887, Page 2

Auckland Star, Volume XVIII, Issue 72, 26 March 1887, Page 7

"4,000 views of New Zealand scenery in stock, mounted and unmounted, from 4d each; a lot slightly soiled, 1d and 2d each"
Auckland Star,
Volume XIX, Issue 32, 8 February 1888, Page 4

(this notice first appeared in the Auckland Star on 17 December 1887 and continued until 13 March 1888)

Exhibited photographs at the Melbourne Exhibition 1888 along with C. D. Valentine, A. Bock, J. Martin, J. C. Morton. (3)

R. Arthur] [J. F. Buddle
To-Morrow, At 11 A.M.
Upper Queen-Street.
Photographers Plant and Requisites, Household Furniture and Effects.

By order of the Trustees in the Estate of the late Mr E. Willmott.
Arthur & Buddle
Have been favoured with instructions from the Trustees in the Estate of the late Mr E. Willmott to sell on the Premises, Upper Queen street on Tuesday next, at 11 o'clock a.m., Photographer's Plant and Requisites. &c.:-

1 Shepherd's Stereoscopic Camera, Lens, and 6 Slides

1 Lancaster's Camera, whole plate, 2 extra adjustable backs to take ¼ and ½ plates, power lens, tripod, etc.

1 Lancaster Camera, ½ plate, tripod, stand, and lens, instantaneous shutter, 12 double slides

1 Lancaster Camera, plate lens, and instantaneous shutter, 10 double slides

1 Portrait Camera, whole plate, 1½ and 1¼ plate lens, slides, and fittings complete

1 Amateur Photographic Camera, complete

1 ¼ plate Camera, 3 slides, tripod, and stand Burnishers, Indicator, Focussing Glass, Spirit Level, Scales and Weights, Printing Frames, a Magic Lantern with small framed pictures, Negatives, Photos, Texts, Baths, Measures, Chemicals, Portable Dark Room, Carved Oak Placques. &c.

Household Furniture and Effects, Lamps, Books, Iron Oven with boiler, kettle, &c„ Shelving Boards
On View Morning of the Day of Sale.
Auckland Star, Volume XIX, Issue 261, 5 November 1888, Page 8

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